What is your success rate of love in 2017??

For love, different people experience different things, so their feelings and expectations for it become even more different.. The success rate of love will also change equally. The more mature you are about love, the easier it will be to succeed.. So, is your success rate in love high this year? Let this Questions tell you. 1、. Have you ever been dumped by text message??? Yes?? No?? Left others 2,. You have a lot of good friends in your life.??? Yes?? No?? Fortunately 3,. Do you think many people around you are quite hypocritical??? Yes?? No?? Not bad 4,. Do you think you are not as good as others think??? Yes?? No?? I don’t know 5,. You are becoming more and more attached to your relationship now.??? Yes?? No?? Always follow the fate 6,. If you want to break up next time, who will bring it up???? Own?? Other party?? Natural Death 7,. Whether in love or marriage, do you think the material basis comes first??? Yes?? No?? It depends 8,. Which of the following dishes do you think lovers are like??? Simmered Meat?? Steamed fish?? Boil chicken soup 9,. Which color of dress do you think is more attractive to boys???? Pink?? Pink?? White 10, let you design a Wedding Invitation, you will design??? Round?? heart-shaped?? Square a, success rate: 80% although your love affair was not smooth in the past, and even met some scum, or was treated mercilessly, now you are more and more calm, and also feel that there is no right or wrong in general feelings, but the timing is wrong and people are wrong.. Fortunately, your luck is gradually rising and your love life is getting better and better.. Therefore, in 2017, your success rate in love will be very high.. It is not even excluded to meet a suitable marriage.. B, success rate: 60% you are a man full of fantasy about love, even in your thirties, you still have fantasy about love.. Do you think this is your talent and should not be restrained or wiped out.Therefore, no matter how old you are, as long as you are single, you will definitely fall in love again.. In 2017, in inside, your fantasy will also bring you love. The success rate is quite high. After all, where is the experience?. C. success rate: 40% now you are no longer a simple person in your feelings and will become more and more realistic.. However, this is a good change, which means that you are becoming more mature and considering more and more things.. So you may not fall in love, but if you fall in love, you will strive for a good result.. In inside in 2017, the reason why your success rate in love is so low is that you do not love easily.. D. success rate: 30% now you still have many misconceptions about love, perhaps you are not mature enough, you have some persistence, and you still have some dwelling places and cannot walk out of your forbidden area.. Sometimes, you will have a radical flour, sometimes you will have a critical flour, so it is easy to scare away some suitors. Even if inside falls in love in 2017, you may suddenly lose your temper and let the love dissipate.. You may also like the following contents: Test your Desires Of The Heart quotation? When will your predecessor think of you after the breakup? Test whether you are the dictator of love, will the next person you meet be true love?