The United States announced $ 50 billion in Chinese goods tariffs

  Trump on Thursday signed an executive memorandum, China announced for intellectual property infringement on China exports about $ 50 billion impose "punitive" tariff。
While the United States may seek further restrictions on Chinese acquisitions in the US, and will challenge China in licensing practices in the WTO。
Which industries and companies affected?  If a trade war between China and the US, then China's "mechanical and electrical products, metal products, sports goods" and other advantages export industry chain will suffer the impact of the decline in exports, while China's domestic "agricultural products" and other industry chain will benefit from the decline in imports。 Of course, China will weigh the impact of price fluctuations of agricultural products on domestic inflation。
  Wang Hanfeng issued a document analysts believe that a trade war could lead to a lose-lose situation, capital markets should actively respond to possible short-term impact, long-term need not be too pessimistic。
Trade war affecting mainly the following areas: aerospace, information and communications technology, machinery, future China may increase in response to the Sino-US trade war is open to a number of areas, including automotive, pharmaceutical and health care, finance, pension, and other media products。
  Bloomberg news, the US Trade Representative's office released documents show that China proposes to impose a 25% tariff to compensate for the harm China unfair policies of the US economy。
Documents show that the proposed list of products will include aerospace, information and communication technology and machinery。
USTR will list the next "few days" published proposed。
  If China to take retaliatory measures, the Dow and the S & P 500 Index Apple, Boeing, Intel and other multinational companies will become very sad day。 Apple quarter received $ 18 billion in revenue from the Chinese market, accounting for 20% of total sales。
Boeing last year reached nearly $ 12 billion in sales in the Chinese market, nearly 13% of its total revenue。 Sino-US trade development path list scrolling news Lively Trump since he took office。