Who will be the “Great Sage Sun” next to you in 2016

In Year of the Monkey in 2016, who will be the “Great Sage Sun” next to you, accompany you through eighty-one difficulties, make you happy every day for your seventy-two changes, and wait for you like an angel.. Take you as his only, and never leave him for life.? Let’s be a Questions and see who will be your Monkey King.! Test the following content: Thank you for your good relationship. What do you think of thank you when you suddenly become mysterious to you one day? I have cheated on you. I have something to hide from my mistress. I dare not say I have something to ask you. A. There is a man who gives people a comfortable feeling. He will not change. He always keeps his promise and will do what he promised. With someone like him, you are always steadfast and won’t worry about any accident, because even if it happens, he will dispel your worries.. Your Monkey King may not be very handsome or very rich, but the positive energy he has passed on to you will make you peaceful in heart, uncontested in the world and quiet in mind.. B, for you, maybe the kind of boy who is very responsible will make you appreciate it very much.. The most important quality a mature good man has is responsibility.. When problems arise, they will not panic because they are well informed. Instead, they will analyze calmly and patiently to make things go in a good direction.. Your Sun Wukong has some insights that will help you learn a lot and affect your outlook on life and attitude towards life. They will also help you generate a lot of positive energy.. C, warm boys are gentle and amiable towards people, and have a strong ability to appreciate some things. Their taste is usually very good.. They love all beautiful things, with the warmth of sunshine and the freshness of nature.. They have good connections, are very gentlemanly, and look fresh, clean and elegant.. Your Monkey King will not easily attack others, but will gently put forward suggestions to make you happy to accept and change in good places.. D, such a man, may not feel everything in the wind inside, wake up in the rain, also won’t convert it into words. But they are quite fond of life, can taste delicious food, can appreciate goods, usually favorite, is to go to a place with fresh air to play chess for a walk. Your Monkey King usually has full love, and most of them are also quite fond of small animals. Such a good man at home is the most suitable object for a woman to marry.. You may also like the following contents: Which one of the world’s most accurate personality and psychological tests can make you gentle all your life?? How many peach blossoms will you have in 2016? Will you still be single in 2016??