What good things are waiting for you in the summer of 2016

It’s June right away. Do you feel that life is no different and there are no waves already in early summer?? In fact, good things are waiting for you this summer.. Thank you. It’s just a little slow. You have to be patient and wait.. In any case, let’s do a predestination test to see what good things will happen to you in advance.. 1、. Do you hate rainy days at any time??? Yes?? Not 2,. Do you want to live a peaceful and plain life more than a smooth relationship???? Yes?? Not 3,. Are women with strong careers always not beautiful enough in appearance???? Yes?? Not 4,. Do you dare to dance in front of everyone??? Dare?? Dare not 5,. Do you think living naive is easier than living smart??? Of course?? I don’t know 6,. Will you never lose your temper with a smiling person???? Yes?? Not 7,. Don’t you like any sharp objects??? No?? Yes, 8,. Do you miss being single occasionally when you are in love???? Meeting?? Not 9,. Does it worry you if others speak too hesitantly???? Meeting?? No.10. Do you like to buy a lot of things at one go and stay home for a long time???? Yes?? Not 11. Do you think you are a thoughtful person??? Yes?? Don’t you never eat mustard??? No?? Yes 13, as a shop assistant, you will look down on people who buy cheap things.??? Yes?? Not 14. Do you like classical tableware??? Yes?? Not 15, sometimes, do you feel like a cold-blooded person??? Yes?? Not 16, even on weekends, don’t you sleep in??? Yes?? Don’t you like western breakfast??? Like?? Don’t like 18,. Do you think Der Kuchenmacher is a dream job???Yes?? Not 19,. Is your lover a bad-tempered person???? Yes?? Not 20,. Wrestling in the street, you can??? Pretend nothing?? Embarrassed smile 21, don’t you like people who are normal???? Yes?? Not 22, in any team, do you always remember the rules and regulations??? Yes?? Don’t you like busy life??? Yes?? Not 24. Do you like to try different delicacies??? Yes?? Not 25,. Are you impatient when waiting for traffic lights???? Yes?? Not 26, the new movie is on, will you pay attention to it??? Yes?? Not 27, do you think it is very shameful to lose your appearance after being drunk???? Yes?? Not A. Your top priority this summer is the following: Losing weight has finally succeeded. After hard work and hunger strike, you have finally lost weight.. This summer, you can finally wear clothes you can’t wear, finally you can display your figure in become visible, finally you can enjoy the life of a thin person, finally you can see the figures on weighing scale go down, and finally you don’t have to worry about fat meat.. B, your top priority this summer is the following: many affairs, too many things to deal with. If you have the chance to travel this summer, your romance index is simply Panj Setareh.. The opposite sex is attracted by your charm and wants to surround in your left and right.. You have no time to judge who is good and who is bad. They all offer their attentions to you at once, which makes you busy.. Therefore, you must be careful that such a prosperous Desires Of The Heart will bring Promiscuous to you.. C. your top priority this summer is the following: successful promotion. In this exuberant season of summer, your career is growing like luxuriant branches and leaves in ANIMA.. Promotion will happen to you in summer.. I can’t even say for sure how many grades you’ll be promoted, which will make your colleagues envy, envy, hate and even turn their eyes red.. While you work harder now, your career will be even better in midsummer.. D, your top priority this summer is the following: free travel, a lot to gain. This summer, you have inexplicably got the chance to travel for free, and the chance of landing on your head is really great. You will have a lot of harvest during the trip.. Whether it is material or spiritual, you can pick up a basket of things.. Free travel saves you a lot of money and makes friends with people you’ve always wanted to know.. E your top priority this summer is the following: your dream has finally been realized. Your dream may be to find Darling or Life partner, or to get a promotion or a raise, or to achieve great success in your career, or to become a big star.. In short, whatever it is, there is a chance to achieve this summer.. After waiting for too long, you are tired. This summer, God will live up to your expectations. He will let you get what you want.. f、. Your top priority this summer is to meet your lifelong partner. This summer you finally officially ended being single, and this end is the real end. your feelings are over. you are no longer just playing, looking and searching. your other half finally appeared in this summer. you hit it off. even at the first sight of thank you, you decided that thank you is the person you want. surprise and joy filled your heart.. You may also like the following contents: fate test: what is your fate index with thanks?? 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