Test your popularity among men in 2016

The year 2016 is approaching in an instant. haven’t you found the one you like in 2015?? The fate of thousands of inside to meet, fate this kind of thing, is not urgent, everything is doomed! So, how will your popularity among men change in inside in the coming 2016?? Is it peach blossom all over the sky, or is it narcissism?? Everything needs to be tested and solved by yourself.. The first constellation network is original, please indicate the source for reprinting.. 1、. You have just adopted a kitten from a friend. What do you want to do for it most at this time?? Buy a can of cat food. Find a way to make a comfortable nest for the cat.. Take it to the sun first. 2、. The kitten is not very obedient, and your daily urination and defecation annoys you. What will you do at this time?? Let it go, after all, is still small. Learn the methods of taming cats from the internet and train them slowly.. Send it back to your friend, after all, you can’t control this little guy yourself.. 3、. When you suddenly found that one leg of the kitten seemed to be injured, how do you think it was injured at this time?? The puppy that Grandma Wang keeps next door.. May be it attempted to steal fish from the fish tank inside and fell from it. Calcium deficiency, rickets. 4、. However, when your boyfriend sees that this cat doesn’t like it very much, he clearly indicates that he doesn’t like kittens, then you will? Persuade your boyfriend, how cute the kitten is!. Endure the pain and let the kitten return to her friend’s house.. Ignore your boyfriend and continue to raise cats.. 5、. One day the kitten got lost and returned a few days later. How do you think the kitten survived these days? Stealing cat food from other people’s kittens and catching mice by themselves returned hungry.. You dreamed that you had quarreled with your boyfriend and it was very fierce. What was your first thought when you woke up at this time?? This is just a dream. It seems that there are indeed some problems between us, and it is time to solve them.. Dream inside didn’t beat him! Hurry up and review your lessons. It’s really noisy. You must beat him.. 7、. You dreamed of making up with your ex-boyfriend and in front of his current girlfriend. What do you think this indicates? The fate is not complete, give it a try.! A good horse will never turn round to graze on an old pasture., I won’t go back to find him if I kill him! Let nature take its course!! 8、. You dream that you are married, but you can’t see the groom’s face all the time, only that your bridesmaid is the current girlfriend of your ex-boyfriend.. Who do you think is Meng inside’s groom? Should be an ex-boyfriend! Not an ex-boyfriend. No matter who the groom is, why is my bridesmaid her?? 9、. At present, the ratio between men and women is out of balance, and raising a boy pays more attention than a girl, so do you want a boy or a girl?? Boys and girls go along with each other! Or have a second child.10. If you are married now and have a son and a daughter, then the unit will organize a travel vacation and you can bring a family member. Who would you choose to bring? Son, daughter, husband 11. In your impression of inside, what is the main reason for the prominent contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in Chinese families?? The mother-in-law is reluctant to let her son be disciplined by another woman. There are no other factors. 12. If your mother-in-law and her son (your husband) quarreled and quarreled fiercely, but it has nothing to do with you, then you will choose? After all, the whole family just stood by and looked for opportunities to raise the fire and make the quarrel between the two more fierce. 13. What would you do if your husband did not have enough money to buy a house and chose to let you live with your parents-in-law?? If your future father-in-law likes sweet food and your mother-in-law likes salty food, what would you do if you cooked it after you married?? Do more sweet, do more salty, according to your own preferences 15, a large family, your parents, parents-in-law, children and others are all together for dinner, who would you choose to serve first?? My parents, my parents, my parents and my children 16. You have made a new boyfriend. He has no intersection with your circle of friends. In this case, how would you choose to substitute him into your circle of friends, inside? Organize a party and introduce him to your friends when you get the chance. 17. At the junior high school reunion, two old classmates who had not seen each other for many years quarreled because they didn’t know what to do. What would you choose to do then? Persuaded to fight two don’t want to help male students to fight 18,. Students who have not seen each other for many years suddenly ask you to borrow money one day, when you have a sum of money lying idle, what will you do then? Lend it to him, after all, students will not lend it to each other depending on the situation.! 19、. The classmate whom I haven’t seen for many years opened a small company and invited you to start a business together. This classmate wanted to pursue you. How do you choose at this moment? Starting a business together and developing together depends on the situation.. Someone started a classmate party, but the date conflicts with his birthday. What would you do then? Party to organize their own birthday party party and birthday together, hi a, 2016 male popularity index ★ ★ ★ your male popularity is not bad, although not too many men will attack you in 2016, but single men with your intersection feel good for you and have some ideas for you.. Most importantly, it seems that someone you care about will interact with you frequently in inside in 2016.. On the other hand, in 2016, the single men you met were still confined to the small circle of inside in the past, with little progress. However, it is also for this reason that you have a good reputation in the men’s circle of inside.. B, 2016 male popularity index ★ ★ can only say that your 2016 male popularity index is not satisfactory! Although you may have made some gains in the past year, in the new year in inside, your gains will not be too much. This is mainly because your requirements are a bit too high and your overall aura is a bit tougher, which makes many single men who originally had some ideas about you retreat after contacting you once or twice.. The good news is that in 2016, you will meet a larger number of single men, many of whom are really interested in you. Polish your eyes and find him.! C, 2016 Men’s Popularity Index ★ ★ ★ ★ Perhaps this is the best result among all girls. In inside in 2016, you almost need wind and rain, and there will be no trouble. However, it also causes your performance to appear somewhat grandiose in the eyes of some people.. 2016 will be a year for you to blossom, bear fruit and harvest. In such a short period of one year, inside, you can meet almost all kinds of single men. All kinds of “style” men you like will meet with you this year for you to choose from.. So, in 2016, make your choice! D, 2016 men’s popularity index★ sorry, your 2016 men’s popularity index is really a little low, but there is still some hope. this hope lies in that you should make up your mind at the beginning of the year and go along with the one who is best for you.. If you don’t do this, you will look a little lonely in 2016. Those who had an affair with you before will get married one after another this year, while other single men you know will gradually fade out of your sight and out of your control.. The most worrying thing is that you may feel that some people are very enthusiastic about you at the 2016 annual meeting, but it does not have male and female feelings, it is just the cooperation between colleagues.. You may also like the following: What is the role of money in your love??   How should you obtain high-quality love and face emotional conflicts? What kind of person do you belong to, you know?   Interesting Test of Your Ancient Name