Full Edition of Wealth Fortune of Zodiac in 2016

Jupiter will stay in Virgo most of the time in 2016, so the 2016 annual meeting will give you a feeling of being at a loss.. And this kind of feeling comes from the desire, so we need to start looking for new goals and starting points.. Mercury retrograde four times this year, from January 5 to January 26, April 29 to May 22, August 30 to September 22, twelve, 19 to January 8, 2017. Water retrograde affects memory, communication, transportation, communication, etc. It will bring troubles to all constellations. Therefore, it is not recommended to make large investments or make decisions involving large amounts of funds during Mercury retrograde period.. More care should be taken at work to avoid the repetition of things caused by communication misunderstanding.. This year’s four water reverses mainly occurred in the earth sign, so some old scores accumulated before may be turned out, and problems that were not willing to face or ignored before will appear and must be faced.. Or some careless omissions in the previous work will be turned out, and the previous idea of reliable performance will be overturned. During this period, the working life of each constellation will be relatively turbulent, which will indirectly affect the fortune. Each constellation may encounter some problems that lead to financial losses during this period. It needs to be very careful and its own data must be backed up and cannot be lost..   Aries’ financial fortunes are not so good this year. First of all, the uncontrollable shopping spree in Desire has greatly shrunk your wallet.. Secondly, the market is relatively unstable and no good investment opportunities can be found. If the cooperation with old customers is taken lightly, there may be the risk of termination, and the partners may also have the possibility of termination.. Therefore, Aries must prepare more funds. Aries spends more but earns less.. In the second half of the year, Aries will spend money on things that are needed, and will spend money like water virtually.. Therefore, Aries in 2016 should pay more attention to financial management and consciously save money, otherwise it will be difficult for Spilled Water to recycle after spending it..   Taurus The overall fortune of Taurus in 2016 is in a general trend and its income and expenditure are in a seesaw state.. In the first half of the year, Taurus will spend a lot on recreational activities such as parties.. In addition, Taurus will comfort themselves when they are relaxed, eat well, and spend a lot of money when they are scattered.. But for Taurus, who always pays attention to the quality of life, it doesn’t matter much. It’s good to spend money and earn it again. Happiness is the most important thing.. In terms of income, Taurus, who has investment and financial management, will have some troubles in March to June and is also prone to emotions. He will have to face the ups and downs of the market calmly at that time.. For Taurus who work in other places, the luck in 2016 will be very good. If Taurus have the opportunity to travel in the middle of the year, they should also take good advantage of it. Your good luck is in other places.. However, in the second half of the year, especially from the end of October, Taurus’s financial fortunes began to change rapidly, with more expenses, tight money and worries about money becoming more and more obvious. Taurus who are doing business or investing should pay attention and be more conservative and cautious about money in the second half of the year..   Gemini The overall fortune of Gemini will show a V-shaped trend in 2016. In the first half of the year, Gemini will spend money until it can’t stop.! From January to February, Gemini’s brain will always be occupied by the idea of “buy buy buying”. When you go out, you have to spend money and get online, you always have to “lose”. Coupled with greedy and A.mart, it is inevitable that you will eat too much and buy too much. It is hard for Gemini’s wallet not to dry up.! From March to June, the intense interpersonal relationship will make Gemini more upset, which makes Gemini’s mood often depressed to the bottom. If Gemini has investment and financial management, it is better to hold a wait-and-see attitude and reduce speculation.. In the second half of the year, Gemini’s fortunes will turn for the better.. Although recreational activities continue, the Gemini have begun to have a sense of saving money.. And in September to 11 years, Gemini, who has performed well in her work, will have more income or disposable money than before.. September, in particular, will be a high-incidence month for Gemini. And during this period Gemini will meet friends whom they can talk to, and will be appreciated by partners or people of high position.. Gemini with investment and financial management will get good results if they adopt a positive attitude in 11 years, but in twelve month, care should be taken not to make rash advances, thus the chances of making profits will be great.!   Cancer’s overall fortune is flat in 2016, and there may be further declines.. In the first half of the year, Cancer’s most important expenditure is the amount of money it has to spend, which will be relatively large. It will almost cost money to go out or not to go out, and the accumulated amount will be considerable.. Although cancer crabs also have plans to save money, the effect is limited and there are still many places to spend money on.. In the first half of 2016, especially from May to June, Cancer who does investment and financial management should be cautious and impetuous in money matters. Speculative behavior is best avoided. Especially in the aspect of cooperation with others or short-term investment, it may be easy to lose money or even be cheated. Instead of doing so, it is better to invest conservatively or spend the money on yourself.. However, in the first half of the year, Cancer’s fortunes will be very good. You can try your luck and earn some extra money to make up for the decline in positive fortunes.. In the second half of the year, cancer crabs are buying more food and drinks, some for their own enjoyment and some for parties.. Near the end of the year, Cancer’s sleep quality is not good, if there is investment and financial management, the operation should be cautious.. Although the financial situation is not good, Cancer is expected to encounter great fortune in twelve month..   For Leo this year, there are still many opportunities for Leo’s career this year.. Some leos actually had many opportunities for part-time extra money in the second half of last year. although there are still some opportunities this year, they are relatively more difficult than last year.. The first half of the year may be relatively hard and turbulent, but as long as you stick to it, the eclipse will be in the second half of the year.. Eclipses of the sun and moon will improve your income situation. For you, it is related to your income, deposits, arrears and other issues. Especially since Jupiter entered your Wealth Palace last year, it has begun to make you realize the importance of financial management and savings.. After Jupiter leaves Wealth Palace in the second half of this year, you will surely feel that your income has improved when you look back.. Some leos will have the opportunity to raise salaries and bonuses in the middle and second half of this year.. On the whole, the income is good, whether it’s a regular job or a partial one, there is an opportunity to save.. Attention should be paid to avoiding investment and cooperation around March. Simply put, it is impossible to move in and out.. Under the dual influence of Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, you will keep a low profile on money issues. Leo is not soft in spending money in most situations, and is quite careless in investing and managing money, often relying on a feeling or other people’s advice, so it is not easy to accumulate money.. July, August and the 11th are also good times for money.. In addition, during this period of December, the fortunes are on the high side, so we can consider lottery, lottery, stock fund, investment and financial management, etc..   Virgo starts from the second half of 2015. Although many Virgos’ income has improved, they cannot avoid the situations of wealth loss, lost items or theft. Or you need to lend money to your family and partner, causing your savings to fluctuate.. At the age of 16, your ruler Mercury will retrograde in the three earth signs, meaning that January, May and September will have a good effect on sorting out the past, reviewing the past, and cooperating in negotiations..The 16-year-old’s financial fortune is good, and the overall work fortune is good.. There will be a windfall around April.. From September to December, Jupiter will protect and promote your financial situation.. Virgo also has a lot of ideas on entrepreneurial opportunities this year. Maybe there is no shortage of resources and money, but there is no shortage of partners, or the opposite is true.. There will be some clues between March and May this year so that you can be sure whether you want to try it or not..   Libra’s financial situation is relatively stable in 2016. Libra has a strong interest in making money this year and will have a small amount of wealth recorded, but the expenses will be relatively large.. If you don’t make a good plan, you may be unable to make ends meet.. Mars, the ruler of Libra’s house of money, is in retrograde Period during the working year. The most prosperous month for wealth is May, July and August. During this period, although the fortune is relatively prosperous, the family will have large expenses, such as getting married, buying a house and a car, which will cost a lot.. In the second half of the year, Libra started to open innovative wealth channels. The fortunes rose and the income was quite high. However, it is suggested that Libra should not indulge in money games too much.. Influenced by Mars, there may be some old accounts that you neglected to pay for..   Scorpio will reach its peak in its career in 2016, and its financial fortunes will be very good. Scorpio is lucky in its investment and will gradually accumulate more savings.. From 2016 to 2017, Mars, the ruler of Scorpio’s career palace, will enter the money palace from time to time. Scorpio has a strong fortune, stable income, small increase in income, steady accumulation of its own small coffers, so the probability of losing money is small. Scorpio has the best fortune on March 9, twelve. However, due to the influence of Mars, there may be impulsive and rash decisions, so Scorpio is advised to think twice before making any large capital flow, not to be too greedy, avoid speculation as much as possible, grasp the foundation firmly, and there will be a large amount of wealth recorded in the accounts..   Sagittarius is not in good financial luck in 2016. Saturn envelops Sagittarius. Sagittarius spends a lot of money in the first half of the year, and often worries about money. In addition, Sagittarius is not very enterprising, so the pressure this year is still great.. Sagittarius spends a lot of money from January to March, but seldom makes any money.. From May to July, Sagittarius has the greatest pressure, mostly from family. Sagittarius wants your family to be better off, but it backfired. Recently, your relationship with your family has not been so satisfactory.. July to October this year is an especially critical three months for you, especially the rising period of your career and financial improvement. You need to work hard and seize the opportunity in these three months.. By the end of October, I know that you will continue to lose money in related matters of people who are close to you, perhaps for your feelings, perhaps for your family, and so on.. But 11 years will bring in some money. You will be troubled by the maintenance or purchase of real estate.. This year’s financial situation is not suitable for a big move. It is better to be conservative..   Capricorn’s financial situation in 2016 is still very good, mainly coming from your work and workplace. At the beginning of the year, Capricornus spent a lot of money, and there will be a lot of expenses in interpersonal communication, or spending money to eat and drink parties, or spending money on networking to make things go more smoothly, so as not to be able to keep the money.. A small number of Capricorns need to be careful about take the blame for the fault of others or the deduction of wages and bonuses in the first half of 2016.. If you travel or go out in June, it is recommended not to spend too much, because even if you spend money during this period, you will not be comfortable.. Capricorn in the second half of the year (especially in July and August), Capricornus encountered many annoying situations, poor luck, coupled with large fluctuations in the market, if there is any investment and financial management, it is suggested that the trouble in the handle should be solved first, and we should talk about it when we are more thoughtful.. This year’s income is much better than last year’s. Apart from a period of financial crisis in the first half of the year, it will be eased in the second half of the year and some government and non-government and economic disputes will be settled smoothly.. The middle of the year or so is a period of high incidence of small talk figures. You should keep a low profile and act prudently..   Aquarius had a good fortune in the first half of this year. Aquarius has strong confidence in his own work. Aquarius was originally very creative and contributed a lot of creativity to his company. Therefore, Aquarius received many awards. However, due to Neptune’s influence in Pisces, Aquarius can’t save money and money. Some friends may borrow money from Aquarius or owe money but don’t repay it. Therefore, Aquarius should avoid the relationship between friends and money.. In addition, the water bottle should be protected against the financial safety of the house, and there may be an emergency of theft.. However, Aquarius has good fortune and cooperation will bring some benefits to Aquarius.. Relieved the pressure of borrowing from water bottles..   Pisces 2016 is a year that consumes more for Pisces as a whole. On the one hand, Pisces spends three days fishing and two days basking in the net, and does not work hard. On the other hand, Pisces feels that it has bound its freedom and wants to fly out of vistit scenes at differene spots. All kinds of expenses can’t be saved if it wants to save.. On the other hand, Uranus and Pluto are divided into four parts, which leads to many unexpected situations, leading to Pisces’ financial instability. Most of the money is spent on relatives and friends, and cannot be accumulated.. Pisces in the second half of the year in Sachi started to go up the career ladder, because the network he accumulated in the previous year will have a good change, and this year is likely to be poach, with many more ways and opportunities to make money..