Articles on cigarettes

Part one: half of all cigarettes.Such a life, there is little sense to you?Despite the time of death, and he is gradually showing the state Longzhong.Although the youth spend years, perhaps precocious spend it!Now scattered to the occasion, phase and late spring flowers, only shame shame bow.  Standing empty yard, I looked at the half-sticks of cigarettes were abandoned flower opening fall, could not help a lot of people the fantasy.Yes!Life is all about, is not floating wind.Lost in the secular world, but few people can play Fen.In the mist of the sky, there is always a touch of sadness.Who is in the depths of the rain sprinkled pages of the book, nourish the gorgeous flowers, passing clouds faded away.People ah!Always a moment of knowing thrilled.However, people always aspire to their own affectionate missing.Move and not move, then affectionate words, in touching, and as fleeting as.Are amazed time passed away quickly, but unfortunately, there are a few grasp of.Are alive, how many people can actually lived there.  Had this, watching the love of books, TV shows, etc., could not help but be moved.Think of a truth, the desire, but I can only bend in the secular, when they get lost, only to find that everything is just how difficult.Expression of love, not just words, not just juggling, but the heart and soul of pay, and spend one’s unreasonable without a care and worry.However, this, easier said than done.To look at marriage and life achievements, there is always a hint of bitter glow.Maybe they are really happy.Half cigarettes, trivial life.Bleeding day, a person living in transition.    Part II: Cigarette and text to open the window of heart, inspiration, like soaring like lush vines, made from a crawl in the text.How many gorgeous and always, how many times bitter wait, how many invigorating promise, how many romantic tarried, all talk in the depths of the text memory.Dreamy thoughts rising in the curl of smoke, his thoughts Qing Yang, an idea unknowingly infiltrated into the whole soul, let the emotion of breed and multiply in silence, graceful language happily filled in loneliness, he did have the slightest sweet.  Walking companion text and cigarettes, it’s almost like time arrow docked in which the body long dry bursting out the most beautiful face, like early morning sunshine, warm ray of a coiled entangled in the interpretation of the story.Thanks to you in life, or how to spend this cycle of the seasons, this long lonely nights, how will survive.You lure is a confusion of years, lured a confusion of the time, but induced a confusion in my heart.Curl around the wound was swallowed up cigarettes for several years, even lured a confusion of addiction, an addiction is naturally unable to withstand the temptation to smoke a confusion, the time they disappeared in the smoke, the smoke naturally bears huge emotional spirituality.Sauna net thoughts always so fluttering transitory man, trying to find a place to dock, the heart of this there is a parking bays, there is a life form with fruit, can call laugh frolic, it can accommodate the entire body and mind and joy.If the wind rain, miss listening to the rain on the cohesion of a state of mind, state of mind will immediately wind and rain wander entangled endless stream flooding affection, affection persistent and gentle, gentle just like a curl of smoke, rendering every inch of empty soul night.Many days and nights distant sea, is a promise of joy, a day silent pull intestines.To say plume of thoughts and silent, knowing that you know, knowing that Wife, just like a bone erosion Acacia, how can I detached.You knock on my door with a heavy heart warmth, so I willingly walked into your heart, rolling turns, for a stretch, and lost for the first time to indulge, together with cotton wrapped around a cigarette with the situation in.So, I will continue to walk in the text, written wander happy, I love the words of ecstasy, happiness can be found only source of life qualities through text.Ask over and over again exactly the word, they all around me, I affectionately edit every word of these trekking, in order to retain the pure love and sincere affection, it is clear that the text in the case of an edge beyond my love, in the text of I encountered an outer edge of true love.    Part three: more lonely than cigarettes alone Dunzaiqiangjiao, lit up a cigarette, curl of smoke obscuring the face, but found no longer a worry-free year boy, a mouthful of smoke a lit cigarette, let the smoke confused I do not see into the future.Tired, bored surge of pent in the chest, a bitter breath drew smoke into the chest, wished to relieve this feeling, but choking tears streaming out.  Came to this world has lost more than ten years; the time, but never make sense of the existence of life.Confused smoke has been lingering in my heart, which seems to be due under the kind of fate, I still can not wait for it to bear fruit, I felt like clowns like relying on bad acting were removed from the world, play the ridicule of the world thinks pantomime, but I do not want the whole world is laughing at himself.  Always want people’s attention, I hope everyone can understand themselves, always want to be able to stand on center stage, get applause from everyone; always want to get a group of sincere friends, share bliss, when in trouble with; always want to have a she, when I’m sad loss, patting my shoulder and told me, you and me.Always want too many things, this world has so many can not, when I do some exaggerated movements to get someone’s attention, has ushered in a group, you idiot ah, the eyes; when I decided to go a different way, questioning eyes are sad stab me.  Hate, hate, I hate to be suspected hate this dull life, hate the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of those guys around, they always thought he was very arrogant, but is in fact a group wretch playin embarrassing story, I’m too lazy to go to them bother, do not want to dwell too much, just an idiot.  Walk alone again street, which looked at a picture of a big crowd or familiar or unfamiliar faces, their expressions rich people numb, in the vast world, they have their own running track, and I do?Blankly standing crowd, I do not know how the exposed face, because I do not know how to go on along the track, is go with the flow, or the heart.It is to do a gentle benevolent Lv, or do outside criticism of a lion.In this case, even if living in the hustle and bustle of the crowd and I feel that he is so lonely.  Suddenly, a kind of want to smoke a cigarette a look, even though my heart kind of sense of disgust for cigarettes.A mouthful of smoke a lit cigarette, watching the smoke spit, I have the feeling cruel, I seem to see this cigarette, I slowly being killed and smoke as if it’s blood, it is Sixin crack lung screams.I do not know how to have this idea, but feel that they are so cold-blooded, like an executioner-like, ending a fresh life, the abyss also embarked on a.  Sometimes, I can not help thinking that a cigarette is lonely, lonely in others in a step by step toward death, it is life in the burning fire of suffering reduced to ashes.It’s lonely for someone else’s life and health, eventually destroy others in loneliness.I do not know, pity, what a pity, or will it sad?Well, people do?  It is said that the world most lonely.Maybe.The vast crowd, everyone is looking for a way out of the confusion, no one would care about a lonely cigarette, but I do not know in a fall in cigarettes, smoke thicker, the road was even more confused.  Perhaps we are more lonely than cigarettes it!Restricting, in the lonely step by step to push yourself falling into the abyss of a fall, but do not know it fills.    Part Four: Speaking of smoking cigarettes Phantom of things this is a very difficult thing, because the whole world after the smoke, what the “World No Tobacco Day” and also put forward to deceive ourselves, saying that to give Earth a outside the clean environment, then inside, then purely self-deception.There is some evidence, Earth people know, in all walks of life everywhere in commercial advertising, with the exception of advertising for tobacco and hard to find, not daring people can not do, but do not dare.Who dares to wind Nilang, defiance of it?Not only can not widely advertised, on the contrary, it has to stereotyped symbolically marked very hypocritical warnings on cigarette packaging, “Smoking is harmful to health”, and called up the title of the most tender, called “Tips”.This is simply incredible!Since harmful to health, why should the whole world of large-scale high-volume manufacturing of cigarettes it?And also to create what the world famous race.This is indeed a deceptive thing not self-deception.As someone with a knife to kill, he said: take money to me, pack your knife down is not painful, absolutely die cleanly.I think that the mystery may be here: to take money.For cigarettes may be, it is not just a little bit of money to get things where how much profit as long as the industry’s most clear.The face of high profits lucrative, then talk about what smoking cessation, it seems a mystery too, deceiving Bale!  Recently, the media have reported the size of a cigarette box revision of the thing, already proved that there are a lot of people have been playing these “warm” word idea, actually they sit tight for decades to move the location of ulterior motives nest, from the side of the cigarette box below to move directly below the most prominent position, font size too big and rough than before, giving the feeling seems to be like a man, turned out that the delicate thin body through access to high profit after riches become plump body fat hair, and a great sense of pretense of meaning.Moreover, the first since ancient times people can not smoke in the mouth, but the crater or cave, followed by the chimney smoke curl, as the wise man when why should emulate these things to take smoke, indeed can not be verified can not say where the.  But after their own golden tobacco leaves, things on Earth can you smoke more and more, this is an indisputable fact or not.According to research, tobacco was first produced in South America, the American people do not know how so bold that time, actually be able to first dare to eat (chewing) in this modern view of the near and far “crab”.I did not realize this had not been expected to eat later there were so many newcomers on with.It is said by those colonists or merchants daring transoceanic more kelp in the Middle Ages to the Philippines, the Philippines and later gradually spread around the world.After this point, all over the world to smoke the stuff that the whole world was pandemonium.  Smoking is both a civilization and progress, but also a culture of degradation.In the development of modern civilization, but also in constant destruction of civilization, this is concerned, whether or not the progress of civilization and social development over time or not, but in this group of arrogant people intelligent animal desires.Otherwise, why there are so many ancient civilizations and cultures, people have vanished in the contest of life and death and desire expansion rather annihilation.Thus, the tobacco culture with other cultures is the same, it produces a rut, its development, its peak, it has its own demise own laws, who have already played a role in fueling the critical.But not a word, but we can not put smoking as a simple misdemeanors A bad habits.In fact, the generation of smoke and inventions, originally appeared as the identity of the holy things in front of mankind, when not used to smoke, but chew, and must be in order to enjoy the event of a major celebration or ritual.The first to enjoy this kind of thing is not accounted for among the most common people, but those very few people very identity status, most people only look at, no qualifications, no ability to chew this holy symbol of social status thing.As for whether that time tobacco toxic as it is now so rich, it seems to have no historical explanation.If then tobacco is not toxic or poisonous small, we can understand, because now just suck suck or indirectly, had a toxin hearts and minds, and even a giant poison-shaped cow, let alone when the tobacco is put directly in their own mouth slowly, swallowed them completely absorbed.This is terrible, or chewing tobacco have long died out, how can I turn now after thousands of years to try this highly toxic holy?Moreover, when there are a lot of people looking for drugs subject are not eligible.Of course, saying that this call is not to show that I’m telling no smoking “World No Tobacco Day” and highbrow publicity naysayers.  I am also a smoker, smoke a victim, but the victim is not shallow.I’m not absorb second-hand or “n” indirect victims of passive smoking a cigarette in hand, but a smoker has a direct twenty years of history, it can be described as “heavy smokers” “Old Smokey” What’s up.Ins and Outs period, can not remember how many made a serious oath quit smoking too much back, can often be determined after the revolution under the pain, not a day or two and then give way to the temptation of choking smoke, so he sent a carrying them swear person (or family and I meet with people quit smoking) Huanglihuangzhang bought a pack of cigarettes, hiding place since that no one noticed, and mercilessly pumping it full of a Dayton, pumping almost no consciousness even Zuidou.So I hate hate cigarette smoke.It not only killed me a lot of money on which to survive, but also so many people smoke on second-hand smoke harm my health, and now even to me countless pores in the hair comes out of the smoke has become I do not know already the first few hands cigarettes.It seems that I already became a wicked drug traffickers, and even now I come to a “Li cut decision,” I have no complaints.Why did I had confused stained with smoke, I do not read who called quasi carefully, understand Tips on various types of cigarette packets it?I deserve it!  Tobacco toxic, “smoking is harmful to health” It is an indisputable fact that too many experts after a lot of research emerge with conclusions.How big drug charges?Not much, but cigarette nicotine can make a person more than I do not know how many times the growth of cattle killed, terrible.As everyone knows, many experts after the release of this startling assertion, one breath and even smoked cigarettes were fine the last ten branches in the world, but they have not seen him or poisoned to death.Perhaps it is the smoke of the invention, in favor of it, spread it special care of people, can not bear it under the murderous.So the world’s people smoking more and more, and the more smoke the younger, more pumping more exciting.Can make a statistics, the world has more smokers billions insufficient and mostly in economically developed countries, which seems very different from the situation in the ancient tobacco, tobacco then can be said that the top people to enjoy luxury.But now there has been such a big contrast.More unexpected is that as people in primary and secondary schools around the world, it has been quietly rising up a powerful army smokers.Smoking is exactly what order?To show what?According to research, tobacco drive does have a refreshing lack of analgesic effect, can relieve a lot of pressure of work and life, but it can only be for adults, young people and those Bugeng Shi Li’s where to start.Alas!Smoking When will the?And what can be achieved when smoke-free?Whose Fault is actually in love with smoke?In this regard, we are at a loss!