Articles on chase

Part One: We’ve come a long chase in the grasslands, I can not remember a long time to time.Lead the way people have been silent.I only hear my own footsteps, almost feel his presence, however, still find irresistible rise of a body.From the beginning of my consciousness blurred, to later clear, this process took me half the time to walk.Such a long time, but fortunately all the way to the green grass, silhouetted against the blue sky, I firmly believe that I am still a life, have the ability to enjoy life.  I followed behind him, starting time, a man wearing a white robe tell me that my mission is to lead the way people listen to the arrangements.Fortunately, along the way, he did not give me any command.In fact, under his absolute force of oppression, even if they have to obey Caesar.We walked all the way, I secretly glimpse of the corner of my eye the sun went down again.The sun rises to fall, I define it for a living, from falling to rising, I define it as dead.Health undone dead, back from the dead.The other half of the time to walk, I was used to upgrade the consciousness to the idea.  He probably unaware of my existence, no matter how walking in the rugged dirt road, he never hesitated, as if a train with no brakes, go on a fixed route.Ever since the idea, I found myself getting a heavy pace, thoughts will somehow absorb all kinds of things from the outside, put my head I tried to smash and for themselves, but I did not complete conversion Ability.So, my mind more and more garbage, the body becomes increasingly stiff.  The sun is in a state of death, he did not mean to stop, I followed the direction of his walk looked vaguely see some twists and turns black outline, what I do not know.The grass is not always.  The sun is in the raw state, the pace remains the same, I have some difficulty.I tilted the body, comes up from behind him, I saw, in front of the woods.  Is dead, we went to the edge of the forest, but also the students, we went into the forest.From the moment walked, my thoughts began running fast, all I see, I attempt to keep.  Forest bigger than grassland, normal operation of ideas, however, and carries out a thing I do not understand, I see it defined as the master.From the moment that produced it, it conquered all the bits and pieces of memories in my head.I was amazed at its efficiency.But behaved as always.I’m still behind him, but no longer is head down or suppressed.I often turned to look at the footprints, or stop and rest a while, and then he was catching on.I’m not exactly explain their transformation, do not know what that means, just feel good, heavy footsteps, and I stopped, until a good rest, and I myself forward.But I can not escape from him, I still remember that sentence departure.  He never looked back at me, and I have not stood in front of him.I can not go beyond this strange wizard.My mind is full of question marks.But he remained silent, walking is his only action, as if never know tired.There is no doubt in the mind of question marks being assertive conquest, and then produce another thing, it rampage in my mind, and strength more and more, I stop it produces.But I actually can not control.Until his strength over the strong-minded, my brain was it occupies.It has been in my mind to give me orders, I refused again and again.  He seemed to find my change, the pace slowed down, so I stick with him.However, things began to resist mind.I call it resistance is defined as the desire.My brain could not carry it seem barbaric, limbs began to obey.In this way, at the moment of death, I stopped, he turned toward the other side.He was walking his way.I went out of a desire to be their own way.I entered the jungle, where thorny, all over Murder.I was alone blaze surrounded by wolves, tigers escaped the hunt.I always go, go its own way, pursuing their own desires.  Wait until my body begin to age, the limbs are not flexible, I was in the jungle, but it felt so strange, things here are still caught my curiosity.  One day, I walked in the woods, suddenly found my feet now have a pair of footprints, carefully contrast, is my.Look back to, it is two pairs of footprints, to look forward to, only one pair.I have no choice but to laugh, wrinkles has exposed my old.Laugh, I stood up, and keep up with the front of the footprints.  I have been chasing, exhausted all the effort, and finally at the time of the exchange of life and death overtook him.However, I have completely senile, I could no longer keep up with his pace.In the distance I stopped to place his heels about fifty meters to go farther.Watching his back, I do not laugh without saying, I know who you are.To my surprise, he also stopped, silence.”You are my destiny..”I said calmly.Did not look back, he said, “It seems that I have to return to the starting point.”Then, the arrival of the dead.He disappeared.    Part II: Green chase life, every day is filled with green, green is the tone colors of nature, life and represent the future of color.Green transformation chase, life.  - Inscription first taste of green unusual, in the spring in southern.It was a sort of small mountains, hills south have unique soft line, extremely well-run project overlooking.Reliance on the hillside rest, and saw that he was surrounded in the midst of green sea.Shade, light shade, green manure, thin green.Everything.Even the foot of the spiral winding stone paths, also printed full of moss, little bright green.Take the higher ground, the level at sit, patches of green, eloquent, wide comfortable, there is a fresh slim beauty a free and easy and elegant beauty.  To marvel at this green transcendent same time, I think, green, beauty in life primary colors, with it, our world will not be tedious, we should chase of green.  Again and green exchange, but it is a cold and windy winter day.Then, re-disease ridden, quite depressed, walking in the hospital, across the white world is in front of me, all this inviting my helplessness and loss.Between blink, green, two tender leafless naughty climbed my vision, stubborn stand on the branches of old trees stricken years of baptism, it seems one pair of outstretched hand to hug me, giving me green rain.Although they have delicate shivering in the wind, swaying.However, that chin up seemed to me to declare a natural: I am not afraid!A pair of small hand, seems to extend his desire for students!I am glad that, in this land of ice and snow-capped, there are two green leaves, warmth and vitality to extend a line of green, decorated with difficulty in the branches, but my chest implants.At discharge, I would like to find that piece of green again, but could not find it, because, green living green, but also garden trees are blue, a piece of green leaf stacks up one faction vibrant, suddenly remembered the phrase: green, brilliant life because of you.Nightlife net when I marvel at the tenacity and stubborn green, I think, on the road of life, green chase, chase green, life will not be lonely, lonely.  Grew, growing awareness of green also to increase in.Green, on behalf of dedication.Green leaves set off the red flower, why people think it’s trivial, because it more as a foil to appear in the viewer’s field of vision.You can ignore the existence of the green, but left the green, but you can not survive.Because green is silent, so that we take for granted, even to forget its extraordinary chase.And it is quietly rooted in arid deserts, steep cliffs, cold polar.I marvel at the green dedication, I think people have to chase green unusual, then our world will not be as unsightly.Therefore, we would like to thank Green, Green chase to know more, know how to chase green, chasing its extraordinary.    Part Three: Mind chase some life by accident, so every life must be attachment to another life, each other and go hand in hand.  Life is purely inevitable, so every life does not belong to another life, like the wind, unencumbered.  The back is true, people are fake, no dedication, a hundred years ago, you are not you, I’m not me.  Ice is really melting is false, this is no cause and effect, a hundred years ago, did not you, nor I.  - Inscription meet by chance, to make a home away from passengers, through the crowd of reality, just smiling at me, chasing some mentality, bumpy journey.”Cloud-month break to spend Nongying” hurried pass, in the colorful campus catkins every now and then, those who are still figure, torn pieces of the sun, have become part of our lives, to come with the same to the people, scattered in the End of the World in Muyu drizzly.  I was unfortunate encounter Qing Wen weep; tears of gratitude to her is also a persistent and distracting; the “Muslim funeral” in the pure girl still did not wait for the arrival of Chu Yan tide sigh; white tassels and Fan Liuyuan still be able to know and love and happy in the war-torn; Manzhen and Shen Shijun to eighteen years of love lost and eventually became futile.”Lovers get married,” people’s minds is, after all, an aspiration, “hold your hand, and grow old” is actually one of the saddest poem.  Dreams are false, the reality is true, hope is false, life is really.Some people will always immersed in the imagination of the good, and some people always lingered in the memories of the shore, and some man-made nature of fame and fortune missing, and some people lose money personality, some people fall in the mortal world, some people Revealed power.”Gather no more hate towards the end, and to close the eyes for a long time.” We came into this world naked, naked back eventually, like to do a dream for decades, like when we dream early awake is just think that everything short of water, such as water.”This non-Banyan tree, nor stand mirror, had no one, where dye dust”.  This is Zen Hui Neng epiphany, in fact, it is one of the most able to explain the origin of all things poetry.Why should we let his soul imprisoned in a cage in it?Why should we give their spiritual shackles put on layers of it?In fact, some things do not need to ask why this did not happen and some things Why.  ”Water falling to trace, mirage dream Spring” Years is a ruthless sword, the landscape yesterday with the passage of time is cut off bit by bit in the memory of the other side.Some things do not need to blindly persistence, some people do not need to wait forever.Everyone has their own interests, everyone has their own way of life, a wonderful thing no two identical leaves, Red Dust inclination nor two hobbies, life goals exactly the same person.So some things are not all get it, all wishes come true, good luck became one of the most profound blessing.Some things may just our wishful Bale.Lin Xi scattered nature do not like together, she also has its own reasons, she said: “People have scattered poly, poly joy when, would not deserted when the bulk?Both deserted the sad, is not it better to actually gather good.Such that it is when love flowers, then by melancholy Xie time, so it touches not open well.”So when people believed to be happy about, but she was feeling sad.  I Dada Horseshoe is a beautiful mistake, I am not owned by people, is a traveler.I am a traveler, a wandering life, cosmopolitan Rangers.”Higurashi Yukiho where Park?End of the World a human intestinal monopoly “home where thoughts feelings do not know when diffuse into my heart, climbed up my face.Only “Splendor is Xiaoxiang” is the first day wandering how can life.Mountains, sea, sun, sunset, Yukiho, geese, far away people ah!Song in my heart you may have heard, see, this is the sad tone of the millennium.  All the story is not over yet, we still get together and leave the interpretation in the autumn sun, looking for their own that a maple leaf, and then began another life.