Articles on catkins

Part One: catkins fly between people inadvertently, streets are lined with willow grow long Egeria, intricate wicker hanging down, it will be full of green * suffused people’s eyes.Then catkins have begun flying up, light a surplus of catkins in the wind and spread to four, one piece, one by a group from a group, scattered in the streets, like snowflakes, white, cotton-like light such as a surplus.A breeze blowing gently, like a naughty child got into our nostrils, ask a light on our cheeks, but we still love the walk will this little flowers, Whenever I see the sun shining bright shone in its body, can be very beautiful, unusually pure beauty, the United States is extremely moving, as if the world’s most beautiful scenery in all its body condense, condense in the eyes of those in catkins.I do not know why, but I like to look at flying in the wind, swirling catkins, catkins watch the light as if a hand can Juqi a group from a freshman, but when you close it, it from your mortal body next to the spin off, turn you thousands of miles away.It gather the wind and the wind scattered the scene always makes me a fan off, let me unreal, let my thoughts follow it fly.This season, this kind of weather, people could not help but give birth dash of nostalgia from the bottom of my heart, how much hope.  I remember a poem wrote of catkins: “Cao Shu Zhichun soon return, fighting all sorts of red violet sweets.Yanghwajin elm no creativeness, but the sky for Xuefei solution.”Reading the mind can not help but breed a soft feeling to.A secluded beauty, peace of mind is to play and the vast.Numerous taste catkins, wise and always found it revealing the familiar scent of ink.Not like catkins bloom spring peach apricot as charming and beautiful, but also not as crystal clear snow, but it is so simple, and so clever, though small, but also full of the meaning of life.It is always willing to be bound to a tree, it tried to break free of the fetters, to embrace a self-made, “good wind leveraging frequency, send me on,” it is comfortable with the wind as partners between heaven and earth, along with the wind information spring fly to all corners of the declaration, to the wider world to find their ideal soil, spraying life to every corner of a sub-species.Whether it is the ultimate quietly, quietly turn to dust or put down roots, it is, life is only one chance, it is trying to fight back, to live out their own wonderful, beautiful living out of their own.  I think, for us ordinary is not that right?As long as efforts to live a good life, love yourself, love of family, friends, love of all things worthy of our love, even if we unremarkable small again, is another simple beauty.    Part II: wind catkins vaguely that year, silhouetted against the moonlight you quiet and nice tranquil smile, with your soft breeze stroking the hair.In the quiet and the cool autumn night, this stop years.Moonlight, rippling folds forward to your sons and daughters tenderness, that moment, you as the stars of heaven, sparkling with brilliant difficult to be able to dying out.Even bloody country, Nandi your brow all at once.Vaguely that year, drizzly drizzle started falling.You whisper alone in the ancient lakeside willow, black Jiaao give vent to your face mighty!Red chaos, persevering in the face of a soft spot?Chi Chan smile, let me first-class five hundred years.Enjoy three thousand black hair lightly in the wind, leaving a dying Leaves whipped map, my few World shackles!  Now, I searched in memory, struggle, triumph for you, in which you copy howling in the evening wins in this desolate autumn, in which there is no reincarnation of the mortal world for you to giggle at this cheerful sad melody you wallow.I was in this boundless expanse of the universe at the line eight miles, want to see your shadow, even if only a moment fingertips, you can completely disappear Queshiruci.I pray for you in the moon, you want a safe life, but that seems to be a never existed Xumiao and hard to find memory!  Once upon a time, your hand on the strings play ‘The laugh Red “, covering a thousand years!Sauna net Once upon a time, you light a Roman Wu Qi “Joan cents dispute Palace”, a submerged Wanzai!  Long conversion time and space, even through the crowd, you will understand why I have this time of piercing, you will understand why there is mystery in my mind that wire solid if it is difficult to climb?Vaguely that year a small bridge, the kind of tap water ethereal feel lonely!And you be strong enough to hold up the figure of an era!Now, I’m leaving empty his own grief, but also how to support your weak body?Then the righteous spirit tore become today, you can appreciate the dedication I wait for you?  Now, I have long been accustomed lit a cigarette when you want to let the smoke confused my fragile eyes!A man quietly watching her slowly burning, can not see the dust eventually falls!You are in my heart is so hard to erase, like this smoke, linger linger!  Is a winter, bury your winter clothes Suiyu, look back fondly!I traced back centuries ah!  Wind catkins, cherry to decline, with withered peony, rose to wilt, only this constant tears trickling engraved with thousands of years past, bit by bit!Like that year you Looking back, she lifts her tears, but go so stubborn!    Part Three: catkins Qing Yang has come to late spring, sunny window, catkins every now and then.Beijing summer is coming so suddenly, people had a chance to enjoy the warm spring after the chill, the sun began shining in the sky, a strong light sting your eyes, the cool moist air also lost early spring, it becomes increasingly hot.This time on the streets of Beijing catkins start every now and then, like a light snow falling, scattered here and there, in every corner of campus blown, blown my desk by the window.  I remember a television show judge and heroine catkins, because the heroine of quiet elegance, intelligent, open-minded, felt “catkins” The name sounds good, like the woman tenderness.While the spring catkins full of nostalgia.Longing for the day when the flowers of the season to return to his hometown of fruit trees in the garden, in the red peach, apricot and white woods, enjoy the sway of their own smile, release your mood, fly open fields from prison office.  However, at this time I was still sitting in the office empty, facing the window of trees safflower white catkins, constantly pounding the keyboard.Due to bad toward the office, rarely able to enjoy the sun, even though the window is already feeling the early summer, but my office still seemed cold, some cold hands typing on the keyboard, I had to be put on a colleagues dubbed the “wedding dress” in cotton jacket.The body seems to have some warmth, his heart is still cool like water.  Browse articles with friends, immersed in the racing thoughts in a friend, or thick or thin or happy or sad.We never had to experience the sad sad, and feeling of deja vu Parting.A group of people who love text, gather in Bowen, in the nothingness of space, interpretation of the real life drama, you can enjoy “friends from afar?”The deep friendship, is also ‘the world what love is, straight Shengsixiangxu’ words tore painful heart; both pots and pans symphony of tastes, there are soulful and elegant poetry France Left Bank Fragrant.  Phenomena in the world, a century of life, in the blog space, most vividly.Let the same office as I got to know the family community, understand the shortcut in life, but also with feelings of catharsis, a platform to express emotion.Like walking through the friends of the blog, like friends to enjoy the wonderful pen articles, like how much literary talent of the pen does not describe your mood, like to hear you tell poignant love story.Catkins still constantly falling in the window, does not seem to know the city now people no longer like catkins, place it on the air quality as one of the culprits.However, once lived in the countryside of my eyes, catkins are still floating in the air Ruofei elves, angels still gave birth to life, swirling in the catkins of information people can bring spring, autumn can bring hope to the people of.    Part Four: catkins “Pear courtyard Rongrong months, catkins pond light wind.”Yard, pond, pear and catkins bathed in water, moon, breeze blowing, swaying pear, wicker flick, light touch of the wind in the catkins falling, falling on the pond’s surface, unusual spring night it was a bit stunning beauty.As I can in such a quiet spring night, into such a Wanli paintings, which is what a quiet but fantastic mood ah!This beautiful mood, I have been fascinated.  Catkins, since ancient times, is not injury parting apartment, which was the symbol of the crowd, a lot of criticism.  ”Taiwan is the most ruthless Liu City” or “willow shore, Xiaofeng moon,” Liu always with the parting Acacia and hard to break away, plus dancing in the wind catkins, “Ichikawa tobacco, the city is Feng Xu, yellow plum when the rain.”Lots to talk about Xianchou dash.Catkins sky like a human cut right Qingsi, how many lingering disputes plaintive melancholy joys and sorrows, April is different from person to express melancholy.I do not know catkins adding to the sorrow from the people, or inviting people from the catkins of worries, the more warm spring season, the more catkins sky, the more flowers blooming season, the more Duoliaoyifen Parting.”Wandering people and as wretched, empty tempting to say Merry.”Daiyu melancholy poetry foreshadowed the fate of catkins.  Tang Dynasty poet Xue Tao in his “catkins” wrote poem “February Yanghwajin complex micro-light, spring clothing dangling fides.This is a heartless thing to his house, a fly will fly south and north.”The authors used catkins wind drift, drift to describe, no strong-minded people, expressing disgust for those who drift.”Dream of Red Mansions” in the chai in the “catkins word” wrote “Shaohua laughed this off without roots, a good wind leveraging frequency, send me on.”So, chai became cling on behalf of wealth, how many people despise and attack was.  But I always like catkins, it seems a bit contrary to the world.  Spring of each year, beginning from willow Fan Qing, intentionally or unintentionally, I always followed the footsteps of spring, spring rain marching to the rhythm of the song, looking for spring Elf – catkins, look at it from a little thin buds start in Willow branches are constantly drilled on, see it growing up encrusted branches swaying in the spring, when the flowers look at it, like catkins Claustrophobia, slender, ethereal, slowly fall to the ground when there is no wind, when the wind (even if it is warm breeze) filled the air: “clear wind catkins, new kitchen smoke from the fire.”What a romantic?  This year, they enter into a time between April and April were holding Yang Xu wind catkins cautious way, so light so gentle stroking people’s hearts, Xu willow branches covered with white flowers, green in transparent white Belarus and dyed green, fluffy, truly lovely.Together breeze, the sky swirling catkins great, full of a blossoming cute elf, so insolent flying in the sky, in full bloom in the spring, a group from a group such as the white snow, snow flying interpretation of chic, enjoy flying snow-like elegance, not!It is also lightweight than the snow, but also gentle, they are floating down from the hands of fairy petals, dancing in the warm sunlight, set off by the blue green water, beautiful as paradise.  Spring fairy tale never seem endless talk, like a spring catkins in April of the same fairy tale, it never seemed float endless, batch to batch, to fly over the sky, the wind took it to the air, which is blown to the ground again, so , sky, floating all over the floor ,, white rain catkins.Catkins follow the wind run, chase, slowly turned into catkins cotton group, cotton group continue to tumble, frolic, here a bunch, a group there, the road and therefore become particularly lively and romantic.  Weekend afternoon, nothing else, went to Yang Liu Yiyi embankment, white fluff like some elves hovering at four, but also like the girl wearing a wreath was blown off, then all of a sudden I felt the spit catkins flowers of romance and tranquility.A blossoming catkins slowly drifting in front, and some also from time to time softly kissed my face, he kissed my hand and sucked on clothes, or simply take a rest in my hair.Itch comfort in mind as they watch it, swing to swing out of the face eyeful smile.I could not help but reach out and try to catch some, but it is empty-handed, its charm and beauty do not change with anyone and will not be occupied by anyone.  In this dreamy mood, although not in full bloom spring peach laugh, but it also has a poetic.I’m here seems to be animated in smoke or fog, can not help drunk.As drunk in his dream, I count the sky among the catkins in a dream, like pollen fairies planted with spring gradually filled in between the vast open world, like a layer of mist in the colorful spring change it was hazy, instant, I seem to forget the hustle and bustle, the dazzling neon of traveling, indifferent to the competition name, the temptation of interest, complete with a pure self to enjoy this quiet free space.Just indulge me things I forgot situation, a child eating catkins memories gradually fade in mind: catkins boil fresh fish out in a hot boiling water, with Youyanjiangcu and garlic salad, eat mouth, a touch of with a touch of bitterness and Liu Xiang, the “cool” fresh, unique, hey!  I like catkins unique beautiful and elegant, like catkins more unique sentiment and charisma.  In a blur, catkins fly in the world, countless small catkins with the world’s pace of light, they begin a new journey, but also the direction of catkins, catkins also understand voyage.This does not, the flying catkins sky, the wind off.Lau Sui Fei was free, fly where, where is its home, where it is perched, settled, to survive, whether it is a harsh environment, whether the environment is favorable.It is adaptable, no worries, no worries, every kind of a cloud Piaoxu carries with it the seeds of hope of life, through the wind, put the seeds with wings spread away, although the success rate is minimal, but their dedicated time to time to create the miracle of life, hope of life, which is beautiful call life, endless interpretation.Catkins wind away, but it can not take away the belief catkins, catkins are therefore happy.  Catkins taught me tenacity of life, to understand the way God has given everything to survive: There is no spring pods wrapped in any pain, there are numerous pain just those things, and therefore born sigh.When really truly understand catkins whisper, slowly I learned to be strong, drifting slowly adapted.  Catkins can bring people of romantic life style, catkins can bring the world of incomparable beauty, however, always made me understand that even human because swirling catkins one o’clock cause some inconvenience, affecting the life, even to think of Willow injections the trick, blocking the growth of catkins, and I feel sad for human cruelty and sorrow.Catkins catkins every now and then is not a fault, not the fault of the wind, nature has given beauty of spring, has given mankind a gift, why mankind is selfish, his own interests and impose its will on nature, change the laws of nature do?  I think catkins flying, like a blossom, lack of full moon, Yunjuanyunshu, go with the flow, how good!  I also think that people living in the chic world, if they can live out a quiet catkins, catkins happiness, catkins.Catkins realm, how good!