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Part One: Discovering camphor of towering old trees secluded beautiful night view of the headquarters had been heard, camphor on the prodigious is charmed.Persevering, I have been on patrol in the southern school.By chance, I was able to slowly recede in the face of daytime blush, gently put on the night of Gao Su Shayi occasion, walk in this fascinated me for a long time already camphor tree.  At that moment my heart is numb for a long time again tremor, as if stuck his head out from his throat, but also to breathe the air smelled a faint aroma, taste of what the intoxicating scenery!Correct!At this moment, it seems to have only “drunk” word to depict the best of my inner feelings.I was floating, and carried away, had the happiness of the soul “did not hang like a tired Linnet, the Qing singing, jumping at dusk,” or even that moment I forgot my patrol identity, lost it already rooted in their own soul responsibility.I was so “heart” could not help himself.All this reaction, it seems like a series of stress, it is not through the brain cool wind blowing on the body as if in the same bath water showers, fresh, pleasant.That gives the wind falling leaves instead of “relentless camel gangbusters,” but can make people leaving tears of sorrow and grief a few lines recollections of life experience!  I believe that moment my pace was the slowest ever time.I do not want not, my heart is not willing to!Under these circumstances, it seems out of my foot rational control!Body move your feet, the moment I have no idea!Xinmayoujiang, ideas, brought me to a foot and a camphor tree, watching the passage of time traces of mottled flush left on top.Yes, the moment I heard it, I heard the trees talking to me, telling old noisy, now tell of loneliness, telling vision of the future.I admit that before I am not a qualified listener.But today, this time, I took it to heart, let it pour.At that moment our hearts are so close, I can feel it even heart surging.Said the sad, sad it will be full of tears a few lines no one can understand; cheerful when it comes, it will dancing, completely forget the boys and girls themselves had not puppy love.  Listening to it tells the ups and downs of life, telling the world of the joys and sorrows, lamented experienced human mind, at that moment, it is no longer just an ordinary camphor, but a vicissitudes, reading countless elderly.It tells the story of so affectionate, so I can not be myself with it together, “issued ancient meditate,” feeling things change.I mingled with its heart, listen to each other, tell each other.I had that heart can not tell their own!If a person unintentionally may live, and that I would rather heart will always remain here, with them to eternal life!  ”Well, not walking faster, the time is coming.”Rude awakening, only to find fellow trance has long been out very far, now we came back urging me forward.  Do not want to say goodbye, but always in farewell, that moment of ecstasy.  Were reluctant, but in each, that unforgettable tell.  Step back three, full of feelings of sadness.Camphor roadside green, branches and leaves from the situation.  Since then my heart just were more worried about.Part II: camphor party too much land to support one person, that is saying.In fact, one of the land but also to support the party tree.In my hometown this fertile soil, would have raised a wide variety of assorted trees, they are graceful, all extremely cause, some slim, some grace brilliant quality, some correction zigzag around, some ancient and mysterious, some stalwart and handsome.A little tidy, as much as 20 kinds.They are: Neem, Chun, elm, beech, Park, Azusa, oak, acacia, Acacia, black locust, Guangxi, dates, cypress, poplar, Valley, persimmon, maple, tallow, mulberry, peach, plum, ginkgo, etc., there hibiscus shrub, boxwood, holly, plum sauce, etc..There are a lot I do not call on the name of the tree of trees, shrubs.Catalpa smooth fine material, used to make furniture, countertops most appropriate, and it is a good material for engraving.Mr. Yii is called “blossom like a clove” of the neem tree, farmers often will do its sheet of water on board with his head board, because the most important feature of the neem tree board is not split or after flooding.Mulberry much around the village, in the spring, small partners scrambling to sericulture, silkworm fed with mulberry Ye Caiguang, and you know with leaves instead Zhe.Ancient books say tangerine tree knot born in Huainan orange, Huaibei was born in trifoliate knot; we have a special knot Murakami Poncirus trifoliate orange tree.And those of us who knew Juju urchin acid windy, Want to eat your teeth one by one.  Local elm completely different from the fifties and sixties imported from overseas pumila.The biggest difference between the two, one local elm hard material, can be used to shipbuilding, do farm tools, furniture, and far worse pumila.Farmers to crack this type of material loose, no use of diesel-called green tree – meaning only with firewood.The second is a summer and autumn, pumila covered with caterpillars, leaves almost no one is complete, a local elm physically strong, pest-resistant exceptionally strong, stiff leaves intact Zhang.Local large elm leaves and leaflets of the points, also known as big-leaf beech elm elm, hard wood to split or not; also known as lobular elm local dog vector elm bark will slough off little pieces, but harder material Alice will be split.There is another called Park elm, every late spring, it will bear a string of small round green fruit on the branches.Arrived this season, wayward boys went to their own Chuk Yuen cut thin bamboo root, do the next section saw the barrel, and then putting chopsticks made, the Park elm fruit filled into the “barrel” to do “bullet” the putt forced a push, as the “crackling” sound, “bullet” on the fly away goals.I was a kid to use this self-made “crackling gun,” fought, worked as a “hero”, naturally, has been the “enemy”.Park elm fruit farmers will be called “crack child”, Elm Park Nature called “crack sub-tree” the.Once I went to visit Shaoxing Lu Xun’s Herbs, a door to see a big, tall of “crack subtree”.I remember Mr. Lu Xun mentioned only in the context of acacia tree, somehow not written Elm Park.I think maybe when he was on the 3rd two runs pharmacies busy father foreclosure drugs, or his interest in listening to the whole oil lacewing humming, playing cricket, had never Shiraai “crack gun”, no impression, paper, natural “missed.In our minds, Mr. Lu Xun good child is a gentle child.Sauna net worth mentioning that there are hibiscus tree, which is a deciduous shrub, branches very tough, can be used to compile a basket or something.Summer and autumn flowering, lavender, flower shape is very beautiful, like a small peony.It is said to have white flowers, but not seen.Farmers regard it planted in the garden side of the head when the gun fence.Hibiscus leaves can be used to wash your hair.A summer, to three thousand three hundred twenty-two money for peasant stroke hibiscus leaves soak in the basin, the water will become a slippery and cool.This water had shiny black hair, but also to “promote scalp blood circulation,” itching dandruff.The department store was not yet time to wash your hair with this paste, that exposed.Women are hibiscus leaves soaked with shampoo, dandruff which is what life is never heard, I think this is certainly thanks to the magic of trees and hibiscus leaves.Hibiscus tree is now a large number of disappeared in the rural areas, women do not wash your hair and then hibiscus leaves, and then return home from dandruff, and continues unabated, on TV every day to eliminate the pain of dandruff shampoo ad is proof.Bao recommendations for manufacturers to take place, the rapid development of hibiscus leaves shampoo, can guarantee a hit, selling the country.However, do not forget that time is Allah out of a golden idea.  Over the years the pace continues to accelerate afforestation, increase the number of green area around, but very monotonous green varieties.Do not you see camphor, cedar, magnolia red, purple hair, became a star tree, street trees in their main, they are also the main green space in the district where they again dominated.Why are these trees so pampered in person?Evergreen may be important reasons for it.Local climate is characterized by four distinct seasons, winter, deciduous trees naturally have to kind of tree.Moreover, in the winter watch the leaves of the tree, bare tree, but also some fun, just like the famous painter Huang Yongyu said: “Natsuki lined with thick solid beauty of the lush, the trees in winter, naked body, more reflected in its burly or graceful beauty, that is the beauty of pure line structures, into the abstract beauty of the category “.He even said that the autumn and winter leaves behind, lingering branches like Zhang Xu cursive so.Do not say winter evergreen trees, the situation is a significant reduction in local original native species, and some even disappeared was packed full, there is no significant increase in the original or rare species, in particular many evergreen tree, and some evergreen species or introduced from the field.According to experts, to pay attention to the diversity of green trees, native trees should be allowed to play a leading role.Native trees adapted to the local climate and geographical conditions, rapid growth, easy to custody, they are the result of the natural environment of long-term option, but by no means the result of artificial selection.Artificial selection often with too much emotion color, is a human instinct to judge.However, this emotional stuff, there is a time not too stands to reason and logic operation, sometimes very unreliable, not to mention the others are difficult to understand, is that the parties themselves, I am afraid it is difficult to say Dao Ming, as the year’s sparrow wantonly annihilated, the first few in the large-scale planting lawn.Said “God is dead, God will never die” this outrageous discourse philosopher Nietzsche also said this: “Everything is instinctive judgment on a range of causal chain of view is short-sighted, they suggested that the immediate need to do something.”And” reason is mainly a braking device to prevent immediate response to the instinctive judgment, stop it, it careful consideration, it sees longer-term causal chain.”It seems that planting trees it also needs an intellectual vision?  Unfortunately matter, there are many native trees it was quite valuable, such as acacia, the neem tree, catalpa fruit can be used as medicine, Chinese tallow tree seed shells, seeds squeezed out of oil for industrial use; maple seeds can also be oil, walnut seedling rootstock grafted useful; very astringent taste local persimmon, inedible can persimmon, Shi Di able pharmaceutically acceptable.The variety, assorted native trees like textbooks also a quality education for children, and their children gazing, without special professor, heard see for oneself, from small plants will be able to learn a lot of knowledge.According to the latest edition of the “Dictionary” describes, neem, catalpa, oak, elm, piles, acacia, Acacia, etc. can be planted as street trees, green trees, in that case, propagation, transplanting there should be no technical problems.With the camphor Road, Magnolia Road, after the plane trees road, whether the road should appear neem tree, Catalpa Road or Elm Road, and so it?I think.I look forward to it.    Part Three: camphor Rika “camphor thyme” in the cold in winter.  North south winter warm coastal city just as good as the corner.Early morning light fog lingering Country road grass frost, it does not seem to move but can not be measured in deep red sun from the clouds suddenly revealed, light cleared, but not as good as full of warm and cold southern.  Wuchang weather slightly strange atmosphere, Chaomu time is chill the heart bone, is actually a warm spring day.This may harm done to the light from distant Guicheng clothing Lang, the weather here is not suited to some of the change, the total sense of its unpredictable.In fact, Wuchang winter cold, this time only just winter, snow and windy weather will not cool to.Now not yet reached the snow season, I can still imagine a bright white snow as if the gap is not exposed pearls Montreal dense brilliance in the sunshine, this is the beauty of the world ah.Although light clothes to go out, but I ignored the biting cold wind of it, so I like the degree of the season, so naturally I like the vagaries of the season in my world, even like the invasion of its chill slowly with the aid of Heaven and Earth with the students, their deep gratitude of the United States, as well as its everlasting love.  I have mercy camphor in Warbles Bluebird, in that it is the only winter depression dancing singing the song of the wind.Perhaps little heart just enough gratitude for the soul, a small space just enough gratitude that the world silently Wife.I wander alone through quiet winding paths, peaceful unknowingly gift so I perceive, then my heart deep affection turmoil gently, like a gentle met a beautiful woman, the layers of the mind are feeling the ripples go.In the camphor tree, so the perception of consciousness, which I call: camphor Rika.  Perhaps others would not believe, I love bell alone in front of camphor aloof, her fear the winter cold, green leaves are still fresh in many years, unlike the London plane trees, once into the fall, there were numerous garden trees leaves fall off, the depths of winter after leaving bare branches slightly pale, as if to take advantage of that scarred body denounced the ruthless winter.The camphor was able to carry everything, even in winter results.It was also a touch of fragrance makes me even more amazed and delighted.I admire their sight, as the heart of a woman, perhaps the heart of a woman, will produce such indescribable feeling deep in my heart it.I always thought that I was not significant hearty little love, the Millennium Shen Feng, does not start in the Red fickle treatment, but in the end that the camphor tree, in that Warbles Bluebird, slowly exit as stream-like tranquility, the kind of elegant free and easy, the kind of quiet Zhiyuan, the kind of crisp silver bells, the kind of peace and quiet reception, to become immortal poems of my life, the natural world is pure perfection of the spiritual realm, this is my life really after.  Sometimes, however, the hearts of the extreme desire I’m sorry things, the outcome is often made subject disheartened.Like looking at the sky to see Hong Yanfei swept out of date Xinxian its free flying in the broad, enjoy free cloud ethereal realm, but behind Xinxian always carries a deep sadness.  Off a camphor leaves, when looked at carefully in my hand, the dark green glossy foliage is whether this is due to the cold night scraping brush, put it in the nose side, slightly herbal aroma, refreshing.I’ve been thinking, is this a leaf in the wind when the falling of the blame if it winter destroyed it, it lost the support and nutrient trunk, once out of it rotting in the soil.Fall and winter seems to be to destroy all the beautiful things of the executioner, but still create a contrast, the beauty of deciduous beauty, the beauty of the cold, the snow, the quiet beauty, bleak beauty.  I do not know since when I started slowly like a throttle on, or rather should be like a sensual beauty and love.I think, camphor is my gratitude for such a solar terms of the initial causes, there is the fear of cold in pairs Bluebird.They do not perceive a sense, it is precisely that they can afford to fear and hardship and misfortune, spring, or even more lush or flowers; autumn and winter, or still green, or desolate treatment, such as to peace.So life, beauty and love, often accompanied by life.Thus, the only call me: camphor Rika.  Slowly, I also understand the true meaning of go with the flow, mountains, water, fine, white clouds.They are so beautiful on this earth I hang around all the heart.