Articles on blue

Part one: a blue scarf blue scarf, it accompanied me for many years, though, it had already returned the original color, though, it’s style, have long been away from fashion, but in my heart , it is always, extremely beautiful and precious, every time, I will gently hold it, around my chest, my whole body and mind, will be shrouded happy, haunting is that smell the affair.It was a cold winter, with snow falling, the cold, I looked up to the sky, the sky was gray, but unfortunately to me a statement, hidden for many years past, I shed tears of grief, listen over the tragic story, but in any case accept, the fate of the abandoned girl, it is me.Wind mercilessly beat my heart, I am deeply hurt and pain, also felled snow, hit me, so I’m at a loss, as if a sudden, I lost everything, never had lonely, harassing me, I’m like a withered leaf, was left alone in the corner, sad tears kept flowing in, I asked over and over again in my heart: “this is exactly why all?How will I face everything I have, how will predict my future?”Just my loss, sadness, despair, a pair of warm hands, I will gently pull up, he wiped away my tears, gently said to me:” Do not be afraid, you and me, and we daughter, we will love each other forever, never fail.”Then he will be a blue scarf tied gently around my chest, looking at the blue scarf, like warmth, Bay side of my body, my eyes moist, which comes from the heart in the tear, I have my half, but also his half, I seem to see the other side, saw the opposite, that warm haven, and a boat parked in the harbor, he allowed me to see tomorrow, I no longer anxious I am no longer afraid of loneliness, I bravely stood up, because I saw it, he propped up a rain shelter umbrella for me, I am like a bird, I would be under his shelter, forget all the sad, strong in the face of all challenges destiny, love, leaf-laden boat, take me to leave the pain, left the Sorrowful complaints; turning back towards the other side of happiness.  This blue scarf, with me through the most difficult time in life, this blue scarf witnessed my share of deep love to give love, share a deep love, this blue scarf concentrated earthly vicissitudes, sad and happy.  Today, many years in the past, this blue scarf, though its color receded a lot, but in my mind, they are still so beautiful, so blue, still my favorite, a touch of blue, carrying my happiness, faint blue, decorated with my memory, faint blue, reminds me of a lengthy past.Each time, the blue bow, elegant in my chest, my heart will happily thrown gentle ripples.It will always be my heart of hearts, most warm haven!I will always love you — this blue scarf!    Part II: I always used to involuntary fascination with blue looked up at the sky while walking, look at the blue sky and white clouds drift, light blue, because of the vast sky, the mood becomes wider, because the sky blue, the heart becomes was calm.Calm sea, deep blue sea, is my favorite.I am obsessed with all of the blue, she brought me to enjoy the peace of mind and good mood.  Xuanrao and noisy outside world is still carrying on, fast-paced heavy metal song played over and over again repeated, frenetic dance is still non-stop, it might be a joyful way, people may be able to seek pleasure in imperceptible context slowly paralysis, until his own involuntary too crazy.I think this is not for me, that I was not suitable for the secret world of blue.  Blue world, can not be copied, unique, occupy only was I.After I enjoy the cheerful, after my painful struggle, the best place in the world is blue, not blindly what escape, choosing instead to heal.All I like Xibei sad in this world slowly into silence until calm so that they will continue to feel calm so that they continue to zero, so move on road.  I’d go alone in the early morning sky, so bright and clean, the entire piece has been extended to the infinite blue marginal, without a trace of impetuous, without a trace of noisy, and even whole heart to pull away, slowly relax, find what you want status.I will look for the blue umbrella in full support of the crowd when it rains, not boring, just simply like, like to see her unique blooming flower in the rain.I will deliberately buy some blue objects carry, but also adhere to slowly collect all of the blue, and carefully store.I do not understand how blue is buried deeper in my heart, in my mind the existence of the prison, but I was really in love with.Perhaps because of her unique, and the other I indulge.Blue contains everything I’re lookin ‘.Bring cool and bright light blue and bright and quiet ride, bring deep blue deep and steady low-key, but rightfully so coincidentally cater to me.Nightlife net for me, all the mood should be released, stored too long, it will go with the flow of boredom.Regardless of how the carnival, no matter how deep, at that moment to lay down their own, is the most relaxed.We need to give yourself a place where heart.In the outside world you have to learn to get everything out of the amount, so I walked out of the habit of my blue world, alone to enjoy calm, safe.  Perhaps when it all into a calm, life would be a bit dull, but it is true that there is a beautiful discomfort?As if we are repeating the same life every day, at the same time, doing the same thing.Seemingly ordinary, in fact, just like their own appointments and other remarkable romantic.  Obsessed with this blue, deposited in his own heart, this feeling, just.A quiet and lonely hearts do not want to be controlled by the outside world, so I am willing to walk alone, alone, reading, traveling alone.In fact, we have been pursuing things that are fun to make themselves happy, busy, do not care about that, but I do not know the destination arrogant experiences, feelings are too late, too late to know whether these are in line with their own.When a sense of emptiness, a sense of sadness when, because of the outside world in the grip of their own, to share unlimited freedom when their own is also a lack of freedom, and then gradually lost, lost in unfamiliar scene, began to panic.I was afraid lose, so I gave myself left a “home” as a beacon, blue world with her unique light guide me.If I lost, confused, it must be out of their own home, so uneasy, so I go home.  Blue shining world of blooming blue, bright from the center to the surrounding diffuse, gradually indifferent, tended to obscure.She kept reminding me something, so I went to adapt to change.In this blue world of their own, what I can not safely release, I have to accept what can not be calm.Each emotion can be quiet, each can slowly forget the pain.I read my favorite blue, and slowly read my own.    Part three: hit the blue “blue” in the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” where is “as clear as the color of the sky”, “Wei” word there is “grand” and “literary talent” means.Looking at the clear blue skies, azure skies, eagle fly, rain-delayed and the heart to rapture – the endless blue sky, really too grand, too literary talent of.  Two years ago to go to Nanjing, when I stood on the summit of Zhongshan, in the face three doors: a door fraternity, president tombstone door, coffin door, on every door they are blue glazed tile, the tile is blue sky.I found that I actually have absence among the blue and blue.Yes, ah, this is the only city in southern China bluish.  This is not the first Chinese people “blue” word, borrowed the ancestors called “old blue” color instead of the delay in the introduction of the “blue”.Such as “The Book of Songs” in the “Reeds gray,” who made notes: gray, blue too old.”Reeds gray” color blue also Reeds; “gray days, the yellow”, the old blue sky, the yellow color of the ground; “Heaven”, “blue sky”, is now the “blue sky” the.Nightlife Network “Blue” was originally a British word: BLUE (Blue).BLUE– upper lip and lower lip at the moment of the collision, there was a melancholy air followed out.Then, around whom the bleak scenery.English, refers to a blue emotion: melancholy, depressed.As long as people fall into a lonely time, that a single sub-blues will fill the entire space around you.So, it melancholy, then frustrated, then sad – this is the understanding of foreigners blue.French structuralism Levi-Strauss said the master, blue reminiscent of a play out of “St. Matthew Passion” organ, a premature deaths in the winter snow white bagpipes.He believes that, like the blue color, like blue words about the people, should these people – poets, painters, composers.Poet Blue Wave has a “vowel” for the first time gives blue color with sound; Picasso in his mental depression “Blue Period” painting under a blue monster, a sacred blue flowers; composer Gershwin wrote “blue Symphony” on the new continent of the United States.In some US ground floor bar of the 19th century, blacks came to work one day dim the bar, drinking wine poor, their singing with a few paragraphs long, trembling melody, the lyrics seem all content like this : “Oh, master, master, your eyes must be blind.The days are dark, why do not you give me a break?”When singing, black people also use percussion instruments, violin or banjo.These strong rhythm and with plaintive music would later influence the United States and around the world a century of jazz and rock music source: BLUES (Blues) – blues.    Part Four: blue glass in a familiar boutique house, eyeing me a bird cute bear, but always caught my eye not bear.But it is a blue glass next to the playing pieces.Two staggered glasses, and put it on the base of the arch, carved ice blue, lingering moire, gorgeous and fragile, the scent of pleasure and purify Chu Chen.Just like love.At that moment, my heart is a bit of regret, there Jisi melancholy.; Winnie the next is still lovely appearance, and that pieces of glass, pure and with a bit cold.Showing marked contrast.Just so no two product mix is deliberately arranged owner, heart, or unintentional creation.The soft one, a happy and a sad staggered, also is to meet all the disillusionment of this world.Also and dream Yilue.I sigh, glass is so beautiful, but too delicate, not ban bump, broken pity.It was picked up from the shelf, in hand, only to find it smoother than I expected more heavy · · harder to draw the line.What a firing glass to great pains, to destroy it easy.Also like love.; So I thought of him, we broke up more than two years.Since two years we have not met, but the occasional telephone contact.We do not know why would break up, perhaps the lack of trust, as long as two separate places less telephone, inevitably suspect each other.Like instant heart will be also be the same as in ice.Later, he said he had to call his girlfriend, and I found that I completely lost him.Pull the knife back and forth on the hurt I do not know the pain of the wound, only to hear the heartbreaking moan.I am at a loss, I really do wrong?That winter exceptionally cold, my whole person zombie-like, hard to learn, participate in more extracurricular activities, tried to make her forget him.We are busy every day tired.Because the only way I can fall in bed at night and sleep, do not sleep at night, do not entangled in endless thoughts and pain.Can this semester, I tried persevering study and effort, all too vain, or a performance drop one thousand battle.I personally into the endless abyss.  I decided to spend two years to forget, 2008 is the deadline Mother’s Day.Always I thought that the time was treating a wound healing agent.Do not live up to expectations of themselves carved mill in time become deeper.I could not struggle in the mundane world.  Quietly passing day, former years has left a deep and shallow scratches in mind, no longer original innocence.I still can not forget him, but cautiously love, love skating on thin ice, fearing an inattentive will tender the other side.Why I do not know Wei south, just as he did not understand why I broke up with him.I have never been eloquent relented according to the perfection of nature, had to be back in his retention.I never thought a bad idea to do so.However ? However, that pieces of glass struck me.If go elsewhere, and unfortunately the original cast; Ming Huan Li cup, a pair of glasses stand on the bridge, but also really like a couple of side by side, hand in hand for some portentous journey, who seize tomorrow never say sorry carved and heart care.Had to stay put, the intentions of tolerance, unwilling to expectations, hovering, waiting, but I do not know what is coming.; So glass has become my favorite.Leisure one person playing quietly, often will sink into the boundless thinking Qi.Acquaintance “Orchid crossing” only sigh its spotless noble, Fang Jue long standing above the crowd out of the cold.”Solo Autumn” glamorous bold, vigorous and read its desolation in the autumn; blue transparent “ethical” nature lofty lone mediator; baby sleeping in the hands of the “big wish”, white and clean, previously just puzzled , suddenly one day, such as sobering, suddenly life: the water-soaked, fire practiced, Dabeitaixi all to the men, bloom again at the Wan Nian defeat, I would like a CD, is returning to baby-like worry naive, after an immaculate white plain do not exactly gorgeous?; Glass consistent, change is when the mood to watch.Glass generally love life like glass.Such as whether it pure love song to be continued?    Part Five: Blue rainy weather report said that the rainy season started, I heard this, my mood suddenly melancholy up, remember, he has been a rainy day and her favorite weather.  They often say that the feeling of walking in the rain is the best and most romantic, unfortunately, has always loved the weather clear up to now I still do not like the kind of clammy feeling.  Recall that day, I called home to say I do not go home for dinner, who knows the phone, I was usually quiet and reticent, delicate sister actually on the phone, very calmly said to me: “Brother, you’re back.”I suspiciously asked:” What happened happened?How home yet?”” No, no, you come back, I have something to tell you.”She still answer my cool.  After listening to her so calm tone, I can not help but begin to doubt what had happened at home, so, partly because of curiosity, on the one hand for fear, I said: “Well, I’ll go back now.”After hanging up the phone, my mind is full of doubt, in the end is something important to me to come home?In order to unlock the mysteries of my heart, I was quickly back.  My sister is a shy girl, quiet, silent, but it is a good man.  From small to large, she has been a good boy in the eyes of the parents, she was obedient, well-behaved she, like me, read to pieces homework did not say, often do something should not do, though, so I think I’m a caring sister, sister hurt people.  My sister does not need to worry about her things from other people, she self-motivated, know what to do, but she was too silent, and her little friend, you can say no, so when there are things she can not be resolved, she probably I will find her that her only brother for advice.  She is not a passionate person, her personality, attitudes are quiet, as if the quiet is synonymous with her.  When I got home, entered the room and saw her sitting on the couch reading a book, I asked: “What happened happened?”She looked up at me, his eyes shining, school is still calm tone, said:” Brother, someone told me confession.”Hearing this, my brain stopped for about three seconds, and then I say the words:” Oh, that’s good ah!”She saw me slumped askew expression, suddenly laughed out:” I knew you would face this.”My brain did not pause too long, thought, and I said:” Who?How his confession with you ah?”She listened, blinked, his face inscrutable smile:” Guess!”Sigh, I was only a feeling, my sister grew up.  So, I had to face frustration, said: “You is not small, this year old?Twenty-two, right!This kind of thing I can not help you come up with ideas, and you can figure Luo!”” He wrote love letters to me, he is my colleague Institute.”She raised his hands a light blue envelope, a little shy to say.  ”Oh?Do you like him?”I had to ask.  ”I do not know.”She shrugged:” But my impression of him is very good, you know.?It was his seventh letter of the.”I walked over and sat beside her, around her shoulders, with a joking tone:” I wish you success Luo!”After a few months, my sister with that boy writing a love letter to her contacts, and I’m happy for her, because I saw the change from her, she becomes more cheerful, and have more of a smile, the more words.  Not just me, even my parents have been found to change my sister, and her cheerful.  Boy, I have seen, is a decent man, a look of gentle and polite conversation, no wonder my sister would be tempted.  I can not tell the real name, I think I’ll call him A high bar!A high really is a rare good man, he told my sister the same kind, same reticent, but when the two men together, but there are a lot of each other, then you can say that sometimes come home when A high, often see two men kiss thick sit together and chat.  For this reason, I often like to tease my shy sister: “When to drink wedding ah?”She was always against the A Gaohuai head down, blushing smile without a word.  A high around her and always smiled and said: “faster faster.”A high total also like about my sister out in the rain, they always insisted on a big black umbrella, hand in hand, intimate, come together.  A Gao said he likes the feeling of rain, he said it was a romantic feeling, every time he said these when my sister would look up at him, revealing an endorsement and expression of worship.  On several occasions, my sister told me about the rain feeling is how much a romantic, because I do not like the rain, so I will put an expression of disapproval, but she always looked at me with her eyes a little naive, with a smile: “after you have a girlfriend, you will like rain.”A high and it is said:” When you really were born in the rain, you will find that feel the rain is mysterious, melancholy, then you’ll love the feeling.”Oh Well ~ ~ ~!What kind of person would attract what kind of person, I think, out of the home, two love rain.  Even so, I still love them.  They are two of a very considerate person, very caring, and I think this is the beginning of bar grief!Also in a drizzly Saturday morning, few pedestrians on the road.  That day, my sister going to the Institute to pay her report and she made an appointment to meet with Arab high at the Institute, two to go for a walk in the afternoon, because it was raining.  My sister when she had to go out late, so she hurried out of the car to ride out the door.  I waited for her to leave after I get up, grooming finished eating breakfast, I leisurely read the newspaper, and my heart would like this: a quiet morning.  Suddenly, the sound of the telephone pierced the quiet this morning and I feel relaxed when I pick up the phone, soon after feeding, the other end of the microphone came the panicked A high voice: “Brother!You come XX hospital!Ah Yan car accident!Her room number is..”A high went on to say what I have not listen, and when I recovered, A high already hung up the phone, I had to quickly made a telephone call to parents informing them of the company, and then I also hurried to catch to hospital.  The latter ask my sister’s emergency ward, I saw A Goulburn from the inside out, his face anxious.  I saw him, I quickly in the past asked him: “how?What happened?There is no danger??How can a car accident?”A high already anxious even a little unclear about the words:” rain ah!When the T-junction Ah Yan to have a small alley next to a puppy coming out, the result of the rain slippery ah, she was riding fast, in order to get out of trust that dog alone, evil could not ah!There are just trucks and taxis from the left to the right of it, did not expect when the red light will go out ah Ah Yan!On car accident!How to do how to do?She going to be okay?!”I looked at his face A high concern, had said:” No, no, she’ll be fine!  In fact, at that time I was very worried, I want to see the good side of my sister, I want to hear something she said she would not personally.  I do not know how long time, feeling so long a century, doctors from the inside out: “Which is what Yin’s family?”” I am I!”I quickly stand up,” the doctor how she?She would not be something?”I anxiously asked.  ”Do not know, generally all right, but we have to observe for a while, because she did not regain consciousness to see her there is no way passed the critical stage, if no way is likely to be in a vegetative state.After “the doctor answered my somewhat indifferent, left.  Now we can do is pray and wait, Ah Gao said he was not afraid my sister woke up, he still has a lot of plans to keep up with my sister to go to practice, and then I heard, very sad, I want to cry, but I held back.  It touches my mom, crying in the arms of my dad, crying miserably.  Wait, is the most hard thing, but we survive, although the result is not what we want, my sister, she did not come, but she did not become a vegetative state, she went.  She even told us goodbye did not go up.  The first time, I cried, but I think it is the most miserable A tall, he knew my sister a few months, my sister would go first.  After a few weeks, funeral, etc. chores, so I told A high no chance to talk, he wanted to wait until the free talk, he took me to a quiet beach, the two of us at first remained silent, smoked after a few cigarettes, he spoke simply said: “I love her.”I stared, watching the distant sea, not then spoke.  Then, A high-left, then to now, I have not seen A high again.  The rain is still falling outside, as if crying for something, this is the first time I have the feeling of rain, although I still hate rain.  But I finally realized once told me that the rain A high sense of mystery and melancholy, as well as…My sister, now I think of her as long as it rains.  That quiet, shy and kind man of her.