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Part one: a lot away from the ancient capital of the ancient city of China, China’s ancient city More.Town people still, the road is still a small town, small town mountain still, the water is still a small town, had been quiet laid-back town, how come suddenly countless people?So many men and women, old and young stranger, hurriedly came from all directions, like a convention to attend the meeting, they seem to have been what attracted.Some even foreigners.This makes the small town of old people perplexed.”Eight pounds,” “nine pounds of” Granny They also think is not a battle to fight, rushed to the big city of the rich countryside.  It swarms of people, in fact, directed at cultural heritage from here.There may be a few understand the cultural town?Culture town people’s minds is invisible, can not eat, but can not use a shutter click, click, pick up into his backpack away.It was naive to think that marching on the road south of the quartzite Ruran ink culture, they naively think gray walls and black tiles on the veranda after breathing the breath of culture, they also put some bamboo in Sichuan and Chongqing, Hunan foot building, Yi family silver as their own home town visiting the capital to show off, they even sailed south browsing as living in rivers and lakes river bridges people’s deep experience.Fortunately, this good on a cultural level of tourism.What is more, one night shabby inn, eating bowls of crude rice, sour drink a beer bar Tam pick, chats to think that a woman’s waist swim south rewarding.As everyone knows, have left footprints on the stone, flower wall once out of peach branches, under the rockery sachet once lost, it is cultural; arms wearing plaid shirt was carrying a basket of aunt, the variegated goods lug Tam Shining his belt, his eyes looking at the story of the rising sun’s uncle, each doorway through the city and on the edge of the river, the only culture.For locals, rain curtain hanging, bridges, spring and autumn silk rice, wine oars in the taste that is slowly Pinza Baiqian years out, it was damp night rain low eaves of sleep Gordon slowly out.It is more than three days and two rice experience, far more than an insight ears.  You can still come, a flood came, unstoppable, not persuasion, came to this quiet leisurely enjoy themselves for thousands of years of people’s doorstep.The native stone bar stories and laughter thrust, to the duty of honest people’s eyes injected into puzzled and curious.The street in the neighborhood comings and goings of fiscal friendship dilute the oil, salt and rice, instead busy seize opportunities.The stone house annihilation Jie Liangbian crooked, crowded the jagged hostels, wine shop and Chaju.  When finally pulled himself from the pile of books, his eyes finally move away from the magnifying lens old people, carries a fascinating culture devout, slowly step into the Holy Land rare accent, can only blankly from the rubble , after picking up the dilapidated remains of spider silk.Greet the elderly large and small hand holding a variety of emotions, as well as local celebrities in the eyes of all walks of life look forward to vent the old standard plastic intentions local culture.Old people is very difficult, one is urgent to save the heritage home, one is a serious lack of information on the status quo of cultural relics; while fellow forward a lot of opportunities materialism, while the conscience cherish the preservation of monuments.Old people find ways out of time, nonstop, dizzying looking for, because more time can only listen to the banquet and seminar in compliment and worship; old people sad Toru lung, tears asking, but officials in reporting see is full of rescue, protection, development of rhetoric promises.  Enough, old people uttered a roar from the heart!That roar was only debris-broken tile can be heard, only a street lions can listen to understand.Which it will soon be obliterated wave of fashion.  Away from the ancient city!Old man cry, a lot of people think that old people go, and handed him a red envelope more.When the old man left corner there is always a pearl shine.  Away from the ancient city!Earth uttered a boring drink, echoing between heaven and earth.    Part II: Love never far away from such an early winter morning, still a sunny day, warm sunshine slanting glazing transmittance come from, half the room will be broadened into a light, so bright you feel deeply share and warmth.This time, turned the books never get tired of a quiet, a space-time sense of empathy warm your heart beyond, a transcendent ecstasy feelings come Manjuan.Feel the sun, life and what of pain?  Has been secretly glad that, after every mountain poor water complex, there is always a way out lucky, even a look of concern, a sincere greeting, a seemingly casual arrangement let you deeply moved.So, with a grateful heart to bear in mind.Sauna net Once upon a time, you feel gloomy, depressed, physically and mentally almost all burning, called Day Break.Friends from abroad called and asked them about, persuasion and encouragement that moment, your heart choked, Oliver ups and downs seen as a piece of driftwood, share of moving supporting you through the painful period of time.  It was a boy with artistic talent, it seems still a student, doing things like a well experienced elders, with this age peers rare calm and careful, saying “all right, take your time,” the seemingly random but actually determined the reminder to you a lot of calm, caring soak was among colleagues, accompanied by share of moving, my heart a sudden and devastating surge of courage, you get back the freedom.  Often need to work overtime, at night the building seemed empty, dark, colleagues always room lights on, though sometimes never show up, take the hint mind already, but never lay bare.Feel a moving, is that of a bright, that a caring.  Seen many attractive stories, heard a lot of beautiful legends, reason tells you, that too thorough, too perfect story exists only in the imagination.A mind is only bound by emotional chord.However, emotions are the origin of life, it is the kind of unstoppable idea nourish abundance of the heart, purify the soul, therefore, whenever meet even the occasional street, your eyes are still clear water, tough water, mild water, pristine water.You will continue to be sincere and friendly to describe life in a passionate.  Sinking dusty heart is still young, still beautiful to see the world.  Feel the sun spotless clean and pleasant in your eyes, this world bright, pure, everyone around is so amiable, no shadows under the sun, dirty and ugly, and my heart just a piece of soft and glossy.  Face life with a grateful heart, you find that beauty is everywhere, love has not been away.    Part three: day away from literature and understand the distance is a kind of beauty, we are no longer young.  We are no longer young, even if there is a young face, but also knows how to make a living and busy.But a lot a lot of time after the busy, we do not know what we should to work at.  So, we started to play the most exciting game, the most intense drinking wine, smoking the most choking smoke, jump coolest dance, craziest race car, just to fill the hearts of those inexplicable loneliness.  It can be lonely like a giant black hole, no matter how much you spent time and effort when you every night, will like the hallway and over the wind, like, so you involuntarily trembled with cold.  You’re like a bizarre nightmare in there, I wanted desperately want to escape from the hands of the devil, but covered with little effort and no, unable to move, unable to break free.Only sit and count the hours slip away bit by bit from the side, stretched out his hands to retain what want, but read the five taste of life in the five fingers spread, the survival of our long years away in.  Once the acid Sentimental age, we are like one long on the branches of jujube, tired of chatter in the side of the wind, the sun flickering tired, tired of the endless wait.  We are so eager to grow up, to the end of time to talk about a vigorous love, youth want to turn into the most beautiful feast, then come to an end in time, we also can elegant a bow.  We thought we could do it, can remain in the hearts of the share of sorrow and grief, day and night after parting are a reminder of their own, original, precocious fruit are sour.  Once sweet when to begin, we fell in love with the taste of ice cream, even if they know it is a high-calorie stuff, eat the body adversely, for she is also unfavorable, but we still hooked up, and therefore not tired every day to patronize TV drama filled home with rich milk flavor ice cream parlor.  Where the smile is sweet; where the sound is sweet; even where the air is sweet.There we find something similar to one kind of love.An intimate words, a knowing smile, even a casual look, we can make sweet to the heart,.  Until one day, we found this sweet, also will be tired of.So, we started to reduce the number of coffee instead of struggling with this sweet.Thus, we find that the original pure sweet more bitter than pure addictive.  But when once bitter taste bitter occupation of our tongue, we’ve not tell the world there are other flavors.  We are immersed in pain, the street playing sad songs, sad screen give vent to the plot, he played out on the streets sad parting, as if overnight grief has become the most popular word.  After just sad, should we go from here?  Hill is still the mountain, do not say you have the courage to remove someone stupid.  The reality of life, everyone thinks he is the smartest, everyone met painful detour.So, the pain will never be like a mountain, like stand in front of Happiness.  Once you eat hot peppers do?Spicy chili are manifold: some spicy peppers on a bite, some to swallow it felt hot, after eating some spicy mouthful of all, before some spicy tongue, throat and some spicy, some spicy smell, and taste more spicy or, worse, just a few meters away where spicy choking man.  I remember many years ago, someone told me intimate small pepper.Giving is such a hot sweating, but feel more spicy the more addictive it feels.  Just a war of words then, already disappearing in the years of erosion.But this name peppers, has been recorded in the heart.  Chili peppers change from year now of persimmon pepper, very spicy to the process by the spicy-sweet, is also grateful to the life process.  In fact, the “spicy” is not the body itself has the feeling that this is only the body’s pain, that is to say, you feel hot, you feel like pain.Including love, including the hope that is true.  Once salty send you on the plane, I told myself over and over again in my heart, I will not cry, I can not cry, I will hold back the sad.Tears may fall, I smell the sea, that is what you are going to fly across a large area of the sea.  I’m not a fish, I am not a bird, I’m just your eyes that red chili peppers.I will desperately toward the direction of the sky grow, just because there you fly over the beautiful traces.  For the love of escape, it is considered one of the most heartbreaking escape.  We fled from the temple of literature, then maybe we do not really walked into this hallowed halls.We just come to some pilgrims.Occasional setbacks on the way to let a lot of people backing out, so will not excuse enough to insist on their own, but simply do not exist such a hall.  Until one day, when we reached the edge of the cliff of life, there will be a wise voice like thunder initiations, heavily hit our minds, let’s heart slowly waking up numb from the cold winter came, again with a pair of a baby pure eyes looked at the world.Let us hear another voice than the impetuous sound effects, from the bottom of the depths of the heart pure and serene sounds such as rain, rain, coming softly.So, we think that the seeds have been dead a long time literature again grow new leaves, lush heart again.  When we rejoined, we began to re-examine themselves before they deeply understand literature for us, is no longer a play on words, not by the aura and talent can control the carriage, what really matters is a state of mind, calm surging laughing , get all the peace of mind Fruitful.  We have to do is: neither compromise nor give up.We are no longer obsessed with some kind of unreal and fragile thing, we no longer an honor or as a form of depleted mind, we will halls of literature from the high clouds of income to their hearts, then stick with the hearts of this a pure land, burdened with the mission to finish should take up this life.