Articles on autumn leaves

Part One: Akiba pays homage to the past few days have been browsing a friend’s blog, see a set of the film he shot of autumn leaves, beautiful.  In this autumn season very strong, looking at these figures quiet, elegant leaves, is a rare peace of mind, there is a very calm and quiet days is good and calm.  I had the falling autumn leaves has unlimited emotion, nostalgia infinite, infinite sadness.  Once, the face of a dead leaves, looking at those original live the life of Montreal has become the wreckage, while the leaves are still remaining on the trees swaying in the wind, rustling sound issue, I do not know to tell of branches of nostalgia or fear to bear this sad farewell?I was too distraught to extricate themselves, in the bleak autumn in their own very deep deep depression, the thin cold cold heart.However, the fall of this year, when I sat quietly in the autumn imagery, staring at a much attitude, waiting for that falling leaves in the wind, I was so gentle, warm and tranquil.  Wind blows, those who lost their lives nutrient leaves floated down, spinning in the air and light of a surplus, emotional singing in front of a tree with leaves, in the end of life presents its final beauty.  Despite the loss of green coat, though coming into dust, but also in the natural dying dance was too calm dance was elegant dance!  Yes, the leaves are not wandering, but also not just a quiet beauty, it is a hope, but also a selfless dedication.  Squatted down, picked up one, it lying quietly in the palm.  Smelling the faint fragrance of it, it seems to see this leaf was green in the spring, in the summer verdant, who is so full of vitality of life.  Touch touched it with a weather-beaten but rich restrained posture, his slowly melting in the leaf of life, as if to see a light stream of profit walked in the context of this leaf in between their youth inadvertently.  Look overlooking flavor is so strong autumn, autumn leaves rustling, give me endless reverie!  In this way, gazing autumn leaves in a world of vicissitudes, the fall of the distant, majestic autumn, autumn thick.  I think this is a gesture of my heart needs a soft flowing and elegant calm mood.  From then on, I never use my shallow sadness of autumn leaves.  Because it does not need sympathy.  Su face of life, it does not complain sorrow, but calm in the face, once a year to downtown, once a year falling, into specimens, turned into sound, into the autumn mud, enjoying the process of life and reincarnation.  Autumn Leaves – I love this wizard!It tells me the course of all the years of walking, tell me how to feel charming and tempting life, perception of Things Past life, keep quiet tranquil silence of years, let everything go with the flow.  Yes, life is a journey, the purpose is not important, important is the scenery along the way and along the way the mood.  Since it can not stay beautiful after all, life will eventually move towards Nirvana, then the attitude to enjoy relieved vision leaves to indifferent attitude look at the final outcome.  Perhaps, in a clear sky day, when my life is coming to an end, I will be like an autumn leaf, like Man with a wonderful dance in the air to draw a beautiful arc, falling slowly soil, and floated silence.Part II: miss autumn foliage, which is a hard, hard and bright season is My beloved.  Spring always many poets praise season, Willow farewell, outing, it is as if the occasion gave birth to all the new things.  But, compared to the fall of a recession, a lot of it is beautiful, beautiful world perhaps everyone can forget the sorrow of the season, so always hear people say to instant gratification in the spring, liquor outside the Yang Guan Song You Ren, Li song Baqiao edge off all contaminated playful spring, even when Li Bai boat will leave Dian, Wang Lun Tage off also and spring points do not come, I should not have any resentment of the spring look can shun * trend, but I do not like it because I chose the prime autumn SA.  Bright and withered in the season so close we can feel the life actually can miraculously together, as if eleven at night, childish life had suddenly become less of a woman walking a Shanshan, which is also the season of any it is better to give us such a feeling, so if we thought about spring gave birth, that is prepared for the conversion of a fall that night, if there is no autumn mature, whether those colorful yet still make sense?I love the wonderful sauna net when play autumn that it was the sounds of nature, a heavenly voice, from the autumn when the leaves rustling sound waves hit, waves, such as Chung, such as pelting rain, such as steam ahead, such as twigs Rush, after the wind set, as well as listen to the cries of withered leaves hit the ground, when autumn fall, beginning to erode as mulberry leaves, rustling weave, rain rhythm, playing in the crisp mulberry leaves can listen, wind rain, coupled with the Chong Sheng birds, to dispel the loneliness is my source.  Shake off the crushing autumn breeze, as if falling leaves gently shake off the sea of my heart, my mind somewhere that stitch together indescribable sadness.  Youth do not know real depression, write poetry that worry, and now know to make real depression, alone on the West Wing, Unspoken, but said 天凉好个秋.Perhaps that feeling is only suitable for the kind of career will not ring true, before anything else and worry, after the world and music of ancient literati bar.  Ancient autumn Duling Noe wrote a “cottage autumn winds have ruined the song” seems to run down a point, and for the praise of the fall might be a small number, right, handed down should the number of Wang Bo’s classic “falling clouds and lonely duck flying, relaxed total length of sky color * “, full of joy joyous mood implication broad-minded, they have Ode to autumn Xiaoling, I did not, but I love the autumn, with all my reverence and piety.  May my life is like this, not many beautiful flowers, not too many complex floating clouds, no noise, no blooming colorful, quiet and only a piece of white *, only mature life of deep and serious, only a dream, red maple as well-off as fervent dream.    Part III: autumn, autumn warm autumn wind rustling sound, singing in a graceful, do not feel miserable.It is a little cool some, a little flick in the face itch.With the earth’s atmosphere, also mixed with aromatic flowers, came floating.  Autumn wind, slightly, stroking you, the dough, very tender.Autumn wind, quietly, to visit with you, a little reluctant, still kind of nostalgia.  Sometimes autumn will bring a little rain, misty, like a very thin layer of fog yarn, filled with, swing with natural landscapes, and does not require modification, most appreciate the value.  Autumn in the morning twilight, water vapor will bring out the best, the river gleam like mist steamer, ray ray upward diffusion of fire in.Like smoke, light, not a little smoke smell, people feel special cool down.  Autumn went into lunch time, slightly hot spot, still feel very comfortable.Is this hot, ripening fruit, is this heat, bring hope to farmers harvest.Hot wind is not closing, people with mental, go door to door, group together, to talk, pulling homemade.Small daughter would whisper, his face again burst after burst of blush, perhaps shy.They are most looking forward to autumn to bring the missing information, to the working out of her loving Lang.  Between nostalgia autumn night, no loud noise, you can enjoy the moon hung, star dome night, listening to Cowherd legendary love myth.Chang Xin is most of the time, never see huddled in the little match girl street.Love the fire kept burning, warm the whole world.  Akiba thanked the autumn breeze, a little bit sallow face, put all of its dedication to nourish the plant body.Yes ah, you can nap for a while, right?Yeah this is true!Hung his head, the name of the volume children, lazy.Some of them floating down, rolled, thought, or rely on the side of the tree, a little security, even if the last point, we should also sacrifice nutrition to the plants that need it.  Akiba did not cry, its face is not wet, there is the value of its way of life.  He gave a green, yellow falling everywhere.All day thinking about themselves, a bit selfish.Obsessed with other people, fearless tired, where they need to go, ready to sacrifice themselves, this is the quality of the leaves.  Leaf yellow decline, the poet would see tears, I raise both hands to praise.Without foliage, plants difficult to grow.Without foliage, we see only desolation.Yellow leaf decline is the end of life, but also gave birth to a new starting point for life.Died a natural death, die great, glorious death, worthy death.Like the martyrs die in the battlefield to defend the dignity of the motherland with justice and truth.Like a teacher, even if the rest of the last point candlelight, still emotional ties to the students, all the love and knowledge offer.  Bath autumn, autumn leaves staring, I’m not sentimental.People want to live out look, wonderful live, no less vigorous, down to earth to do, have a hot hair a light.Akiba has a mind, not seeking to obtain, only for the dedication.This live free, live at ease, but also be wonderful.  I would like Akiba, dedicated their careers, it is the greatest spiritual heritage.    Part Four: Autumn leaves falling for a long time did not write anything, I do not know from where to write, forget how words.Not dare to write, afraid that they would be looked at myself down.Yesterday afternoon finally finished the last class university, and early on an assignment, afraid that they will stay in the classroom can not stand that kind of repression.It would have been the guy that likes to escape either like or do not like, just let me feel a little uncomfortable existence will be involuntary escape.A person back to the bedroom did not do anything, not even thinking like that have become gray, not a little bit of waves.  Go out drinking in the evening, was drunk, was not drunk, in addition to birthdays, but also a little sad to commemorate this day it.Lying in bed at night, a little headache, the university experience so thought, a familiar face from my mind flashed, suddenly they become vague like that, like a dream, like everything happened not exist.I can say that college is the most decadent time, that’s crazy people like me to accompany me through the children, never say the truth, but a lot of things to see in the eyes in mind.Recall the past time, really can be simple, like a dead person can be smiling on anyone, can boast blown himself can not stand, can be hysterical singing, can damage each other.So a group of guys, there are shameless, there are silly, there are loaded to force, there are low-key, more infatuation, are fallen angels.Fast, quick, and we want to scattered; happy, happy, we want to CHERR.  Middle of the night thirsty woke up, looked around in the bedroom is no water, complex and got into bed, felt the bleak autumn.Really helpless, cold-blooded man in the fall and winter travel in hell, just as the tree still while the wind blows, since it can not be static swaying it.This is not to follow the crowd, but hope not to ill-treat yourself, why bother fighting with those rules can not resist?  It has been said that what I write is always with sadness, I think that it is not sad, but melancholy.Do not know when to begin, and always with such emotion between the lines, it may be determined by the character of it’s own.Heart is extremely idealist, life there had reality, in such contradiction, pulling themselves, always want to have casual elegant Li Bai, Lu Xun’s sharp words, they do not want that kind of achievement, just want to be free of Say.  Get up early in the morning, brew a cup of tea, the smell of tea, feeling the autumn morning, saw the road covered with a layer of leaves, oh?!I had already shed their leaves.Leaves can return to their roots, and we are decades later whether to return to the place when we come?I think I want, since there would be no return which went without shelter elsewhere, its own place.Not see the road, but you can remember when the road, do not forget the way home, and then remember how floating leaves, after all, the root.  Autumn leaves fall, is the departure or return to their roots?Too early to return it, then leave it.Go!child!