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Part One: Xinghuayu cold spare yourself some time to think about how to get better.Saw a lot of joys and sorrows, bearish the ways of the world, but not had time to put down the bustling, apricot rain, I do not know flowers or rain, confused mind, disrupting the dream.Not read the poem still in Youmeng romantic, the body has been covered with tears woke up cold towel, are some Xianchou!  Slender fingers can not draw in cool graceful, across the landscape, not to talk about possible solutions to the people’s heart, only you and tea.  When Yi Jing, a Xiangpei Xiao Yin, Ye elegant.  Cups of cold pressing wine bursts flustered, struggling to deal with frustration in the venture, the spring sunshine, but cold sweat wet clothes!Hands of the glass, frequently a guest to persuade!Free and easy to do with others to see who was graceful solution tired heart.As general play.  Pride eyebrows red satin sister tenderness inferior end sections, are settled laughing.  Contemplate dark, dyed red damask hurt a muddy sea, an affection for the ruined clean record, worth it?Human vulgar, hateful sad.Red damask, you win the!  Think about it, in this world, there are lasting too few people really give up in order to finish the work, spare time is because not afford to lose share feelings!  I would like to find friends, feel free to talk about ancient and modern pleasures, but better to listen to the last section of Shaoxing opera disintegrated trouble, think, laugh themselves to worry about cute!  A touch of sun, wind and rain repeated.Between bayan, waving off the world how much style, hidden among the flowers mind quietly and fell.  Earth for no reason, an idea, has become a landscape.The wind blows, one after another apricot, Red Chuaizhe feeling of sadness quiet down, quiet tenderness that a sentimental nostalgia, sadness term overlap, then Allure.  At this time, golden dreams, sun compartment, drunk Lau, flowers Montreal, sadly Xiao Yin, Xiang Chen Man.Part II: fragrant apricot April April, the gentle spring breeze gently blowing, apricot preserved everywhere will open a vigorous.Pink flowers, full of branches, all blooming smile like children, clamoring shine a light.Forest floating faint fragrance, refreshing, relaxed and happy, pink flowers, flush sounded like girls, quietly shy to reveal the mind, to put a hillside blooming red clouds lit, gorgeous grand.  I love this elegant, fresh apricot, another on it, a touch of roots, pure and elegant, not concentrated not brilliant, Mazumdar generous, giving the pure beauty.I gently walk in the forest, with admiring glances, with these cute, clever, confident flowers, hellos.Flowers, flushed face laughing, glowing red in the sun, seem beautiful Xia Yun, floating in front of me.I could not help think, that the same girl as apricot.  Apricot is such a brilliant day, the school organized the outing flowers Events.We meet at the waves of apricot in this forest, girl dress is very simple, they seem to be a bunch of white magnolia flowers, slim opened between almond groves, crystal clear water of the eye flashing bright exciting light, she was your breath a little apricot trance, upturned mouth smile rippling in shallow dimples, the sun shines down, put her lovely shadows projected on the green, green grass they seem to be envious of it, gently nodding.  I waited quietly, how I wish the same could this girl goddess turned his head, nodding towards his smile and say hello.Butterflies fly from flower inside, the girl gently raised his head, they seem finally the the wish of the transfer line of sight assured, positive and my eyes met, a little embarrassed, immediately gently smiled and nodded generous to say hello I hastened to hide his panic, say you like it.Chasing girls waved their companions, and white skirt flying in front of me, gradually disappeared.I saw it, the empty eyes of apricot daze.  Noon group activities, we were sitting together, listening to the teacher to explain the famous poem about apricot, and so happened my girl sitting not far, and I would like to say hello to the girl, she smiled and asked me a few classes.The teacher spoke of “apricot” [] Luo Yin Tang poem: Heating latent urge sequence spring, plum apricot has a new Xie.”The first apricot” [Song] Yaochen, not wait for spring times, only to open as early Smokywood.Light red powder drunk bully, willing to believe there will be plum, etc., and finally the teacher said: “inherited the charm apricot plum, plum continuation of the style in the spring.”The girl listened attentively, took notes also, Weicu brow gradually unfold, his face flush increasingly bright.At this time, a gentle breeze, Xing Zhi swing, like a flower ten thousand arms dancing played a beautiful dance, as if a melodious dance also carried by the wind up.Students in teacher torrent of praise sound, gradually intoxicated.Any hint of flowers accompanied by their own thoughts, free to roam again apricot leaves, so that time is not lost in the self unconsciously quietly.  Since then, the girl became my favorite apricot friend.April blooming apricot often, we will wander among the almond groves, cheerful sing together hold apricot garden trees and bees, and butterflies dance with emotion, so heart to heart in a touch of floral, cuddling each other care.Apricot blossoming, fascinating and charming, surrounded us in the pursuit of an ideal world, if worked hard, indulge in sweet love in.This pink elf yo!You pure beautiful angel, love can melt all the world’s trouble worry, watering seedlings love of people’s minds.  Apricot quietly blooming pink thoughts, my girl quietly and daydream a better future, the forest grass, verdant fueling growth, as if to enjoy the beauty of their own green show out.Occasional bird falls apricot branches, the whisper some appreciation, contented leave.Apricot competing fighting Yan, enthusiasm.Like a beautiful spring should ignite like, a touch of incense.Deep love, filled in around me and the girls, as water slowly flooded us.  Today, once again came apricot leaves, hearts of deep love that is still flowing, apricot little, charming, like a lover, like me, let my heart love deep.Looking at the familiar pink flowers, yesterday’s past, such as stream-clear surfacing, such as apricot pure girl smile elegant as blooming apricot-like, in my line of sight all the more pure and beautiful.Such as plum blossoming apricot branches in the same pleasant scent.  April apricot aroma, concentrated love the truth.Although, like apricot, like that of the girl, he has left me for many years, however,.Often in the spring, when the apricot bright red as Wuban filled hillside, I can not help but come almond forest, and these elegant apricot spend quality time together, so that a touch of flowers full of heart and lung, among warm the heart of any Dangqi love, accompanied by apricot preserved everywhere drunk together, so that their deep love flowing freely in apricot leaves, let the flowers has been associated with mind share of true love never change, so innocent of the beautiful apricot April spring.    Part Three: Apricot Love quietly away winter, spring comes slowly.Spring is my favorite, my favorite thing in the spring.Spring brought me hope, but also brought me a dream.I love spring plants, I love spring blooming apricot!Cold spell this year, due to the cold spring weather than in previous years, this ten days ago in relation to the opening of apricot, flowering this year but was delayed ten days.Yesterday is April 4th lunar March 14, the morning I went for a walk to see the side of the road that branches rows of almond trees, covered with a budding flower, but had not yet open, I think maybe they are quietly waiting for God’s will in it, evidently another two or three days in order to open these buds.I am so looking forward to that moment with apricot open ah, I had to wait two days of.  However, I did not think that yesterday morning the weather suddenly heat up, the temperature suddenly increased by ten degrees up to 24 degrees, which is the highest temperature of the day, so hot weather since the spring of this year for apricots bud tree is, it is simply forcing agents, non-apricot reminder was not open.Yesterday is the Ching Ming Festival, sunny weather is very good, bright sun shine on the earth, to bring all the warmth of a long absence, perhaps this is the arrangement of God, God’s will it.Perhaps God deliberately let these beautiful apricot and white, to welcome the festival and open it!  My long-awaited apricot finally opened, my heart too drunk children.My family surrounding farmland were planted with almond trees, in front of my house there is a large apricot forest, I sat in front of the computer while working, watching and waiting in front of the apricot patch of forest.I saw it only took less than a day, the branches of these budding flower, like snowflakes covered with branches, like white clouds, deemed sparkling snow.Also like the winter rime, really beautiful.These beautiful apricot to the fields this spring to add a lot of charm, has become a field in the village a beautiful landscape.  I like almond blossoms in the field because of our country, the apricot is the first herald of spring flowers, it is so tender and beautiful.In the garden of my favorite flowers are apricot, my soft spot for almond, apricot like my lover, let me great joy, smell.But also like a lover of my dreams, my dreams.A year to this season, I will be fascinated by a world full of apricot.Sauna net past year, I insisted every morning to go running, so only exercise the body, but also joyful mood.Can these two days, I run into a walking, because I want to see apricot, I do not want to miss a golden opportunity to appreciate apricot, and I want these beautiful white apricot panoramic view, housed in the depths of my soul.While I was walking early in the morning in a small way in this country, while enjoying a piece of TV drama beautiful apricot forest.This morning the sky was clear and blue, cloudless.The sun had not risen, but has shiny red glow of the eastern sky.I wander in this beautiful flowers, the mood very enjoyable.I walked while listening to mobile phone player in that wonderful music, not when to take photos of those beautiful, the most beautiful apricot.  Six o’clock, the sun revealing it was red smile.what!Well, good round, a good red, so beautiful sun finally rose up and left the horizon.Just rising sun shine, red sun shine in this vast forest of apricot, ah!What a beautiful flowers!I was fascinated by the beauty of this, intoxicated.I could not help apricot into the forest, but also put themselves into this ocean of flowers.  Early opening of apricot, blooming in front of me is bright red; blooming apricot, distance, white, red close look carefully to see red and white pink; delicate apricot, piece, clusters , dress of spring field.Apricot bloom, blossom.Blooming apricot mix, contests.Gorgeously dressed, gently moving dance.Petite lovely apricot flowers, blossoming beauty like, lovely and moving, apricot beauty is that it is difficult to define color, rosy, red with pink.A string of bud did not put the bud, Johnson Tsui dripping, like floating in a pink cloud, a blossoming of apricot and as if the clouds of tiny flames, warm air around.My exposure to flowers, bursts of flowers nostrils, Qinru Heart, makes me feel good.  I wander among the flowers of this piece, I could not bear to leave.Really want to let time stopped at this moment, let this charming apricot never open undefeated.Really want to let himself be buried among these flowers, forever and this beautiful apricot as partners, not separate life after life, really, rather died in the flower, also romantic mischief!    Part Four: apricot March I grew up in rural areas, home to people of like planting trees, especially like apricot seed.In the courtyard of the farmhouse where the wild wilderness Wali or ridge, on the hilly mountains, lush ground almond trees could be seen everywhere.People love apricot seed, not only because it can bear good fruit, but also because it is drought, cold, with strong vitality too, can play a green natural, ecological improvement, environmental beautification effect.As long as you put an almond buried in the soil, both soil too fat, due to the abundance of water, it will take root, grow up strong, and every year in March, it will be covered with apricot on that branch, decorate spring.  Winter to spring, March is a season, but also a day of almond blossoms.In order to ease the tension at work, away from the hubbub of the city, but also let the children close to nature, on a Sunday in March, I was ready dry food and water, with her daughter to watch the outskirts of apricot.Though it was March, but there is still a trace of Guyuan March chill feeling.The grass has grown on the ground, along the way farmers are planting corn nervously film, the familiar taste and loess have the fragrance of spring grass, suddenly blowing.Suddenly, my little daughter, pointing to the front not far from an almond groves, said: “Dad, look apricot”.I looked along the direction of her finger, then that would be embedded in a piece of yellow ground pink to a red cloud, although she did not set off the green leaves, but also did not try to dress up, but still showing apricot simple beauty, inner the United States, especially in the United States.Like Wang in the “North apricot Pei” praise it: “a Pei Spring flowers around the body, each accounted enchanting shadows spring.Longitudinal is in spring as snow, it must win South street crushed into dust.”When my daughter and I walked into the patch of almond groves, a fragrant aromatic apricot filled my nostrils, dancing butterflies, my daughter excitedly ran into the almond groves, suddenly, butterfly blend with apricot.  See ordinary apricot, apricot beautifully, I thought of female auditors rooted in the Liupan.Remember that it was the spring of 1997, a pumping autonomous regions Audit Office audit of the business backbone of grassroots audit institutions to carry out a transfer of audit Poverty Alleviation Fund, named to her leadership of the Audit Office to attend, when her son was in kindergarten, her husband in another work unit, hands full.Face reality, she has every reason to explain the situation to the leadership at home, will be permitted a comrade to participate in the audit of the project.But she was much deliberation, the family must be the little things, the audit cause the country is a major event.So she send him to the country to raise a family and relatives, she decided to embark on the road of audit.After his son to relatives, because of the local environment are not familiar with, at the time of a play, accidentally fell into a residential garbage pit, suddenly, head, face, broken glass was scratched and bloody.Her relatives after the discovery quickly bandaged the wound, and notify the child’s father brought home to heal his son.When a conversation with her husband, her husband might affect her work, saying only that his son had gone home, things did not tell injured.After two weeks, the audit team through her home, she told the audit team leader: “I want a baby, if I could come home and see?”The person in charge readily accepted.The car quickly went to her house so that her son was also in the mind to imagine familiar faces, from small to large are her son single-handedly worked hard, his habits, habits of her grasp a clear picture, her husband travel frequently, usually on the home take into account the less, his son and now I do not know how kind of situation?  When the car Shidao front of her house, she was a sight that shocked.I saw the cowardly son standing in the doorway, head shaved bald, his head has not yet healed scars still visible.She said: “how do you not come in?”The child said:” My dad went to the countryside, to forget the key.”She added:” Then you eat it?”The child said:” My dad bought instant noodles in the house, I can not enter the door, not eat.”Hear the words of the child, she hugged the child, tears suddenly rolled down the cheek, broke down in tears.To save time, she hastened to give her husband a telephone call, the audit team to bring gay son of a destination to be audited.After nearly a month of efforts, she completed a remarkable task of the audit, by the leaders, peers and praised the audited entity.  She just one of many female auditors rooted in Liupan of the representative, as they grow in this land of Yi Keke ordinary apricot, as in March blossoming apricot simple to Bo strong-minded earth life to the economic integrity of the brave guards, they do not need anything in return, but to a red pink floral left the earth, the sweet fruit left to the world.”A little bright red flowers open in the morning at dawn.She said: ‘Earth, please do not think that my poor, I have devoted all your own.’This is what apricot, apricot feelings March!    Part Five: Spring back Apricot Lane Spring is a season of passionate, more affectionate spring more concentrated, to the fireworks in March, spring girl simply thrown off the veil head, completely missing the previous share of modesty, share shy, even more light and charming, passionate, actually a little more wild, deeply moved by all things blooming, spring.  Spring breeze blowing, beauty mountains, rain glowing, light green earth.Spring soft jade, whisk in the face itch, the body warm; rain Durian, drops in the thick of the land, the soil exudes a faint fragrance.  ”Spring green river Nanan”.Spring is a branch dipped in thick and black pen to present this town sketched Amidst the Rain, graceful.Open the doors, intermittent rain was still underground, I was not that temptation, umbrella into the poetry and painting in the photograph, go knock that returning to visit Apricot Lane.  Apricot Lane is my childhood residence, where had left my childhood dream, I had also left a young love blossom several times, several times Yunjuanyunshu time I did not play down the apricot Lane’s thoughts, but with the accumulation of time into nostalgia.  Apricot Lane in the center of town, compared with high-rise buildings around, looked shabby and tacky.Low building, brick white tile bustling recorded yesterday; deep alley, paving granite witness of old time.Today, Apricot Lane is not a noisy old, like a oldest old sat silently looked carefully pedestrians.  Standing in the alley deep, stroking the mottled walls, carding a dusty memories, let your thoughts fly.A minute later, as if to hear the other end of the alley, “Da Dada” sound of clogs, almost hear the laughter of small partners of the game, almost hear the sound of the call of the mother return call children, it has emerged in front of a “small building night listening to the rain, deep apricot Lane now sell “that wet, faint green, shiny, tasty southern style Poetry.  Apricot Lane, there is a beautiful name, but also a beautiful legend, its origin as much as two versions.One that is here to ancient man named apricot girl, exquisite beauty, ingenuity, fell in love with a poor scholar, dutiful mother did not get married, the husband admitted to encourage officials to do the fame, she also became the second wife products, here named apricot Lane; there is said to be a summer encounter autumn year drought, crop failure, people close to starvation the edge of the alley, but the head has apricot trees bloom garden trees, Sentimental partially cooked apricots saved people hungry here apricot Lane is called.  Childhood is listening to these stories of growing up.Apricots on the fabulous story, there is always sweet and sour mouth feel; apricot story I have to urge more precocious eleven-year-old young age can look forward to meet a girl apricot.That year moved to a new alley cadres and people, the home of the girl Jiao Jin, his face flushed, long braids, a Beijing accent crunchy.I have chosen Ah Kam as apricot, has a crush on her.But not long after one has moved out Jin Ah, really made me depressed for a while.  Ah Kam gone, take a cloud, and took my first love.Who says teenagers do not know real depression, not because Everlasting.  Alley seemed quiet, I tried to find childhood friend, the result is some strange sounds and unfamiliar faces.Suddenly a familiar voice attracted me, when I look back, there are people swallows twittering under the eaves.”Deja vu Yan return”, in regards to my visitors, I welcome this wandering or in?Warmth in my heart, and on the brow, eyes infiltration.  The rain stopped, the sun occasionally Mimi, spring breeze blowing gently, like a spring girl a pair of slender soft hands, gently stroking my cheek, like in the comfort of my melancholy heart.  Apricot Lane really old, ragged on the walls, everywhere written Chaizi big red circle, passers-by told me that this area will soon be demolished, it will be built into the park, to provide the public good place for leisure and fitness.  Out of the long lane, have injected a touch of pink eye, the old alley small peach tree has grown up.Between Spring in March, flower clusters group, Jiaotai Yan Zi, rouge million points, the best spring.”Moment of truth”, seems like was a beautiful woman, like apricot, like Ah Kam, amorous, come lightly, smiled and talked.  In front of blooming peach, I held up the hands of the camera, so beautiful and fixed in the mind, skim a touch of pink, any color in the fingers beating.  Spring back Apricot Lane, Apricot Lane is dedicated to experiencing Phoenix Pan Nirvana, she will bid farewell to the past, writing a magnificent future.