Articles on alternative

Part one: life is always accompanied by alternative tangled, sometimes there have been subtle but unfortunately, sometimes it is silent hurt, all sorts of everything, are seeking an alternative to a loss, the face of all this, it sort of heart?Gently sigh various pros and cons of life, looking at the vastness of the stars, a life crawling, looking at the long river of life, everyone has had the pain, and everyone had to pursue in a loss, the open-minded and sometimes silent, sometimes silent sigh!The face of pain, everyone in the choice of an alternative, forget about the pain in another form, when everything is not in sadness, grief or frustration vanished, all the confusion will be freed in the alternative, and everything will be in relief the forgotten, replaced by something that has become the most miserable reptile!  Young did not fail, because there is no harm.Life is like a cup of strong coffee, some people like sugar, some people like to add ice cubes, which are attitudes toward life, a life of guidelines for a change it accompanied by a transformation, life is in constant metamorphosis master the hardships of life, so full of life and energy to face the ups and downs of life in the growing open-minded, and have become the sad past of nutrients to grow!  In the face of pain, can look at the problem of reason in the face of frustration, always learn to indulge in between is not easy, to choose the most complex relieved, each of us in the face all the time, I hope, do not easily select an alternative , all will become secondary damage, he relieved himself, but people fall into helpless!  Please Do not open arrogant lips vows, the oath is a choice, is a firm belief, he is also a responsibility, I still remember a word of any high school classes, Yanji out, and action must be!This is an attitude of life, simple and true personality!  Thoughts across the tip of the brush, so that all kinds of becoming the past, do not grief in sadness, the heart of thoughts across the sea, let the years drifting caught in the ocean, retroactive uncharted territory!When lightly in between the hustle and bustle of paper is not dignified, please face all sorts of unpleasant relieved!  Although mercilessly run over by the wheel of time, the face of the cadenza life, you have what it laments?    Part Two: have taken ineffable love, irreplaceable when I was like, “ran away”, she was behind me, shouted, careful, front bumpy, look, shoelaces are open.She crouched down to help me tie my shoe, I did not care for this common action, but looked at the front in a hurry.I’m going to go to a destination.  Nine years old, the first math exam, 56 points, language scores 85, I took the transcript afraid to go home after a few days, she sternly asked me what the papers that my father asked me in school head teacher.She said looking to talk to me, I was afraid, and admitted his mistake, to ensure that will not happen again, she did not say anything, but to reward me a lot of sugar.  13 years old, promoted to junior high school, I lived for a year in the dormitory, she said, afraid of me falling to eat well, sleep well, put the family also moved to the nearby school, and my father work transferred to my junior high school.Then I started obsessed with star posters on the television, home covered with pictures of the star.Even junior high school are on the table.I can not remember who the!However, I clearly saw her once squatted on the roadside bookstall in front of the unit, and a group of children huddled where, only to buy the latest star greeting cards, she said to the boss, my daughter likes this.  16 years old, I was entering high school, youth finally began a little rebellious, I do not like those stars, but feel like a star.So I feel that they are concerned about people, be pampered people, so he granted boyfriends.She knew sauna net, often in a corner of the school gate or the door, and tried to wait for the emergence of an estimated boy, imidazole the rest of my life is her teacher, I believe his persuasive, but we always see her.Now that I think of her in the winter cold wind, he waited at the school gate, waiting anxiously look, just do not fall into puppy love for his daughter, Xin Suansuan of.  19 years old, I take the exam.HKALE considered ideal, parents let me go, “Normal”, a man I put myself bored at home, they do not listen to any comments.Normal is also adamant that ventured, determined not to read.One day I heard her muffled cry in the house, I know I got it wrong!Then I do not stay at home, I am pleased that four of the Annunciation, because they do not push me on the Normal!  20 years old, I was a sophomore, I heard out part-time, looking for work, she was very nervous.Said to be careful, parents far away from you, the body is important to keep a good.To do something practical, it is important to exercise, and so the money is secondary, said so much, the only forget that a few days before she caught a cold!  I’m using their own money to buy gifts for them.Surprisingly, they said, so far, you bring yourself back like.Another year to go home, I found what the gift is still in the center of the cabinet.I graduated from college 22 years old.He found their own place in the heart of the city, she often send money to me.  After listening to them, then I go back and do the Morning News reporter, correspondent of the year, moved many times, how much bitterness, and in fact closely related to the work itself, I often see a similar parental figure, like him, like she.Smooth working hard environment, she finally could not bear to let me stay.  23 years old, because a boyfriend around, affectionate feelings for her have ignored, until one day I suddenly saw her full head of hair is no longer the time to think, she has white hair and his head.Wrinkled up!Think: what she seems often stroked my old photos, a man sitting on a couch in a daze.Very sudden heart pain.  I began to cherish them all, she gave me every discipline, every concern, every….Childhood those little toys have been looking for can not find, and she gave me sew doll I have long forgotten, and our whole family had a photo of four, I know carries her miss and care for a daughter and hope for a family.  24 years old, now I know what they care about, and my father was still working, I advised my mother to find something to do to pass the time.But she says she used the money to keep their own, I bought a new quilt, new vegetables and so on, so you come back!  About the New Year, a few days ago boyfriend and I said, or we make a baby to take care of your mother, she did something.I am white at him, thinking about what my mother, do what your mother?  But a few days later, she said to me, and now to have a baby, Mom can also help you with a belt.  Stop and think about it, I actually really be with them together from many, I see the ads on TV, waiting for the child to go home for the elderly to eat, what not to eat, then two, and finally the mother alone guarding a table of food sitting on the couch and fell asleep.There is no immediate turn off the TV, from time to time, I think they.They kind of life.  I saw the street as a woman squat little girl tie shoes, blowing past a section, this time on reincarnation, one day I will be like my mother did.Love is such a breeding ground for a year, year after year conversion, to continue year after year.  I love him, I love her just the same as they!