Chunky Meng?Fossil Secret "giants" of ancient penguins height of seven meters

Data Figure: Penguin。
Yang wave photo According to reports, the researchers wrote in the online science journal "Nature Communications" (NatureCommunications), the huge size of the winning name Kumimanubiceae for this penguin, the word means "monster bird" in Maori。 According to reports, this ancient penguins lived in 5500-60000000 years ago, the average height of 170 cm, weight 100 kg。 In contrast, modern penguin petite size to many。
Fort Frankfurt Sunken German Research Center (SenckenbergResearchInstitute) ornithologists Meyer (GeraldMayr) is co-author of the study。
He said: "So early species, can escape such a large size, which is quite amazing。
"Meyer and team found the fossils of Otago in New Zealand South Island (Otago) area。
There have been a large number of local giant bird habitat。
Professor Department of Geology, University of Otago verdes () is the ancient penguin expert。
He said the discovery "is essential, and highlight the penguin interesting history"。 Verdes said: "This discovery is exciting, it shows these penguins live shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs, but also should be able to tell us more about the whole history of the evolution of penguins。