Articles on a tree

Part one: to pay tribute to a tree as a child, a few miles away from family estate, migration of a loquat trees, planted in the house his father built the east end.  Personally planted a small sapling, was just a moment of curiosity happy childhood experiments.Growth in the country, used to see a lot of trees, a sapling growth not and can not cause a child’s attention and interest, would then not in my heart to stay too.It grew quiet and find leisurely attitude, is back home after I had this concept, to feelings of sadness occasionally to read a.And after each leave home, will follow in my nostalgia was completely forgotten it.Bustle of the day, how can a tree mindful in mind it?I do not know what I thought about it, but it’s not intended to grow can bear fruit or good for me.Thus, it grew it, and with my life, as time and again met and instantly disappeared fate, never in my good miss in.  Just the other day, it stood in front of me, I suddenly found that it is a tree, there is a landscape of trees.Thick have to four hands together to hold, they stand body, end yo, on dry body also slightly higher than seven feet tall, the right density has caused the germinal tree crotch and shoot length long just leaves surrounded by, close look at a distance, looks beautiful and is like a green umbrella.Around the spring sunshine, spotless sprinkle in the countryside, sprinkled in the home of their houses.I was standing under a tree, an indescribable good mood of pessimism.At this time the mood is this tree gave it to me, not my self-assertion, but the tree actually gave me no atmosphere of life in the city and comfortable ride.  A tree can give a good mood, I felt the first time.And the beauty of the tree, I was the first time that.And this tree decades of growth, but also seems to be something from yesterday to today.  I said to the tree, if you understand human, I am your master, your benefactor miles!Said, he said, I have a Kuiyi.You are growing their own efforts, I did a little bit of credit, even once in the past years I have always been ruthless disregard and forget any time, but why should I say words of grace.Talking, talking, my eyes became moist, the reason that I unconsciously remembered his mother’s words.My mother had been persuaded to live in the city, no, give me the reason is: “at home set in a tranquil, scoop a bowl of rice, bring out the door, sat down loquat tree, sun sun, the same as what takes nourishment.”I did not think, for the illiterate, only work in the fields to find fun mother, make her feel moist days of life, not the son got a job in the city, we have a house can get her pension, but because a satisfaction of a tree brought her.I’m not as good as a tree of life the mother feel at ease, my heart filled with a sense of melancholy.  It seems that I even became a tree, though certainly happy mother’s heart, but she probably did not want to rely on, or maybe thought I ran the truck, also rely on unreliable, and the tree in her side, always visible and tangible, reliable.    Part II: Destiny of a tree to work there for three years now, just a blink of an eye.  As a time, my office in the north, there is a window.Because vision is fairly open, ah sky, white clouds, ah, ah vegetable garden, red roof can be clearly seen, and therefore also wrote essays “window”.  I do not know since when, out of the window even a few branches, leaves wide big, is a mulberry tree.It’s rooted in the ground, I do not know who is likely to eat mulberry, lost seeds, are unknown.In short, in the spring, it emerged, even Showtime hi hi grow up.Although much rain, lack of sunlight, it is still happily growing up, and now even the branches spread to the second floor.Sauna net I do not know since when, this mulberry tree, even the windows tightly cover gone, leaving only the leaves revealing the mottled gap.It was supposed to be a lush green shade, but because it is North House, the room dark, bright, outdoor, in contrast to this color, the shade becomes a ghostly glare of the shadow, day and night to follow the same nightmare.Can not be thought, expect it to become more than a curtain with flowers, you can leave suddenly gathered to the side, eyes showing an open world; or lend me an ax, let me whispering sound in Kacha it cut the roots break; or simply never looked out on when the room has no windows, silently endure isolation.Natural curiosity and love Liao Wang harm me, his eyes slit through the leaves, to find the color of the sky, after all, due to occlusion, my head somehow hurt them.  Since then, I have been with headache, including chest tightness, air pressure, depression.If you try to turn negative emotions to rely on a tree, I think it will not resist.It’s just crazy growth, regrowth, but unfortunately could not find sericulture, as if its leaves can come in handy.Fei colleague’s son touches in pencil case raised two silkworm cocoon into a butterfly was really that golden cocoon really nice.Unfortunately, he raised silkworms eat even a leaf of the mulberry.Regardless of these trees, but growth seems longer go to the third floor is also unknown.  A good tree, as long in the wrong place, became a nasty tree.Because no one to repair his twig wanton growth, disorder, and neither watch nor bear fruit, but will not grow into a Dongliangzhicai!It is in the end what is the use?It seems only be used to light a fire.But the city has been unseen cauldron, stove, high-rise buildings is not the Tukang, hey, even if he wanted to become firewood becomes difficult!Precarious fate of the tree, really worried crispness.Although hate it, after all, it also regrets to accompany you for two years, it is also hard to grow to justify their existence, blocking light nor is it wrong.  One afternoon, I heard out of the window when the local ring, found closer look, a man wearing a blue shirt is holding an ax to cut off toward the mulberry tree.Do not ask to understand, it has caused a lot of opposition, and finally put it uprooted, I actually quite unsympathetic to jumped up, looked out from time to time to.As the rhythmic rise and fall of the ax, the branch was cut off a little bit, a large light, a large light-flooded diarrhea in, I never thought the room was able to be so bright.Foliage gone, the branches are also presented sized thick, it will only turn a pile of firewood.With the last ax loud, it fell to the ground, until finally, I do not know whether you want the tree to understand, it is not wrong, but should not be long in a long position.  Without trees, a light, I was able to Liao Wang sky, watching the bugs fly, life continues to continue to follow the original look.    Part Three: send you a tree and then met her husband, as a symbol of love, I stuck it under a night-blooming cereus, do not want to spend it together and love flourishing, actually grow into a tree.Tree romantic “love tree” leafy, green jade, met friends, do not believe their eyes, in their view, the flowers are not grown tree.A friend altogether called it “the king of night-blooming cereus”.  Later Cardiff jobs, I finally made up his mind to leave Saibei.With news drifting gloom, only my friend Lee Gang couple peace enforcement support me, they silently pray for my destiny and future, escort.A time when the depth of winter, I was worried that the tree takes up a quarter of the tree study space, how can we set foot on Trinidad and levy a way?Thought to want to, it is difficult to achieve.My husband decided to leave it to the Lee Memorial as peace enforcement Gang.  Li Ping did not want a long while actually surprised, sad panic, he said: “we were not even grass did not keep it!”This gift is obviously the weight of her breath.  Oddly enough, the tree-like flowers in humanity, I the word got out, and since then it will bunch of a bunch of dead, just one week, a sallow.I quickly call Liping point of view, do not account for the account.Liping for that night-blooming cereus Gankaiwanduan: “It was love, how to send people had?” ‘Epiphyllum King’ is dead, that was my biggest sad to leave Saibei time being on when the end of our lives in it Saibei.To the Langfang later, I took a year’s time finally found a foster others in a room, spend a night-blooming cereus, seeking to spend fail, then steal a pinch buds, and after five years, and this we special affinity for the flowers bloom again the subtle shy flowers, branches and leaves green was full of touching, became a “night-blooming cereus King”.  Days left Saibei, love, affection or whether friendship apart, I am wandering away from home, also missing from home.Perhaps to phrase promise, and I spent countless times out of a room, florist, flower garden, so coming and going at thousands of colorful flowers and trees, the searching.I want to send peace enforcement Lee Gang a tree, a flower lyrical, lyrical also leaves, evergreen, spring clusters of red tree.  Last summer I returned Saibei, flower market and out again, all of a sudden I heard twenty miles from downtown Fort Yongfeng introduce a lot of flowers and trees in the South, we immediately rush to go.Get into the garden, and the most eye-catching is a high and I called “laurel” tree, “heart” type doll large palm leaves, thick leaves green oil, patches of dense ground up.There loose shape, become more loose than a Jiao Mei.Gardener told me that this evergreen tree, spring flowering.I was shocked, this is my hard to find the right tree for six years?My heart suddenly quiet down.  Hit “Taxi” tree shipped directly to Liping home, I want to give her a surprise, imagine Liping will not believe it’s true and Qiaqia his face, I could not help but laughed aloud.Liping downstairs, and I’m happy to embrace, and when she turned to see the tree, “ah” sound burst into tears, he could not say “yes tree!A tree!”She without any explanation a roll up my arm, hurriedly rushed straight upstairs to the balcony, then hold me, and said:” Look!”Barren old Lee Heike, actually have their own garden: Kirin palm, rattle, Clivia, pineapple flower..My heart is surging for a moment, turned and hugged her for a long time, the tears trickled falls on her.  Later, Li-ping called to tell me, hold the key link to see the tree, what I guessed was sent, he said “this is the only alternative plum flavor.”That he does not eat, to the tree for a delicate blue flowers large porcelain basin, sometimes it ended to the living room, sometimes it is again moved into the study, the left and right view tours also busy enough, actually beer with gauze dipped in rubbing a swab dust on the blades.One day, he put the tree into the middle of the room, and said that is the best angle to enjoy.Listen Liping say so, I gazed speechless.