Articles on a leaf

Part one: I am a leaf I was a leaf, and other leaves, we are all children of the mother tree.It’s a very loving mother tree kids hard every day to the children for the nutrients, leaves little hope that each one will grow up healthy.Some small effort leaves the absorption of nutrients, long shiny shiny, and some small tree leaves do not listen to my mother, so it becomes yellow.  Mother tree, from time to time will take care of them.Which leaves a small change of shiny, tree mother filled with joy, which becomes a small brown leaf, tree mother is very anxious, more attentive care of it.And finally in her mother’s efforts tree, small leaves were all healthy growth.  Wind, blowing, the leaves are small, you next to me, I bumped you, came a rushing laughter.  Rain is coming, the leaves are very afraid, tree mother said: “My children, do not be afraid, you want to grow, you have to go through wind and rain.After The rain, you will be more lush.”So they will no longer be afraid of wind and rain, hard drinking rainwater.  One day, my mother would like to see trees have few leaves which looked like a strong.Mother Tree elected a few leaves, they feel they are good.Tree mother said: “You guys look best.”Tree Mother said:” This leaf looks the best, you look at it a beautiful sheen, is so green.”Another one leaves unhappy and cried, she said:” The tree Mom, is my best.”Tree mother said:” My child, and they are as good as you are my boy.And so you grow up, I have to leave, to go to his own place.At that time, there are a lot of beautiful leaves than you, you’re just better at it here mom.Remember that he is a leaf, an ordinary leaf.”Small leaves are all nod.Tree mother’s teachings have in mind.  The best piece of leaf, the leaves of weeping, said: “We are all children of the mother tree, as good as you and I, we love the same mother, mother’s words to remember, we are just a leaf, an ordinary leaf.”After hearing the mother tree smile and laugh!    Part II: winter, say goodbye to the last piece of leaf cold weather, it seems to say cold on the cold, long ago clearly still warm sun was shining, a wind and rain that come up, without warning, cold as people by surprise.Like now, sitting here, cold hands and feet, she curled up, chewing continue to drill out from the heart of the cold.This season, like giving a blow, sober clear.Which the slightest cold, bite bone, terrible, as if my heart suddenly fall into something so heavy, so hurt.  A person’s winter habits locked herself in the room, turn the music up to the maximum sound, I think that they will not feel lonely, I will not miss.That’s just my self-righteous only, after all, can not escape the memories.Music flooded thinking, deep down general began to ache, I escape loneliness, but can not escape the past.  Sitting, curled up, legs paralyzed, but not the paralysis of thought.Stand up, gently boo breath, a white cloud curl off wrapped in a warm, stretched in the air, mixing, and import a long while cold, dry air.Just lit little hope dashed, quiet and uneventful light disappeared, as if there had never been, and there have been these last trance a special wet.Balcony, downstairs tree, and some vaguely green.Trees grow up, grow into a tree, the winter has become old trees, old tree branches staggered, with just a few sparse leaves dotted with signs of life.Micro bark brown now, as if roasted on the fire for a long time, suffering the loss of a look, half-curled, as if at any time fall to the ground.A gust of wind blowing, falling leaves little, but you know, under Xie, far more than the leaves, as well as a mottled heart.  Winter sky, gray Shen static, dead.Occasionally, one or two flying birds, a reminder, there is still breathing.This day, I like to knock write about, what even write, delete, cut cut, but also feel comfortable.Write deep, philosophy can not write, can not write affectionate, but most wanted to write but it is at this moment, this cold winter in the warmth.I find over and over again, I thought, so he found, walking, you will find that silk warm, find a place where thoughts.However, I never knew, I walked, he walked, as we rotate Trojans, chasing, but never leaned forward to peer.Sauna net My thoughts and walk in solitude, thinking how can pain, pain how thick, broken heart can understand.My tears went through this cold winter, a man I greet the dawn how much, and how many seasons away.Loved the pain is to forgive, is the darkest black despair.Walking with, the scenery, I can only walk and forget.In practice we always smile, and finally become the person did not dare cry.Perhaps that day, we will not cry any more, because there is no tears.I also began to understand, a lot of things, is not the result of force, even if tightly in the palm of your hand, will, like the sand-like, from between the fingers, a little bit of leave out.Happy, very short and very helpless!Waiting for your concern, until I closed the heart.Finish the same street, back to two of the world, you want some happiness, happiness was a bit sad, so-called the most memorable, is never remembered, but never forget.Who Who really seriously, who for whom distressed, thank you for the unfeeling, so I learned to give up hope; when the tears stream down, know, separate is another to understand.In some stories, I was destined to only a supporting role, and some people just passing my world.Has those days where I live in the thoughts, feeling the cold, looking not very blue sky, tears soaked the side sill, day after day, year after year, eventually spread throughout the window.In the gaps between unventilated, moss showing only tell the time in a hurry not catch edge.  Do not want to think of you, you will not be cold again do not want to be there, I do not want to think you do not have enough warm to wear, do not want you ever to take care of yourself.Your everything, after all, has nothing to do with me.So, please take care of yourself, you must, must be happy.Chill, I think the last time you, the last time you afar, then please let us each turn, forget each other.  Wind, blow off a patch of leaves, but also blew off my last trace of missing.Since then, each willing An okay.    Part three: to know you are a leaf as if after a long time, even the leaves become yellow wind falling; you personally handed me cloves, a touch of beauty, a touch of flavor, like a charming and tough plants like pine needles lingering.Do you remember Xu Cambridge?I gingerly pace, your big hands and strong arms and powerful bursts of wind laugh, you laugh I tenderness, rippling in the landscape, back around the extra ambience?You vaguely remember, naughty, headstrong, I frolic in your spare time life?I know you are a leaf, they say sometimes believe that fate, in fact, is the transition; think of transition, in fact, fate, How about you?Do you think, what it is?Man Shan popular look, the aesthetic process, whether you use the heart, laughing in my heart, want to replace the four seasons, into the air, along with my breath, one last look, rhythm, beat, beating you always go heart?- Inscription.  Survival on Earth, you have my favorite flavor, warm chest, a sense of security and emotional stability and life of hope, love a person, is to get the raison d’etre?Do you have to comfort myself sinking so fragile and broken heart?Faint blue grass, relax their own world, a green, I can not help but think of meaning between, many people asked the question: Why is the sea blue?You gave me the same answer: because the sky is blue!I went to your dialogue: that day, why is blue?You put your dark eyes at me, as if there are shares in childish approach, there are shares intimate integration into love, but very little!Space is so vast, so vast, how would you know?Giggle flapping sound teal thrown in, ripples, echoed in the white railing, ancient trees in; piled up cob ash layer, grown circle ring.  How much love, sediment young dreamer; how many feelings, tell the time of grief, spread resilient cushion, contracted, expanded…..I did not see the light curtain, my and your time, I ignored screens, hopefully my pride, delayed the outcome of the curtain call, it may also lengthen the kite line: it flew high, fell heavily , fall to pieces.Exaggerated picture of the heart, why not save a person often the product of years of sad, old past, like a broken kite, stay on the wire, take off the wings lose, loss of freedom to fly!Waiting to be laughed at, ignored, forgotten!I began to care about you, you feel bad, rely on you, love your!Because your smile, break the shackles of the pattern; because of your affection, opened the scarred shackles.Scab wound healing can just, you’re willing to do worse?  Threat in the eyes of doping urgent longing, but not impossible.Is just wishful thinking on the Topaz, the lack of, not Dier thing, they let her go, even though you are not willing, even though you confidently go for the simple reason, Topaz is not for you, quietly left foot right foot, you will recall clove gentle, elegant; beautiful period will be nostalgia, that has been in the past, so why not put clutching blessing?When you are willing, you find that all is not important to you, I’m alive to have become a dream come true.The leaves withered, turned into a moist, melting thirsty roots, like, enough.  Pro, corner tears, fluctuating emotions, and always could not hide my ups and downs of your heart, like my dress stick back cocklebur, strong taste, cover between the fingers, how have not erased; make you hard to imagine that a few months ago, I was the same skirt, and another person, spilled hope, sowing the seeds of love, pain that is simple, too heavy and complex, like the winter snow, see it seems as light as Baoshan, but not heart percussion, induction can not beat the location.Some pain is bound to let everyone experience; inevitably become in the past, put down, does not mean that really let go, not to mention, you’re just a joke, as far behind the pink clouds, with a short time across, vanish forever track, if you will like it, as ruthless, as it is to let go, can not let go?  Know you are a leaf, red leaf most of the time, it is also a moment of falling.