Articles of red roses

Part One: red roses are not always in turmoil, have nothing to fear being preferred, rose red, vulnerable dream, but in the hands of the loss in the fingers, and come to nothing..Zhang said, perhaps every man has at least two women, a red rose, a white rose, red is cinnabar mole chest, white stick on clothes is a sticky rice sub.If white “moonlight” is red touch of mosquito blood on the wall.  ”Couples those things,” appeared similar lines, I feel it is correct to say, are not always the most precious, which makes many people immersed in that embrace Unfortunately, overuse of happiness will be emptied, too but not always throbbing in my heart, but has been ignored, but it is thought to hold did not get the mosquito blood, pity.Listen inevitably some cruel and helpless.In the emotional world, not perfect, mediocre after sweet, scattered some lazy, but the reality is very real.  Perhaps only after experiencing the ups and downs in order to comprehend the true meaning of life, learn and get to taste the joy constantly get lost in.After gone through 21 years, a time when young periods but also feel naive old.Have been working to keep a pure, always keep clicking but because of the passage of time to fade quietly inadvertently grabbed the only temperature, that is not leavin ‘, I woke up only to find, but a dream is crazy, cold sweat drop, remind time of departure, the bad news came, was abandoned secular, change is not normal.  Monk said, people have trouble living in the world, three thousand strands of worry, as hair converted to Buddhism, abandon worldly chores done so much monk, I hear you say extreme, then I was very excited, this is why it, because I was not disillusioned, hair loss and how, if we see through this world, and do not fall off, what difference does?When you refute me, I get angry, I’ll be unhappy, I would like to pursue a far better way, you may find this life on this road.  When I asked to have when you have not touched a woman after a monk, he left a puddle of dirty looks turned away.  See remark, that this society, everything can be none of your business, and I could not care to answer, fart really good busy.Has indeed tried again, I feel it is justified, really busy, so, in order not burdensome to his old fart, or less points, points love each other, reducing the work pressure Pige.But also an attitude to life, to live life like a look, do not wander not broken.Under rain, shower and clean dissatisfied, settle, bowl, heart water, and so on, the rain stopped, watching the sunrise, sunset, etc..  Obviously remain in the hands, forgot, suddenly gone, went to look for, without it anyway, lost over and over again.  Pay homage to the past, a continuation of the warm, holding unlimited moved forward stumbled in.So there is a road, covered with asphalt, green camphor tree leisurely along the road, accompanied by the sound of cicadas.That scene scene, should you can imagine, please tell me, how you feel mailed to me and tell me what, tell me what you think, tell me.    Part II: a red rose A few days ago the weather was not so cold, hands stretched on the outside do not feel the cold, sparkling blue evening sky, bright golden sun bright, the days are long of it!  However, did not see the flower streets, pedestrians have to walk less than usual, which can be the difference with my imagination too far away – I remember a few years ago a lot of people this day florist and holding the hands of flowers of.But at that time I was too busy desperately Ding like, to all over the world filled with romance did not go into the heart.After hide in small building, usually are rarely out of the house, this day, I have even more cats at home, not only do not want to join in the fun of the foreign section, is not rash.This is a sensitive day, even if only out for a walk bent, will get into the dating suspects.What is subtle, what is the peaceful evolution, now have very deep understanding, control you recognize or not recognize, February 14th has become a well known day.You can but this Valentine’s Day, but you have to face people can not say is true or false subtle look: you do go?No wonder not many people on the street do.But the flowers is outdated so fast I did not expect when I only think of flowers, a lot of people have updated content.  This is not remote from the head of the north-south street and did not go to the other end of a flower gift shop, I folded the east-west road, near the East Gate of the roadside signs to see the flowers.Slide open a store here before many of this shop.  Now think of the flowers, and walked so many roads, no cold feet truth.I hesitated for a while, open the shop, and went.Never valentine day, real life never had a lover, only my wife, in love with his wife at the time also called objects, that is, in the street at night and park rolling road, at most thirsty to buy a popsicle, I have not yet bought her flowers, today whim, want to catch some lessons, but also a romantic.Sauna net falls to pieces all over the floor, a man and a woman sort of a small two young people finishing, picking, packing, small side room filled with large and small shapes, colorful baskets.Woman looked up at me and said nothing, I was thinking about the wrong door.The man asked: “What to buy?”” Flowers, roses, red roses, oh, buy a, how much money?”I said firmly..Since it came in, you have to have the courage.  The man told me five dollars one, I did not bargain, took out money generously handed over.  Woman pointing at me then up.  ”I bought for his wife, the meaning of meaning.”Then I felt superfluous, not to his wife, a flower can take the fool who got?  Woman smile, smile do not know why, but at least not laugh.  The man gave me a pick up, the line does not ask me, I do not understand what a good thing or bad, looked pleasing to the eye, nodded his head, and then he wrapped in paper, seal the mouth, belted, hand to me.I held this flower come out into the street, to go home.  Along the way, I am the only person holding the hands of a flower, in a move clearly belong to the hands of the elderly and dressed simply no modification of the old man, cellophane twinkling in the sun, flowers shyly big lips curled body, head down.  I do not care how I look who I thought only: night she came home from work and saw this red rose, what will be the reaction.    Part three: red roses, you tonight for whom opened last year, when the falling leaves in the autumn wind, the cold outside the window there is a crescent moon, I entered an Internet chat room now do not remember, you’re bright there’s bloom.”Red Rose” in the gray.Full of withered residue in autumn.What gives warmth and Xia Xiang ah!  Not hesitate to add you as a friend and can not wait to chat up with you.You’re talkative and very funny, let me chat with you feeling relaxed and very happy.I become lonely because you come from depressed brightened, after every time sitting at a computer, such as your icon lit up, became a sweet anticipation.If you do not appear, the heart will be heavy loss, what if too few.  Then once I forgot myself in the fantasy world, and I think I have a life with a blooming red roses never fade.Thinking back to enjoy the horizon that I do not know where you are, without regard to the Xuanxie you telling stories of the past, present mood.You listen quietly, softly comfort, you know.?You dressed in a rose-like prosthetic red, warm my whole winter ah!  Like wandering like a shadow in this foreign land bustle of the city, high-rise Pro Liren sea traffic, like a labyrinth of nets Huangsi.Searching, they do not always know what they are looking for, just as the body is evacuated soul, aimlessly.  I guess I do not belong to this bustling, I just drift a traveler on the road.Even so, I look forward to the way wind and rain, there is a cluster of roses in full bloom for me and red, red, red, purple let me enchanted!We are looking forward to it?Or the smile of a little luxury?  You come, you gradually coming from the network illusory to me, it feels so real it really so far away.On this day some dreamy, somewhat melancholy in which they can look forward to some day by day, month in January and had the wind.We already talk about anything the.I understand you away from me across thousands of miles away, the nation’s largest city life, I know you had this rose to the others and open, I understand you have this rose in my heart and life there are no a touch of red.Even so charming so really got me drunk, but distant bloom where my life can not get away Oh!  After the close of the written word with words, with hugs and kisses pattern, through video we also see the other side look.Knowing that our interpretation of the results is not in a romantic open-minded world, are still going to meet one day a certain period, or a inundated with rain in the morning or a sunny afternoon with another or a the sun sets in the evening, we were able to hand the line, covered with rose petals on the road towards the dream of embracing the most far-reaching places.  Or or that as if if.You exist, and you are not present.You there, because every day I had you in mind floating shadow.So you do not exist, I clearly see the screen at you with a smile, but I can not touch your true face.You have a fiery character in shock, I can actually feel the passion ready to make your lips like roses.  The kind you want to meet the desire of more and more intense, but I can not know.So to see you one thousand reasons, the cries of the helpless sigh when dreams at midnight that, that sigh inexplicable pain, with tears in sight penetration endless horizon rose quietly open road..Melaleuca with you across the mountain cloud ten thousand, you can always feel that I was away so close.Close enough to hear the sound you want to open, you may like the stars in an unknown place I reach lit, and I can not do everything no matter what your holding in her hand, look at your sparkling eyes.  Illusory the network have countless lonely soul boring moan, like a pile of bones lose life darkness going to happen every day in every.  I still wistfully waiting for you to bloom in the night, with you a ride comfort, blessing and give you a ride.Even if you can not see the flowers look like, how many years can you still dressed in crimson touch of touched me, still warm with a heart of ice in a transgression season, perhaps maybe sad twilight of my uh!  Worth mentioning, this is you and I have a different life of people, to be met and fell in love in the fantasy world of the Internet, is not easy a.In this human indifference materialistic real life, there is not a trace of the existence of truth?And you He Qixing me holy, no family can be bound in the absence of conflict of fame and fortune, only sympathetic to each other only on the goodwill of the network share staged a romantic story, although such unreal, so ethereal, but I think carefully why It is not a kind of spiritual comfort?  It does not matter, only that this process will never experience that is unsurpassed by years!  I do not know from that alley downstairs in a floating window lit singing an old song: You are my lover like roses, like a woman that you use red lips.Red Rose tonight you opened again, and I seem to hear your voice bloom, a one..