Articles mountains after the rain

Part One: rain rain mountains, rested feet, roughly stopped, clean air Weileng.Walking on the road, faint coolness, sometimes hit, but this time, mind all net.  Mr. Lee Kyu-hyung afternoon listening to the lecture Bihan Guo ambassador, smells weird heart is.Anxious effort, though, and related to this, but wiped away the dull, really light it up yourself.Between a person, hold the umbrella, and the light ocher, trance, ran away classroom.  Nor stay in the corridor.At this point, all attached aisle teaching area, because no proof seems quiet and cold occlusion.Big windows child, gave it a large enough field of vision, but also to look into the distance and immersed in a lot of children in any way back enough space.The lack of a barrier, they will add a little more free and casual, the flow is not missing years of precipitation, often recalled, always cherish an stubborn awe-inspiring, swing in the harbor, not to destroy, but soft and warm, and people difficult to replicate the warmth of an.  Pace remains the same, never slow down.Just the eyes, but not consciously oblique looked out the window.At this spring, moments of beauty, meaning rain, increasingly Song of concentration, but could not bear to be the homes of.  Not far, the mountains with Dai, cemented Bise, looked a long time, then suddenly no preset form one long-lost love, there is difficult to tell the Hanhen.Equinox has passed, in the north, spring still strong, while in winter the mountains do not withered grass, even more than at the foot was like a spring-like, revealing the faint green color, between no reason to be with a man a sense of aging and the kind of heavy, smoke in the rain at the net is a different kind of charm.  Recall that, after closing the wind rain, than most touching the saddle bag at each interleaved between hills, Yun intermingled with patches of milky mist reservoir.For it?Big windows son, is a slightly shabby frame, these survival moment, perhaps the next moment the Dayton release no trace of the views laid down.Fog, in the end is misty, but also spiritual, like clouds, floating in the mountains, busy in Feng Yao, but also unintentional unintentional aside cage a layer of mystery, original, ethereal, graceful cause of.I just pedestrians alone, sparse and defeat, struggling to think of the soul given to this quiet moment.  Murdoch edible beauty bar.Single is Gezhaochuangzi, for a look at this gift of rain, will be hollow and comfortable body, Youran entered the dream, petite, elegant, romantic, beautiful.  Also do not laugh at me.Xu Qing and Atsushi recover wet thoughts, quietly gone.The phrase should be buried in the heart of the sentence, three years ago, from Mongolia: “Hush.Quietly go away, do not disturb this continuing good.”Part II: rapid car dealers mountains after the rain, the rain pounding the windows.Everything scenery all around, every place, every creek, every river, every mountain, every one grass, every flower, every stream, even a small creek spills spray, can we struck a chord, can make us excited, I feel exceptionally gracious, exceptionally beautiful.Today is the rain feel more fresh air is also exceptionally.  Mountain walking, flying smoke reed Akira.Dai mountains in the distant hint of hazy smoke, white smoke Fudang between peaks curl Tingting.Creator sigh of magic, praise God’s wonderful work of God ax, dark green color of the trees in the rain, and every stone cross grass, mountains in the rain even with such a different kind of beauty.  Rain, bluestone trails are scouring Liangliang, a crevice of thick moss, I do not know a lot of load growth, just adding to the domesticated hen Spring Green, the way the rain is still falling little by little, drop by drop, hit a clump of banana leaves on the drops hit clothing, wet trousers.A sauna, a hair net and sometimes a wind drizzle, sometimes dripping dense, dry winter narrow a narrow river has now become choppy water, such as injection wanton and can swallow the shore of the Department, the wide riverbed magnificent feeling, ” Shimizu upper stone, the United States and a female crook station “.Where there is determined scenery.Wherever there are simple and lovely villagers, tea and bottled water seat stay warm plain rice.  Into the mountains, a quiet sense of spread, trees and grass, washed free of dust is very intoxicating green.Air fresh and moist, more mingled with the earth’s atmosphere wrapped in a fragrant aromatic flowers filled the air, people can not help but close your eyes and breathe greedy.Occasionally there will be several more birds and insects sings mildly light croon, which allows even more secluded forest.Metin standing Ridge, the mountains on the cover is a layer of gauze, like a shy girl exposed shy smile, middle or exposed original bamboo and Tsuchiya green paddy fields, only that the body in Wonderland.  Thoughts, with an peaceful, slowly flowing.Heart, at this time caught in a vacant mood, the quiet, pure, not stained Qian Chen.Yes, at this moment, those who love and not love Red in the struggle, those regrets the secular world Qingshenyuanqian, have introspective dream, the wind blew away.Those life time and the most essential thing, this time in the heart gradually open to generalization.Fill the gap, so that all people’s heart has become so soft and serene, so aloof.This company commander distant earthen houses now have a new look, the walls do not have any stains, feels like just built, without any signs of aging, to “not be defiled” the term has a new interpretation.