Articles like the wind away

Part One: like the spring breeze as the universe should not leave the mountain, the sea without any hesitation Ripples, things have encountered forever.  I was not born with the world, nor can the only things with me, and all will be just a microcosm.  Belt it’s a little bit ethereal; Fortunately, some itch on the cheek, but I did not see anything.  That winter, only under a little bit of snow, there is no ice, completely, which is not frozen with you; only one action, which is like the frightened fish in shallow water, a fierce headlong into the soil, not enough time to put pendulum tail.  One thing to give people the most beautiful thing that you can always recall; shop unless, Yan had left marks, which probably did not go through the washing ronin.  In the foggy morning, I embrace you, it is a footer a soft rain of the body, but did not fully embrace you; now, the day started windy.Gangbusters, you also take away.  When to hear the birds, see the tread marks when to go; but not on the sidelines during the day, not at night glimpse.In fact, you are the one in charge of the gods of the sun.  Early on in his diary note of you, then you boundless, vast misty; you are not heartless, but the crisis is over, you Xinruzhishui.  How many sleepless nights, you will lift up my feelings together, can not be extinguished, and now I have been a blazing hot it burned; how can you live in the heavens where?Whether next spring also Homecoming?  You put down the wings covered with a feather of a hair, to my window perch it!  I know that one day will bring thorns flowers, I know the sadness will spread out its leaves red roses, heart open to the sun.I do not mind, I really do not mind paying, because I love all of you a long time ago to run to.  Do not spent in silence.Because this static like a corpse lying in bed one, lost their lives!My heart is your point with poetic flame spread in endless.Dancing, waving it back in the sky, burned to death and decay.  From the dark silence of the stars seen in the view, intoxicated wind coming from the fourth face it, this fire, like a lotus won the hearts of Shu exhibition at night with a flower.Everything was boiled, melted, ignited shock | situation.  Stimulated | after the love is Canmeng.I can only remember you are asleep, that you are in my heart is so small, so if no deposit swing?Sitting on the beach, the ears hear sound waves hit the shore reef, there are things blowing me, I can only feel itchy face.I did not see the look.  Oh!It is this something you had!  Aftertaste I think that there have been sweet, trying to remember that once had put a swing, do not want to let it forget, nor let everything perish.There were many things to make you calm and had much experience you away from the Red?If you like, all this is bound to leave like that, like the spring breeze.  Like a spring breeze departure, not asking you calm and do not ask the Red, is tell you to ignite shock | intelligence, open-minded, to accept life!  How many times pondering the warmth of your arms, how many times you try to find the depths of hair fragrance.But all just muddle, buckle heart.All this is not too far away, but too close to me, close enough to own confused.  Silly does not mean giving up, it’s just a deep love, perfect love.  come back!Return it!If, in the coming year, next spring.    Part II: like the wind away when I returned to the village, a village southwest wind was blowing.That wind blowing and then when I left the village opposite.  Wind is not just blowing some of the dust, some of the leaves, some of the children in the village after eating instant noodles to throw plastic bags.Floating in the air with some lighter stuff everywhere.When I entered the village, the village empty.Dogs did not ask about those dogs are just dogs village many years ago, they are familiar with the village footsteps of everyone.At that moment, they heard a good many years ago walking in the footsteps village.Chicken did not ask, villages chickens things unresponsive and indifferent.It would not to speculate on the village one more or less a person who lives it would be what kind of impact.In fact, it does not determine who you are, even if one has never been a stranger in the village went to its side, it do not bother you look glances.Chicken in the world is a relaxed and detached world, it may be more satisfied than those who live more awake.  Was noon, the village quietly.People Voges labor in the fields, the crops have been long enough to submerge their bodies.They do not perceive much air a person’s breathing.In fact, I hit into the village when the air to disrupt the village the previous layout.I rest for a while under an old pine tree, I sucked the air there for years untouched.Dirty air around quickly go to the old pine trees, I was sucked in to fill part.I climbed up many years ago I climbed a chestnut tree, I tried to hide in the trees standing crops to people to find out, but I have not found a man.The east wind was shaking the branches swing Akira West, the branches also casually fiddle with the air.I was shaking for a while in a tree, he came back to the ground.Sauna net went behind the house where the first floor, I met the father of Wenxuan.Wenxuan father being bent over back in the ground Weeding.I watched him for most of the day, he did not notice.He was a decade ago, the way his head wrapped in a scarf with a black, wearing clothes that buttons down the front of a blue polyester card.In fact, I can remember playing, he is like that, as if all these years he stopped at the same time the.  ”Peter, you are busy now?”Wenxuan father straightened up a child, half a head emerge from Baogu forest, he glanced at me, complex and buried head busy.He had not know about me.  ”Peter, you are still the same, that did not change it.”I continued hailed.  Wen Xuan’s father stunned for a moment, will again head the probe out of the forest Baogu.His dry cough twice, asked the sentence: “You This is where to go?”I almost laughed out loud.”Peter, you look, which I?”Wenxuan father with cloudy eyes looked at me from head to toe several times, saying” you’re like a person.”I asked:” Who?”Wenxuan father uttered the name of my father.I finally laughed aloud.I said: “Peter, I’m a baby Bin.”” Bin baby?Really Bin baby!Good easy to get Akira (dialect, meaning time flies) ah, blink of an eye so big.”Peter came out of the forest Baogu handle in the armpits rub and scrub, and then come up with a large porcelain jar from a large stump in the grass, pour a cup clasp on Cigang.I know that there is Cigang Aohao black tea.  Peter poured me a cup, said: “tea bitter, you are not used to drinking Luo?”” Fortunately it, Peter.”Hey Bo would laugh.Peter took the delivery to the tea, I saw a pair of rough hands, a pair of full of calluses, hands full of dirt.In the village, any person on earth a living, so have a pair of hands.If the village which have thin skin of the hand of a tender meat, it is definitely a loafer, such a person in the village was considered worthless, is to be cast aside, and despised.  Peter poured himself a tea cup Helehaoji, Adam’s apple one last look, the sound very loud, very pleasure.After tea, Peter Cheguo a dry leaves, the floor and cried pad, a surge of fart sit down.I squatted next to, I have not used such a sitting posture, I Pazang my pants.  Our very casual conversation, most of the time is a primary thing in asking me out.The world outside of me as much as possible to outline a complete village primary.For things outside the village, Bo is a stranger, but it is also a curious and envious persons.Later, Peter said to me some things villages.Village about things when I became a listener.I found that I was a stranger village.I like listening to a distant story has nothing to do with my village.And I really have not been close to the village for many years, have not seen the village of flowers, the village did not climb trees, not through the village road, the village had no breathing air, not listened to village the voice.  Peter tells me to leave eventually back to the village had never been seen.In fact, my memory of Peter, still in the time I left the village, he was more understanding than my own time I.So far, the village appeared in my shadow, Chuang Tzu in the only thing that concerns me.Peter and I and greeting a while, Peter is also great interest to tell you about my wearing pants in full village Xiapao thing makes me laugh.  Bo bid farewell to the sun only two poplar high.  Back home, the yard is empty, wore courtyard with a stick.I called a few times gently father and mother, no one answer.They must have worked the piece of ground.I did not yell.If I yell, then, it will disturb more than half of the village.  I readily picked up a stick from under the door to open the top door of a wooden dial, just played a gust of wind, the door to scratch, and I took the opportunity to slip into the yard.Dogs in the Western wall in the sun, I walked rushing to me.In less than a foot away from me far away, suddenly leaping dog, paw into my chest a ride.I did not stand a moment, give Liaodao.I pressed the dog, a tongue constantly licking a suck a my face, tickled I laughed out loud.I asked a few times Rao, tried to get up, but it was wrestled.I simply stumbled dogs, and playing it on the ground roll.After two or three minutes scene, and the dog did not stop mean, there is no trouble about fun.I am a little tired and decided to come up with human dignity, it snapped a few times, I looked at it this bitterly to leave.I looked at it and smiled, it immediately wants to come by.I had to re-collapse under the face.The southern wall of the group of chickens apparently have forgotten me, they took a Da eyelids casually glanced at my eyes, without the slightest excitement.