Articles into the spring

Part One: Spring Into Spring quietly came to our side, everything seemed so quiet, natural.Is a weekend, I want to go out with family and go for a walk, her daughter did not want to go out, and I love to ride out of the house.  After a spring rain, the earth is washed rain, walking in nature, an earthy fragrance, giving a fresh, cozy feeling.Mountain greener, more green trees, people have a sense of dizzying.  I do not know what time, to the mountains Spring girl quietly put on new clothes, new green leaves standing branches in the sunshine is so striking.Fields, green barley grass is facing the warm spring and a light straight spine, Shu branch and leaf, Zhuo strong growth.Golden | canola flower color, exudes a rich aromatic incense, and the gentle spring breeze, smelling the flowers refreshing, fascinated.Groups of bees in the flowers flying, “Om, Om, Om” singing Happy Spring Song.White pear, clusters, clumps, swaying in the spring, then, that the new green leaves, surrounded by flowers, the wind light dance on the branches.Inter then move forward, came to a Taoyuan, a red-pink color is like a peach clouds and landed on the green hill.Branches full of peach, Yan Jiao a flower a white flower around a core, is so pure, so gentle, so quiet.I do not bear close to her, for fear of accidentally touched her, hurt her.Surrounded by a flower in a group, from time to time there are one or two small and green buds stuck his head out and enjoy this fascinating a light spring.Then there Hanbaoyufang a flower bud, Zhang red smile, shy hiding branches, to show her charm.  Mountains, trees, flowers is a beautiful landscape, the distance that the small white building nestled in which, as if into a beautiful fairy-tale world, people forget the work of fatigue, heart trouble.  Nature walk in the spring, revel in the spring in a light, holding the hand of love, through our life in which a light spring.    Part II: early spring into the spring in March, some cold chill in the air.I walk on the mountain morning exercises, a warm wind blowing the slightest.March seems particularly bright sun, a scene of spring do now on this winding mountain paths.It seems to presage the past years different rings it!  Spring is the natural world’s most colorful season.Jade mountain scenery, sparkling lake picture with microwave, constitutes a unique atmosphere of spring.Spring is beautiful, everything is alive.Looked relaxed and happy.Smell, refreshing.After listening, soul-stirring.”Lee West by the Yellow Crane Tower, the fireworks in Yangzhou”.Whenever the spring in March ushered in the breeze, always think of the phrase poem.Perhaps it is because in March the same color exceptionally beautiful spring bar, the ancients would particularly like to take this spring to look forward to express their good feelings.  Blossom moment.Ye Sheng leaf blight, a flash.Wind windy interest rates, a moment.Yunjuanyunshu, even for a moment.It seems that only a short life so many wonderful things, only in that glorious moment blinking, before people will be able to open their hearts for the time being.But only a wizard, can drive away the warm winter, wake up the earth, so that green instead of brown, cold heart to re-let a combustion flame burned life.It is the spring.Sauna net Spring in March, spring, spring green fields, golden world.Looking ahead, gold Guangcan, the breeze blowing, aromatic fragrance, with the aroma of flowers nostrils the breath of earth.Blue sky suddenly heard bursts of goose calls out, line by line flying large Yanming shouted from the air.In this season, I walked on top of this hill.I am once again reminded of the song “wild goose”, “Hongyan, North return, bring my thoughts, singing away, trembling piano, warm spring on the prairie.Hongyan, to the south, flying over the reeds, vast sky, where geese go, the hearts of northern hometown.”Fall into the World March, the breath of spring flows through the earth, birds are flying long grass, and flowers in full bloom during the year.Shen Mi thoughts for a long time, as the plaintive song from my heart out.Sad, miss, peremptorily children of my heart.Ching Ming, and is in the spring.It is the day before the Cold Food, is the day people’s home away from home for deceased loved ones Shangfen.Often rain before Tomb Sweeping Festival, I am looking forward to the rain, because rain Putian Qingming tears, and pay homage to the souls.”Spring Bude Ze, things Health glorious” What a promising season, has chosen to make can increase a little touch of sadness.Walking in the spring, warm breeze blowing in this season, missing the heart distant land.  Road edge, clusters of grass shoots have cropped up.Each and trees have been spit out a new strip of green.Walk on the Hill greet blowing a plume of dirt with a mellow breeze.Listening to the birds chirping sound bursts.Twist a wildflower one into his mouth to chew carefully, until a hint of sweet Italian thrown up from the base of the tongue, pull up a few dog’s tail grass, put his hand slightly to get a.A little quiet, a little peace of mind, put yourself into the arms of the spring.With this pure beauty in this season, my heart slowly along the footprints of spring, spring began to walk in feeling inside.Perhaps entered the twilight years of life, I feel the time off fast.Against lopsided day, my heart will not live lament!As the years of life passer, leaving an indelible mark on a Road.Those good memories, years quietly taken away unknowingly, become distant..  Yes!The scenery in the world, we process every human life is it not a landscape it?I really do not want to ignore the spring to bring people of every mood, covered up, reserved for a thick layer of memory!