Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia or the Soviet Union has never been studied nerve agent "novichok agent"

  Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, March 17 (Reporter Lu Jinbo) – Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on the 17th Zaha Petrova, Russia or the Soviet Union never had the nerve agent research project novichok agent accused Britain, and the United Kingdom, United States, Czech Republic, Sweden and other countries or in the research project。 The Czech Republic and Sweden denied。
  Zaha Petrova day in Russia 24 TV broadcast said, holding the hands of the British agent sample is not open, on its own reasoning concludes, is likely to lie in weaving from the start。 She said Britain, the United States, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Sweden in the late 1990s and even today are likely in Chalk Novi research projects, the most likely source is the above-mentioned countries。   Czech caretaker Foreign Minister Straw Pune Nowitzki 17, said the Russian Foreign Ministry statement said the nerve agent from the Czech Republic unfounded。 Czech caretaker Defense Minister Shilaihetuo baby said that the Czech strictly abide by the prohibition of the development, production and relevant international conventions chemicals diffuse, Czech anti-chemical warfare troops responsible for the protection of such chemicals to non-proliferation。
  Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom 17 Russian refute the allegations on social media, said the Russian accusations unacceptable and groundless, Russia should be made to answer the question on the British side。
  According to British media reports, the former Russian intelligence officer Christi Parr and her daughter unconscious in the street on the 4th Wiltshire, England Salisbury City。
British police said the two men in the nerve agent。 British government says Russia is likely related to this matter。
  15, British Prime Minister Terre Shamei, US President Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Make Long issued a joint statement calling on Russia to explain the relevant issues Christi Pal cases。 Statement accused Russia of violation of the "Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons," and international law, requiring Russia to the OPCW full public nerve agents novichok agent of related projects。