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Part One: home homesick, I could not resist, so he picked up the bag and ran back to the line.  Departure of excitement that can not wait, when waiting somehow become melancholy up.Out to mix already for eight years, although would go back every year, but still feel homesick Gordian addiction.I remember the first time away from home, that would be young and frivolous, early foreign world everywhere felt fresh, simple thought to have career success, but never considered “Wild World” suffering as much experience after several rounds of combat, realize home is the most warm, is the backbone of the spirit, then it is reluctant to go back to the.A long time, but it is home to remember, but also time to remind ourselves root here, for fear of something forgotten.  This piece of me to support my land has a special deep feelings, which makes me home is always reluctant to let go.Perhaps this is the “nostalgia” of the meaning of it, worry that thought can not go back, back again reluctantly parting after parting is more of a miss.  Finally he came back, everything becomes more warm up.Remember the piece of country road leading to the villages of it, remember patch of green crops do?And that deep to play up the cool water, still is so sweet.There is no hustle and bustle of dust clouds during the day, there are only blue sky and the clouds hung thousands of miles in the woods crisp birds, there are no street lights at night they dress into the starry, where there is no desire, no worries, there is only a quiet, an Enron.  At home and my nephew did a few crazy things.Walking back to the village from the Tianshan Mountains, 25 km 5 hours, the family curse us know after brain problem, but also less convenient car under the scorching sun ascetic, really can not understand.Then I went alone pastoral areas, where there is grassland, pasture there.Riding a motorcycle in the grasslands is a very fun thing, do not look at the road, because the road everywhere, you only need to add a little horsepower bolted like, but that day I have to admit drunk driving.There also met with herders seventy-three and his family, and his three right-hand man, a horse and two dogs.They are pure Mongolian herders, generations are living this life.Guileless enthusiasm, even though we do not know very talk to, tell me the story of what happened appearances nomadic, and later also his beloved horse I rode over to try, I did not hateful riding experience, just set foot on the stirrup slid down, not try, looked at him Cemayangbian, I can only envy less than the copies.  The return home is too meaningful, not only to re-visit the old haunt, you see the old friend and experience the pure pastoral life, but also the genuineness of physically feel the love of this land, just a few days , seemed to recover his former self.In the outside world, we have lost faith in a pure real, cynical, happy to enjoy the thrill of flying, but for a long time, it becomes a void, with no home.Only here, let your heart be quiet, to appease the spirit, this is the real home, the fate of the soul.  We walked too fast, please slow down and wait your soul..    Part II: home through the window, I can see a tile eaves covered with moss, the gray tiles as if a thin layer of green paint brush.The outside row of a large sturdy poplar, half of the body with light at the eaves shade.Dense foliage, green.Every day of fun Xiaochan, hiding in the shade, the twittering chatter.I think of Yu Shinan: hanging Sui drink clear gel, Shu Tong flow ring out.Home shouted from far, is to use non-autumn.Well, it is noon in a daze.  Always had in the days of the fast idle.In a flash, it has been home ten days.That day around that drag around a lazy person.Idle.However, this is a busy hair in the heart of busy.What one nor even dry I do not feel uncomfortable idle.  Always warm home.Even thousands of miles of miles, will often haunting.How many times have dreamed of wearing grandma’s black shoes walking in the countryside roads, every step so at ease.Grandma just old now, can not do a needle and thread.I have big, rarely at home, the.Sauna net Then, after really coming back but it is a feeling I can not think of.Apart from the warm idle, there is a layer of faint alienation.The village of human etiquette, but also not too concerned about the weddings and marriage.Often there is a feeling of outsider.Want to come too, I started junior high school live on campus.  While farmer is so busy, busy for a while.At the moment it is slack, people almost every day sitting in the shade of the intersection, some family gossip and chatter.Whose pigs who last night a few cubs, which village woman and a good friend so and so.I do not like to join in this lively, worm would rather see some idle at home can no longer idle books.In fact, a hint of concern, because the topic being represented to me once, usually revolves around two themes – “College” and “Zhao Xifu”.  And adults and children often have very little touches chat.I live near the know, do not know the far point, but most know is someone’s child.Only impression they are long in the back of their father and mother.Time off so long detained!Suddenly they are so big.They played out in the tender seems to have seen his shadow.At that time, I also like them, running barefoot in the mud.But now has changed, I can not laugh they laugh so clean.please forgive me!Gu Cheng Shu Ting is still really can not remember the words of.”Any time I burst into tears right!I have no youth feast seats.He has been sitting under a lamp pale postscript when writing this time at home, sorting out – “.Like this, very often, the emotional one thing, and only after the away before they have the courage and desire to sort out.    Part Three: It is home to a thriving summer weekend with her daughter back home to visit his parents.In the car crossed the mountain, the road Yang Jun leafy trees, bloom in early summer unique new green.Golden sunlight through the infected leaves, bright green leaves shining a different kind of green light, attracting appreciative eyes, beautiful and fascinating.Green shade like endless stretches of flying long queue window, dancing summer passion, as if the Mercedes-Benz car assessed by.  Move on, a mature cherry orchard passing windows.Brilliant cherry just as blushing face light cover dense green leaves, secretly looked at you.Red, green and white, rich and gaudy as little cherry red lips, seductive reverie.Exposure green sea, as if turned into a fish, not into the Green Wave.Breeze blowing, the time is now hidden when Smart cherries, just as children play, fun beautiful.Numerous ruby crystal encrusted green leaves, bring endless enjoyment of beauty, which is unadorned natural beauty.Is a cherry red summer sun garden, the early summer flush of cherries is beautiful to share.  I bought a cherry.Wash the cherries more mouthwatering, suddenly a light product a mouth full of sweet red sauce stained lips and teeth.Daughter with a smile: “This is the cherry lipstick it.”.This summer, as we share the happy days as booming, rich ruby red cherries like a fire burning tree green leaves.  Bypassing several mountains, the road will open up, this is the Wen River Plains.Bumper harvest of endless wheat fields, wheat fragrance bustling school.Just before his home not far from the small village of cover in the trees in the wheat.Distance see parents in the village to meet us.Get off her daughter quickly ran in front of my grandparents happy shouting: “grandparents, miss you —” lively daughter bounce took grandmother’s hand, kept asking this question on that.Mother stroking granddaughter’s head, said: “Han Han taller, another two years will be able to beat me -” My father put the stuff in the back walked, I asked my father; “Body okay?”My father smiled and said:” okay.”I said:” Do not be too tired to get more rest.Life should pay attention to nutrition — “My father nodded.See mothers and fathers face was tanned a lot of hard work, can not help the hearts of some sour.The addition of a little white-haired mother, I can not help but feel the years rush.But to see their parents in good spirits, it relieved a lot of.Parents saw the granddaughter happy to not close the mouth, the wrinkles seemed to be a lot to ask.  One enter the house to see the aunt in chickens, ready to entertain my daughter.I smiled aunt, said: “We are not guests, so grand ah!”Auntie smiled and said:” You’re not the guests, but more important than the guests Han Han.Your parents know granddaughter to come back, give me that early, hurried over and kill a chicken to eat Han Han.”Hearty meals a table full swing.Three generations sitting together with each other to make the eating, enjoyable.I think this is now their grandchildren.Can not help but want to be sure to make them happy parents lifetime, is the greatest “filial piety” ah.The whole family live in peace, is the greatest happiness ah.  Happy time always flies, gone on to each moment.While we all want time passes more slowly, I really hope this beautiful moment solidified into a permanent.A car coming!My daughter and I got.Daughter and grandparents reluctantly bid farewell: “Bye grandparents, summer I look at you -” start the car, her daughter said to me: “I want to cry -” I barely smiled and advised her: “Nothing, we have the opportunity to back to see grandma and grandpa – “despite persuade her daughter, but my eyes can not help but moist.  Looking back through the window far, parents are still standing in the village watched us, vaguely see the mother was wiping his eyes with a handkerchief..what!”Poor parental love ah”.