Articles do not want a man

Part One: do not want a man!  I do not know a moment of emotion, or thought of a major turning point.  Recently, I always mess, nearly two months, right.What makes people grow up?Is not a question of age, some people live into their eighties still like a child, I want to be like that, at least you can live happier.  However, the reality leads people to mental confusion, loss, conflict will grow quietly.Often gratuitous ask yourself: If you stick, stubborn is not mature?If flexible, sleek is not mature?If perseverance, resignation is not mature?If tolerance, indulgence is not mature?If you do not fight, giving up is not mature?If aloof, disheartened is not mature?If open-minded, indifference is not mature?  Too much reality to think clearly, to go farther, put his throw farther.Looking back, the time could not see his shadow, I did not know is wrong.In the pursuit of ever quest, or you’ve lost yourself?In any case, it is equally when the road can not find.  Friend once told me, what do not want to say something, write it down, it is also a resolve.However, when the text becomes more and more subtle, I think, I again thought buried in the bottom of my heart.I vaguely remember myself: I cried, Ren Xinhai flooding; I laugh, either heaven and earth flower; I flew all the way, any wind recklessly; I sit staring, any litter youth years.When I can not do myself, I think we should re-invent a cleaner soul, into the body, then vigorous germinal.  More than one friend said, I seem dignified calm exterior does not render all my heart, deep in my heart there is a strong wild, rebellious, restless, once the soil for the growth of the encounter, it will no pack soaring spread.I do not deny that I know my body does not always have a clear say even their own thing, it is precisely because of these things, let the people who know me always tempted to ask you in the end is what kind of people do?I do not know.Many times, I Emotion Shigeyoshi, but there are many times frosty; many times, I soft naive, but there are also a lot of time, I calmly let themselves feel terrible.Not sure do not know in the end is what kind of people just think they are not so law-abiding, otherwise they would not have so many contradictions.  But now, I see clearly, I flaunt those arms, is a root is cut off, blood streaming down the arm over the ground, at the foot of a bright red.So I became more and more rules, more and more close to the human form, and even he seems to have like a personal.But I do not know where to emerge from a voice: I do not want a man!    Part two: a man tired of life do not want to go again.  Last year at this season, a thirty-year-old man came to the city.Perhaps the country in addition to a wife Jiao Laofulaomu son waiting for him there is a debt, high temperature, he was hungry running in the street, hoping to find a job.Suddenly, he was dizzy and fell to the street.Two scared timid lady uttered a sharp exaggeration to call other people face without expression surrounded walked away.  A reporter found him, so the man on the local evening news.It reported that the man penniless, so five or six hospitals have refused to receive medical treatment.Later how his fate, no report indicating that it has no longer worth the reporters ink costs of.Sauna networks do birds are happy.  Just a few days after the workers lying on the streets, in the same city, a stay in the mansion tired parrot want to experience life, so quietly “away from home”.Parrot lost his way home also fell ill, but people have been loving care, the hospital is not only free to give it an injection fluid, also organized expert consultation, and that many people often call asking about her condition, and pledged to adoption.This is not what I want to prove to fiction, this is the same evening in a report.  Do trees are unenviable.  Last year, I hesitated for more than ten days later, a bite to buy a flowerpot three years ago to want, as a result, every country cousin to my house, took my three pots worth five hundred pounds of corn price do talk.This said, Gee!Two pots enough to our family for six months of that day and really enjoying life trees crooked neck tree.That talk, the village folks, money is useless at the point they took me to borrow, buy piglets Hey, This Way, you are sparkling with money?I thought they really fuss addition of meddling.Later, I found myself like them insight.Yi Keke trees were in town to see the name of “drip” on psychological imbalance, gastritis think that they have been tortured for more than a decade, has not enjoyed this kind of treatment, I really want to buy a bottle of sulfuric acid, they Yi Keke destroy.Fortunately, I just thought crime, otherwise ruin the day.This is what I later came to understand the newspaper.The newspaper said, a city on the verge of death in order to save five hundred years plane trees, far from the ancient and famous trees Fuso Please governance experts, specially formulated nutrient solution gave them “drip”, which lasted more than a year, 5 tree finally restored to health, they are “thriving Yingzi to meet National Day.”If you really take the flow of acid to splash the trees, I’m sort of person do?Alas, but not people, so what, so what are people.  The dog is happy to do.  Not long ago, a certain place dignitaries, “inadvertently” revealing his dog in the United States looking for a baby brow, all of a sudden, there seventy-eight sent off seven or eight of “dog at” home.This and other beauty thing, you say ah, a few years old who have not heard of feminine bachelor who have this dream a brilliant encounter it?My neighbor two cattle, the family was too poor to chink, forties, did not marry my wife, I have to hurry to go to the highway rape and murder || strong, sentenced to death he was also pleased that in this life to know “taste of a woman”, value the.Before a shot rang, he has a look of brilliant smile.Later, that smile often appears in my mind.A neighbor, I quietly went to his grave, burning ten “little sister” and hundreds of millions of currency close the eyes to him, I hope he can live addiction a “successful”, but I do not know next life he wanted to throw generation * who or what.