Articles dandelion

Part One: Herd dandelion sun at this time when it was not a hot blazing noon, in the west of the residue linked to the sun, at this time is not so strong, now approaching evening, a slight breeze began to blow, blown away by a strong the sun brings a refreshing cool, the cool breeze blowing, I am no longer bored, quiet state of mind a lot, looking at the empty room and only one person, a man of the world really quiet but a man of the world is also very beautiful, because there are thoughts of distant and beautiful, may also have worries, the worry is parting sorrow, helpless regret and pain, once sky with dandelion with the wind as beautiful as love, and now the wind He blew away the dandelion, blowing woke up a beautiful dream, leaving a silence, quiet only endless thoughts in the hearts of the waves rolling ripples, with memory dates back to long gone fleeting; open long memory Gallery, vivid memories, expectations had been turned into a dream, once regarded as a hit beautiful love, now bloom again is a dream, dandelion already scattered in the horizon, and the same is crazy Heart, still quietly looking forward, silently waiting, waiting for the coming year can meet thousands of miles.  How time flies slowly, say PASSING time, time flies, as can every single day Sanqiu in this tranquil world, cut, tangled in the mind is always difficult to forget the wind and the Dandelion, still hope awaits the wind can once again come; the reality is cruel, beautiful is virtual, a former beauty in dream dreams are all empty, once the flowers bloom and fall now, is a blues cleared.Recalling the past years has countless flies happy, look at the present frustration of parting gave life to leave sad regret; you gave my life to create a beautiful, gave me a dream to create a brilliant, but now you ran like the wind rush Piaoyuan, you take away the splendid dream, took the most beautiful in life, the dandelion scattered all over the floor, but unfortunately, I can only remember once dandelion dating back to the agreement, to recall dandelion once beautiful; I really good hope dandelion do not easily scattered, really hope we’re like wind and dandelion, dandelion wind at any time with dependents, and dandelion can always attachment around in the wind, the wind and fly with dandelion from ends of the earth, drifting together, refused to leave, and never abandoned, so uncomfortable, really happy ah!  People often love metaphor dandelion, dandelion language of flowers never stop love, it sounds very beautiful, can also some sad, because life is the fate of dandelion in the wind by the decision, but the beauty of the dandelion is life wind has always accompanied every step could be heard breathing the wind, the wind has a short life counterparts, as long as the windy place, there will be dandelion.Sometimes envy dandelion own nice, really want to like, forever chasing the wind to as dandelion, dandelion is no longer only until the wind drifting down roots.Carrying Dandelion, heart children fly away, in the hope in my lifetime, can really achieve Dandelion, I hope in my lifetime and a loved one can dream of flying together, fly together from one of the sky, stay for life under the most beautiful picture, and now dandelion relentless wind blown, and dream dreams that still left a beautiful memory, with the agreement of the dandelion, dandelion forget the beauty of playing chase with the wind, forget that once bit of wind and rain, forget the life you once had, when loosen the tight grip of the hand, while the dandelion has long been planted in the minds of.  Look forward with hope the wind can come again, how I wish the wind do not blow away the life of Dandelion, do not blow away dandelion beautiful dream, who wish to continue to extend the beauty, not scattered Dandelion, dandelion in convention, still want to continue to chase dandelions and whisper with the wind, and now dandelion has been dispersed by the wind, can still prepare the hearts of dandelion agreement, beautiful love, have you prepared the world.You can wind as light as a surplus Piaoyuan, who easily put another dandelion agreed to disperse, and I can only fall into the dust, I hope the coming year, wind energy call again, hoping in Dandelion, dandelion flowers can bloom again, I do not want to wind drift alone, to bring together to achieve dandelion dandelion!    Part II: lost love dandelion Dandelion broke through the wind, fly to the land that illuminate life.Because the share of perseverance and persistence, it found, only occasionally get lost.  We like that get lost dandelion, met in the vast sea, it will carefully smile, make you my acquaintance, friend.Perhaps the encounter is a chance, but knowing each other but it is fate.  I was very tough, a good face, then why not you.This time Mars collided like two, always will be sparks.Luckily, fortunately: there is no human you remember?Those three days five days a kicked up a little noisy day.At that time the Cold War is that all of our tactics, and wrote a note has become our only way to solve the Cold War, you do not speak, I have insisted on the death, which under Well, head-on.However, it seems you always one step ahead, with a “eat it”, “still angry ah…”The end of all this, sometimes very guilty, how can I make you old when the ‘vanguard’ it?But I do not amusing people, I had to take snacks to bribe you, math, so far, you swallow me how many snacks ah?.do you remember?We inseparable during the days.Dinner, fetching water together, sleep together.What do all together, began to feel dependent on each other slowly, but once the fight, to do what had to own one, and feel very accustomed to, no way, in order that a little self-esteem, a person to a person it.Now think of it, in fact, a man learned a lot, it can be considered another income, the value of the.We do not like a person to walk alone on campus feeling, but no one fit the face, like the feeling weekly written inside, slowly aftertaste, that we were accustomed to such force you remember?Obsessed with the text in those days.We became very rich mood, actually fell in love with that dream-like fantasy characters, we begin to create their own special character world, put a series of elegant and beautiful sentence also called “poetry”, even in the fight, too use it to the rescue.At that time, I liked the dimensions of the field, “Hanada half an acre,” like the inside of that touch of elegance.After school, we exchange, learn from each other’s “Poetry”, to date, still did not forget, that time Fall in love with words, but I did not forget your gift of “Poetry”.  These, together we claim to be the best time.However, the arrival of the third year of breaking it all.We are no longer inseparable, and you have your own circle of friends, and I feel we began to alienate; we are no longer the cold war, it can be said that without this opportunity, and we even have a chance to get to speak less; we also no longer playing with words, because the pressure of making the third year we had to give up, that once belonged to our hobby; no longer say the truth together, it seems to have their own little secret, but can not share with friends feeling..Very depressed.Suddenly everything began to nostalgia for the past, minor arguments, but also to meet.Of course, there is time to eat tofu along the street, we said that tofu that is not authentic, does not stink, very fragrant.Now, we have experienced a college entrance examination, seems to have become mature.I understand that we do not have to “friends forever” talk about it, everyone says: True friends do not have to always together, but do not feel embarrassed met.I would not worry, because we will never meet the cold field.I do not like the “real” word, why should simply unknowable that far in the future described by the “reality” of these two cold herringbone?Everyone seems to have come into this world a wot.I like to “go with the flow” as dandelion, wind, and drift away, as long as the hearts of faith, there is direction, it will not get lost, will be able to find their own home.  Today, the college entrance examination ended, everyone have their places, but fortunately we settled in the same city, I understand, no noise no trouble, because we have grown up.  Viewed Huiyin “Rhapsody”, feeling that in a “Rhapsody of the United States, is not used to love each other too, but in moist April, that baptism in April, is originated from the heart stirring to compromise.”I would say, Rhapsody of the United States, that have not misunderstand each other too, quarreled, but in my world you had been there, let’s fate forged this friendship.Lost dandelion became good friends, they are struggling for their beliefs.    Part III: Dandelion I found a new happiness.- for a long time, staring at his computer screen.Hand but unable to beat the keyboard.He knew she was waiting for his answer, and he knew she wept tears, because she is a girl who likes to cry.- he lit a cigarette, slowly absorbs the nicotine in tobacco.Now only to find bitter the taste of smoke.- for a long time, like a century for so long, he was thinking about how to answer her.- I wish you happiness.- he finally hit the words on the keyboard with both hands.Use the mouse to point transmission.- and then he put a Q Q is set become invisible, he wanted to avoid that the agreed three years ago.- Wenling wind is great, because the reason from the sea near Wenling taste is mixed with the taste of the sea.- When Ye Shuo go off of that moment, the wind and the sea Wenling taste of the leaves sparkle feel very uncomfortable.- His suitcase holding up in this strange city walk.Looking cousin to him on the phone the name of that hotel.- He went to the other end from which the head of the street, and from the other end of the street another come to this head.We did not find the figure of Liwan Hotel.He was a little tired, sitting on the trunk behind the rest.- sauna net “Hey!A little sister.”He cried a little blush to which girls walking in front of him.- The girl turned, looked at the strange passers.She did not speak, smiling at him.- “Is this close to a man named.Liwan Hotel do?”He seemed a bit slow, it should be the first time to ask the way to the people’s sake.- watching the strange and she blushed a little boy with a surprised expression.- “Oh, opposite the station in the Liwan Hotel.”She pointed to the opposite hand, and then continued to go her way again.- Wenling afternoon is irritable, pedestrians coming and going, one after another car siren.He came dragging suitcases in front of Liwan Hotel.Because it is the store in the afternoon only a few staff on duty.He knew that his brother should now not there, but in this strange city, and he dragged the huge trunk, had to go inside.- The hotel is large, bright and spacious hall only a few waiters around a table chatting.He saw a girl sitting at the head cashier head down reading a book in there.He went away.- “How does this hotel Is there a chef named Wang Yang.”- she lifted her head, still that smile:” You are right Ye Shuo.”-“?”He was a little surprised at her.The white dress made a beautiful little girls, in particular, that smile like deja vu.- “We met an hour ago not do?I told you Liwan Hotel, and I will not change the system of a body you do not know me now.”Wei Ping said with a smile.- The familiar smile perhaps God specially arranged it.- “Then how do you know my name.”.Ye Shuo is still to get in front of this lovely girl confused.- Wei Ping watching a little confused Ye Shuo, knowing smile, her smile is so moving, just like the spring breeze blowing through the willow.- “What’s so strange, the ocean is your brother now, he told me that before work, a man named Ye Shuo boys would come to him, and that guy told me that he went out a little something called you wait for him here.”- then it leaves sparkle Huanran Dawu.”thank you.”Ye Shuo still a little embarrassed to tell her.- “no need thank me?I’m not purposely wait for you here, just today I was on duty.”-” That also thank you for giving me show the way on the road, on the way you go so anxious, I have no time to say thank you.It seems that we do not do very fate?”- Wei Ping look blushed, but still retains a small dimple smile.Ye Shuo also found himself talking rash, and had to find a place to sit and wait for his brother.- Part Four: tears of sorrow dandelion Su first met months, I also.That Su * wearing a white shirt, the collar fluttering in the wind.May worry wore a light blue dress *.Then worries month and I are high school students, and the university has Su.I know welcome Su popular girls in college because of his gentle touch.And our initial meeting, I can feel he is so gentle.Worry face rising eleven-month mission a warm glow.  Su is to look at our school alumni, but the wrong class, had come to ask for directions.Later, he said to invite us to eat.That is called “vanilla house” ice cream shop next meet in school, he gave me some strawberry sundae, point to worry about monthly vanilla coffee fruit.I think he does not get to know our tastes.Worries month sitting across from him, rarely opens.I could see that her heart has been full of sweet Yang.  Worries month, the first time I saw you, I feel your taste very good, oh.Su suddenly said.  May smiled worry, stirring her coffee with a spoon.Then say, your taste is not bad.I know worries month did not lie.  Su said, Yes, fine arts who always understand some fashion.We all Zhengzhu.Later, Su told us that he studied at the Fine Arts Department, the regular practice of painting, figure painting.Su is very powerful it.I looked at the front of the white shirt handsome boy, think, next month going to think it worries?  Su worries month and soon fell in love.May often told me worry, those funny things together when she and Su.Worries month, said Su as she bought a pale white * dress, then drew a sketch for her.Wait until March to worry about painting and bring it to me, I obviously feel, with a faint hint of sadness on the face of worries month.It does not belong to worry about monthly fall in love with him when.This expression should be Su’s why he is so sad?I looked up at month worry, she did not see the paintings.I sighed, so she is the.  I went to Su, the beginning of life and death he refused to disclose the slightest.Later, I bought a 100 yuan news: Su had a girlfriend and worries month ago looked like, but she died because of a brain tumor long.I went back to the dorm, waiting for sorrow months back, told her the news.Yet when one night, I did not see her come back.Nearly midnight, worries month drunkenly back.Fell asleep.I looked at her clothes and some buttons are wrong position, on the clear understanding.I bit her lip, and now can not say that the worries month.  I look for when Su is early summer.Su on the outskirts of painting.I saw this boy sad profile from the side, is the kind of expression.I ran over and sat next to him, I said, how are you going to worry about the kind of month?He did not turned to look at me, still painting his paintings, after a long time before saying, sorry.  From a fire in my belly rub rub rub to take up, I was about to attack, he said, you see, dandelion opened.I surprised a moment, looked down his eyes, a soft and thick hair a little flying around.I realized that he wanted to change the subject, but to affirm once again, Su Ming, you are responsible for worry month, forget about painting your picture.Su did not make a sound, I think he should not worry about hurt month.He is more than a month my grief.  I accompanied worry month to talk.Worries month told me that the day they were drunk.In Su’s bedroom, worries month found a photograph of a woman, the woman wore a pale white * dress, like a little.May all of a sudden worry ignorant, she went to Su’s side who just want to ask this woman that did not want to be hugged Su lived.They may also worry that time forgot struggle, Su heard the faint voice, worries month, it was you.  I said, it was the ex-girlfriend Su.Worry month to cry, he said he has been to me as a substitute for it?  I wiped her tears and said, worries month, you have not thought about when did the first time we met, he gave us those things point, why do so in line with our tastes?May looked at me worry.I said, because he was already arranged ah.He knows our tastes alumni from him there and then deliberately to attract your attention.He would have wanted you to catch the hand ah.  They may worry no longer speak, tears drops to fall.  May said she would worry about breaking up with Su.Can break up the next day, I heard that Su has found a girlfriend, or those who like to wear pale white * dress, long black * long hair woman, and first girlfriend Su surprisingly similar.I never thought Su turned out to be such a man.  Once again, I met Su, already after two or three months things.Su clutch his new girlfriend, after the street.I walked over, he seemed suddenly remembered I.Then he stopped me, he said, last made a painting, if you want, you can give.I agreed.  Is askew when we met in the outskirts of painting.The sky is flying Dandelion, a very pure picture.In addition to the picture dandelion, no anything the.I asked him, why draw these dandelions.He said the dandelion is no root, it is a self-made.I’m still wondering, he said, I liked worries month, but I can no longer be such a long time in a woman around.I said, but worry too difficult to month.  Su sighed and said, I love not worry month.She could not tell what is love, what is love.  I looked at him, so why get her?  Su said, because then I love her.  I always thought it was Su sophistry, I do not live any words.After Su gone, I put the painting burned.I do not want to think of my life such a man there had been.He let me worry about monthly completely changed and became silent, no longer have a smile like that.Her sadness is often like air filled the air, lingering.  After graduating college entrance examination, when I meet again with worries month, she has between her looks sad forbear.She said she wanted to leave the city.I asked her, it is because Su?She did not speak.Finally, she told me that Su and his new girlfriend did not contact a long.Finally she said, Su was later called me a phone call, he said I’m sorry, I asked him to arrange the first meeting is not good, he said, because at that time I also had a faint smell of vanilla flavor, just for me point of the coffee fruit vanilla.  I was stunned, suddenly remembered that when I do not coat the brooch clothes a strawberry pattern, it is a small neighbor sent me, because I had asked him to eat strawberries.So, from this point should be the Su know what I like to eat strawberries, right?  May worry that maybe he really loved me.  At that time, she broke down in tears.  I have not seen worries after month.After a long day I read magazines, I happened to see an article about the beautiful words.He said Dandelion florid: Can not stop love.I suddenly remembered Su, like dandelions that man that said he could not wait was too long at any one woman beside the man.And this wandering love, in fact, is derived from injury.  Su love first love, so remember when she was sick of those sad expression.So he will fall in love with sorrow months, then fall in love with your lover like countless women.  Memory, I seem to see the day of dandelion flying in the sky, there are a lot of tears slowly welling up in air.    Part Five: dandelion away I was very worried about such a turn, the moving shadows on suddenly disappeared.Fold in half thread into the transparent glass glow of self-study room, like a quiet evening, wanted to salvage her once again meet with her again, even if just passing moment, is impossible, impossible.  Campus, in the cafeteria, in the classroom, in the playground, in the House, in shops, in a small city such crowds of tens of thousands of people, I always try to pay attention to the little things around me, because I can feel sometimes: turn around, is Farewell.  I liked to watch with your eyes turned around.  Turned around, that gorgeous girl was gone, she disappeared in the crowded aisle, face hard to find; a turn, the teacher was gone, he was so serious, responsible filled his face, however, he turned around, the bell carrier he is gone, I want to go up, but are still hesitating to say what sake when he was gone.Turned around, that occasionally stumble to the campus begging the old man was gone, I rarely see that kind of face the vicissitudes of white hair, has not yet had time to listen to his story nearly a century eyes, turned around, took him years old’s life.  Empty classroom in contrast extraordinarily quiet sunset.My thoughts were inadvertently looked up and saw a yellow jersey girl stirring up ripples.She looked handsome, fair-skinned, bright yellow jacket I mistakenly thought it was Kate independent dandelion flowers bloom quietly in front of me.I think she shut the front door, elegant look around the classroom, and glossy silver bracelet right hand in the afterglow of refraction.Light make time seem fleeting, look at her when she already turned into a dandelion blown on general seats.  At the moment, I can only look at the back of her hazy.Nevertheless, also countless beautiful.For example, she elegant long hair, like a river as gentle as silk draped over his shoulder, as if I could hear the faint sound of splashing water, like a mother’s maiden name as a baby call melodious.Bloom from the time she first saw the now falling in front of me in more than one hundred seconds, she seemed from the cycle of life and refined a lot, when she won diligently read the book, I could not tell in front of me It is a dandelion or a pretty girl.I do not know how she was beautiful, she was like a flower made me blind.  Empty classroom observation steal a glance worries me because she became short of breath and disturb her serenity bloom.I hurried in, hold your breath out Scattered.  May children at this time has been quietly climbed the willow.Pleasant it?My fear is in love with her, but did not dare, it is impossible after the Renyuehuanghun.  He broke into confusion on campus trails, turn in a road junctions.I clearly do not know how to face the feeling today is that in the end go from here.I worry about me so turned around, maybe she will disappear in the path of my life, but I was more worried that I would withdraw exhumation, breaking the original perfect serenity.  The journey of life has infinite regret.Turned around, the window disappeared and where rivers; turned around, swallows on eaves and never came back this year; turned around, black hair change Bai Faxu day West Ramp; turned around, mature childlike change sea change Kuwata.There are numerous turned my thoughts stuffed disorderly.Dreams, started falling into more.Unconsciously he came to the dessert stack, sit down, point your favorite dessert.  I have read a lot of stories about college students self-study room encounter.But always I thought those things were demolished by young artists together the text of the original magic has never happened disguised as a beautiful and dramatic ideas to build a reader.I always can not believe their words, that seems to put all of my heart love holding out the other half of the heart and soul of mind, poison not know how many fairy tale heart.Not to mention the fairy tale of heart, just waiting for one person alone, dwelling in poems never stop sustenance expression does not go out in.  After all, I’m just a person in the dessert station, ordered a dessert person.I saw a sweet dessert, there are a couple of fine record book, involuntary quivering pen, wrote then a clean evening, I suddenly love with a beautiful girl like dandelion general.  Even if she is like dandelion missing, then I have no more melancholy.