Articles can go far

Part one: how far we can go no farther than the foot path, but some way we have to have the courage to come to an end.Walking in the way of life, trudged.No one can expect, in the end we can go far.Many times, we are on the road.When children bustling Hang, when children desolate sorrow, or is danger, but we are in a nap, because people have always told us: “in front of the landscape in better shape,” but who do not know the road ahead in the end how far, so we then go all the way, the road has been in, never change is the expectation of the beauty of the road.  Some people say that thinking of how far we can go far.But the farthest distance, not the ends of the earth, nor heaven on earth.Just head to toe from the mind to think, to practice pace.Is often the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.You always surprised to find that you see is not what you want.Not what you want “green railing near Begonia Red,” but it is “howling autumn maple Dihua”.Those you have seen many times in a dream fantasy wonderland, now already dying.While the old downtown was visible.But only Homecoming.Xijinqianhua, leaving only the fearless youth declaration echoed, drifting away.We also had “Meng Zhi overflow in the whole world,” mind “big economic common people,” the ideal.After all, it has become a dream.A step by step way, unrestrained imagination and staggering staggering pace that always seemed so incongruous.  ”Oh silence, silence, silence is not broke, you die in silence.”.The face of endless torment of life, some people ran out of their limited energy.Some people are able to ease their own entertainment.You might think that they can not sit back and relax.But for us, I think the so-called experience, ethics, rules, morality, is the destruction of the soul.No need to get yourself physically and mentally tired but still get nothing.In fact, it is that one way does not have to come to an end.Like climbers standing on top of the hill overlooking the living beings, of course, heroic.But in the end is a distance, put himself above the people above all things is stupid.Only personal experience can appreciate really the most pure beauty.  The road on foot, would have been in.Do not rush to finish your life, perhaps more beautiful the scenery.As long as no still, will never tired.Go straight towards the next stop, do not look back, it does not matter how far we can go.    Part II: a person can go far no one can accompany you for a lifetime, so you will be a man’s world.  Small, he saw the plane flying in the sky, so they look forward to the day when I could get on the plane, to see how the day is one thing, grow up, get on the plane, at the foot of Baiyun turned over the waves, the stars, or so high, so bright, but without the romance, we are no longer childhood.  We have reached the age of memories, but still dreaming, imperfect memory slipped in between still aching heart.Sauna net kicked off a few stars of the night, the night slowly enveloped the whole world, bustling city, still bustling with neon lights make the city more beautiful, psychedelic.  Time is always flowing unconsciously, people often struggle in confusion, not knowing that, no matter what, people are not perfect.  When bored, pressure came to our side, we knew we walked out of childhood, then depression, worry and even despair will come one after another, we are no longer idle.  From people who still shuttle, each searching for their target destination.In fact, human life is a long journey, the journey there will be opportunities, twists and turns, ups and downs, and the beauty of the harvest, no matter what, to be completed, it is impossible to stop halfway, but can not escape, so people like sacristy What kind of things have to hold.  Seen through, gone with the wind a story, a story will begin again, the road still to go, no one would always accompany you, a person will be very exciting.    Part Three: how far the rising sun, seemed to radiate with orange light one cooling, as if each person contemplative silence.It was round face, appear to be from a new round began his journey reproduction.  Sitting in the car the final position against the window, the window opened, the cool morning changes with the vehicle speed changes.One kind of cold hard impact on the body’s cells, but still want to close the window.Maybe I like the wind with this feeling, like the feeling that nerves are the scenery Gu.Noisy abandon the car, he turned to see the scenery out the window.  I do not know how, and he will be getting a daze.Recently probably want to think too much stuff.However, just like when I was in a daze looking out, not knowing where his thoughts drift in the end.Mood just need an exit, from here to there, do not know how far to go.  The car more and more people, it is time to work, not a few stations have been jammed with people.In next to a woman, do not know they are not sitting in the wrong, she found the corner of the old look at me.Pensive mood was somehow out of her.I looked up has almost no voids cars, did not expect to see an old classmate.Beauty is striking, stand out like.She was obviously very surprised, have been working for many years, said some of it together just not much use if.Soon as if wits, it seems never find topic.  I fell into a state of meditation without a subject.Like I usually say that students do not pay attention is the body in which the outer fugue.Think of it he started laughing himself.  Later, standing behind two young boys began to speak, can not eavesdrop, just enough impact sound decibel eardrum.Indignation at injustice two people speaking on life, demanding boss, the ideal slim.Listen to the angry rhetoric, to know their young and can understand their disdain.I could not help but mouth up a bit.  Old school also has a seat to sit, and I turned to look out the window.However, there is no discourse blankly at the same time, I know my brain cells are not as just the beginning of the kind of daze.But suddenly we felt the age longer, more knowledge, more money, more wrinkles, more thoughts; however, our passion fewer, smaller our goal, our little smile.Then the two boys will not like on this occasion to show their cynical thoughts.Do not know if this is a man of progress, still life needs to go through this.The students looked at the car, feeling time rush of the time, we thought the age of twenty.At that time we also have angry, also has a passion as fire.However, in this river society, our corners are gradually washed away by the flow of time.This is in order to have better yield or usefulness?In order to smooth the appearance of still more people in order not to scratch?  I kept thinking, never again to ideological and political course the student after I wake up.Even if you say it a thousand times, they will still come from amenorrhea piece of road, they have a kind of attitude of disdain for everything.  When the destination to get off, I can not help but sigh of relief.I’m still me, even if some corners are washed, even for Life initiative to put their polished, and the same can be internal or.I looked at the car driving on his route, to understand there are many people stop to get off the car, continue to walk in the cities where also walk in their own life in.  You can go far, not a matter of time.