Articles before and after graduation

Part One: Life on the road before and after graduation, there are often a lot of “accidental”, change your direction and expected.I work now, is not expected in the case of complete had met the.  A few months ago, when I was in the sea-line vote resume but no news of that time, the students suddenly received a phone call that there is a school job at a good cultural institutions in hiring, asked me to do go with.I did not think how it voted resumes.Not wanted, on which a resume, I came with the unit now.No matter how kind of unit, anyway, I come.Although not an official establishment, can not say whether this was not my lucky, but after all, government agencies, or optimistic about the prospects for the development of.  Last week, the school graduation ceremony, as graduates this year, I had to ask a few days off to school with the unit, do a series of graduated procedures.Those days, we kept the shuttle in various departments of the school, kept queuing stamp.Occasionally I saw a classmate all the way in to say hello, approached a closer look, only to recognize classmates.Sure enough, the time of graduation, everyone’s changes are great, especially the image.After a few pleasantries and hurried farewell, arranged for a department to continue.  Everything is so rushed, even collective farewell dinner are not organized, only to shoot Bachelor of service according to the time, we just looked at each other.Still later, it is to pack up their bags, packing to go home, meet youth finish.Thought, suddenly want to get along with classmates four separate ways, perhaps from never meet, we will be very sad, could not help but sad, to cry, I did not expect, we are very calm, with no sentimental feeling if this is not a graduate, not a farewell, but as the weekend, we go home, closing off the time will come back.No separate feeling, as if never to leave.  Prior to departure, a good friend and roommate went to see a few teachers, some of them had lessons behalf, it took some generations had lessons but accidentally met has been very good to us.We encourage enthusiastic teacher, say a lot to the community should pay attention to things, and some even made a self-published book.This time, we feel that the teachers are like fathers, like, always want their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters took to the community all goes well, they seem to also clear conscience.  Weekend, after finishing the formalities, we will reluctantly left the four-year life of the campus, each toward different places.We are like a bird’s nest, a ri fish, grow up their running away, began his new life.  Farewell, my alma mater; Farewell, I am familiar with teachers, students!  Intermittent rain non-stop underground.Three of us, carrying large bags, got into a car back to the unit.After the rain, especially people in need, especially in a busy few days.Got into the car, I could not help but sleepy, leaning against the window open, two students and a female passenger in the front row I have not burst while chatting.  A high-speed, the car began a turn, I knew I was coming to work in the town.I let myself hard to wake up, waiting for a while to get off.Opened his eyes had never been seen, I can not help but be surprised up to almost a month here, never seen so fresh, so bright scenery!Certainly under the rain’s sake, full of bright green.That hill, woods, although compact, but as if a flower, and exceptionally clear.That tea garden, a hilly wildly together exceptionally neat and lovely.That water was divided into small island piece by piece, like a number of green pond, wrapped in Aoyama, the green like shame that a few wiping Another point bluish, white mist on a hilltop with shine, like a human wonderland.And we are just a group broke into the mortal Wonderland, in this clever landscape, the wash Magnificence, transcend earthly.All tired, tired of all the worry, the green and saw this piece, this piece of incoming air at that moment, it instantly disappeared.Really want to immediately get off the walk, enjoy some of this rare moment.Originally, the town’s scenery is the only show in the United States after the rain came, like I stumbled on a little secret like beaming.  Well-being of this town, with respect to the big city, the pace of life is slower, the town where I am now even more so.Ride mountain surface water, it is a rare good place for self-cultivation.People who live here, are very calm state of mind, optimism, like the landscape here, placid, mature, both north of the sublime atmosphere, there Jiangnan handsome Smart.This is why we need a quality experience.One teacher said that when they were young, and had friends with boating on this lake, poems and couplets, each other a life.Listening to their stories, imagine the scene at that time, I feel like I was standing on the dock, watching their boat slowly forward I plan to.Part two: before and after graduation, blossom.  Instant, graduated from high school there forty days.Forty days like a farce, staged unacceptable act of drama.  Prior to graduation, it is so simple, so brilliant flowers.Everyone in the fantasy of their own future, a beautiful blueprint for the Imagination in the blue sky.A faint cloud in the sky dotted with fantasy.Some people fantasize about the ideal military academy, was the fantasy of their own economic and trade Hebei, was fantasizing own beautiful snow campus, it was imagined and his heart girls for a walk, play, someone fantasizing own wonderful journey, some people imagined themselves passionate holiday, it was fantasizing own trip to the North, was in the silent fantasy of their own life’s most important memories in life, some people are slowly tasting the pain of parting.Wonderful prelude to occupy graduation, happiness overflowing youth campus, beautiful flowers that corner of the playground.We are excited, jumping.Photography, absenteeism, Internet, drinking, walking, shopping, wandering.Everything really like bright flowers, that time I was really happy because I have a better fantasy after graduation is so fingertips.A few days before the entrance of the high school seems to be the most extravagant days, forget, it does not fit, those most heart really tie him down engraved in the deepest.I will be back that piece called<;;给灵魂一个栖息的所在> ;; article, I like it.Before graduating prefer Sentimental memories of that period.We were only left a mere fantasy, fantasy hearts of the people and things perfect fit.My diary records the three most exciting moment of my high school, those personnel records of the case, Carbon.Sentimental youthful bloom head at that moment, a beautiful color and youthful imagination complement each other, bright flowers, flowers as a dream!After graduation sauna net, people are so deep, they bloom only once.Everyone will change as the flowers bloom like to give people the expression of surprise, I was surprised!I’m angry!I can not accept this unacceptable reality!Someone was hit college entrance examination scores and flowers, some people were turned away his beloved university, someone quietly began a love affair, someone desperate to earn money, some people choose to once again be subjected to hone the third year, it was subjected to love others torture, it was still obsessed with Sentimental memories of her, someone took the heartbreaking journey in unknown circumstances!I can not accept, can not even believe that subvert reality and fantasy, fantasy flowers in the instantaneous withered, wilted reality stifle my youthful romantic!I just want to say that this year’s summer is winter in my life, I would not say I’m sad, from beginning to end because it makes my heart did not admit the reality of difficult to play!Changed, everything did not want the good before graduation, everything has changed is so strange, is so afraid of change, and change is so unreasonable!I want to obliterate the hearts of those good memories and fantasies, I want to leave the hustle and bustle of city and countryside, I would like to take to the skies prairie, so that I can do nothing to break from reality!People can not stop the rights of everyone else, but can not accept everyone else’s reality!After graduation, some people have changed, the change is so strange, the change is so unreasonable.Some people take great strides broad road, everyone knows it is all over the floor of the foot pedal of Man Zhu Sha Hua, they spend so miserable alternative of flowers, parting fantasy a reality!July seven, not only my village a few I would go, the more some unforgettable memories!Flowers, and in the hearts of blooming flowers fall.If the forward can return to once, then forward once but lost the once beautiful memories.Third year, so I learned from a number of people who face life alone, so I thought it was the ability of the white school, inconceivable now spend!Graduated, all happy Or unhappy all over.  Life is so elusive.There is a saying a friend; wonderful life is unpredictable for the future!Now, those who let me, let friends almost all future unexpected happened.Before graduation, I love my life full of learning.After After graduation, I began to hate graduation!