Brain fans and the Butterfly Baby

2019 day, fans Brain home computer suddenly spoke, computer initiative to give myself a name butterfly baby.Butterfly Baby Brain told fans: “Dear Master, I have a new name, you’ll call it my baby butterfly!You can not call the wrong shout.First, you’re obsessed with me, am glad, I know there are people obsessed with our family a lot, but like you, regardless of black and white to people all day long soak in the Internet, there are many, but as you soak this month online, our fascination with people rarely met, it is your obsession, so that we had magic.We are very grateful to humans, is human to make changes in the speed of our development updates crews are moving, more powerful, more and more incredible magic power, is really only think, not impossible; as long as want to, cycads blooms.If you towards me better, I can do all things for you, it is not great ability Monkey King?He compared me to give, not mad several times.Nils big goose, it is not very resistant?But I want him more than a hundred times, the magic of Harry Potter is not quite right?He compared me to a thousand times less.”Brain fans listened to the words of butterfly baby, extremely surprised.He told butterfly baby: “Seeing is believing, let me how powerful it really experience your?”” Well, I told you a few hands dew.”Butterfly Baby finished speaking, and vanished.    Brain fans feel today regarded as strange.Yesterday his father to let fans clamoring Brain no longer bother him all day long, in order to allow his own son and myself to join hands together toward a new era, let people gossip, have not supported the son of further enjoy the magic of computer suspect, it gave him the most drastic replace a small laptop.This is their eighth home buying a computer, to have on the net from the computer, he updated the father of four, lost Brain upgrade of the three, in order to update the computer also can not be inferior to the Father, which Taiwan advanced ultra-thin notebooks and again settled in their home.    Butterfly Baby is a popular cash was more advanced computer.However, he is not an ordinary computer, he is the product of another major technological revolution of the human high-tech, he was thinking, the ability to change, especially for his young master, he is more powerful strange.In other words, there are other computers butterfly baby features that are not.He could command his master, his master can always dispatch him; he can stealth, like a butterfly among the flowers, attached to any one place becomes something else, so you can not determine the truth; he can big or small, long or short, can change color, can disguise themselves.In short, his ability is all-powerful, nothing is there.