Braid student teachers

Zhou Xing sixth grade primary school, back to your mother’s divorce with his grandmother in Dun Chen Jie Du Primary School.Zhou Xing premature children, emaciated connection was born at birth doctors are afraid to exert oneself to wipe him.Accompanied by Zhou Xing grew up in traditional Chinese medicine, saline and dextrose mother’s tears.After Zhou Xing Chen Dun elementary school for a week, the teacher taught mathematics teacher back home in Europe born baby.Then Europe is the new teacher to the student teacher.Principals tell them in advance, student teachers are graduating Provincial Teachers of normal students, surnamed Lu.  Lu teacher for the day, the principal in the class to pick up a few big ferry access.Temporary school, students take a ship carrying Lu teacher luggage back.  Lu teacher was very young, giving her a big braids strip, white face, talk to a cop.  Unexpectedly, the first time the class teacher Lu out of trouble.Before class is broadcast gymnastics, Zhou Xing frail old nose bleeding, usually do not exercise, new teachers do not know Lu.Zhou Xing was made several Festival parade, that nosebleed gushed come, afraid people.Lu teacher to be able to wipe all the blood around the nose plug soft paper use all, or did not help stop a nosebleed Zhou Xing.Lu teacher panicked, desperate, the students helped to quickly make a few big Zhou Xing to their own quarters.  Into the dormitory, Lu teacher asked several students to Zhou Xing Fu on his little bed so that he lay flat.Find cotton, looking for a towel, to find water, Zhou Xing wipe blood, only nosebleed, also with cold towels cover his nose.Toss for a long time, Zhou Xing’s nosebleed was finally stopped.Zhou Xing pale, dizziness badly.Zhou Xing can be a stronger boy, he choked back his discomfort, his eyes glitter, red busy teacher straight smile.Lu teacher estimated that all right, let Zhou Xing and then lie down for a while, this rush to own classroom lessons.  Had so much blood, Zhou Xing feel very tired in the body seems to be deprived of something, that there is no strength, lying in teacher soft little bed, and fell asleep at once.  When Zhou Xing woke up, surrounded by very quiet, only the sound of the class from far away.Zhou Xing very strange, it seems to a completely unfamiliar environment.Papered windows sunlight penetration into the dough, to reflect the teacher’s room too bright.The most amazing is that Zhou Xing smell particularly good smell the aroma of the waves.So sweet, very soft, light.Waves, wake to tease Zhou Xing.Zhou Xing little nose twitched literally, around the aroma capture.Later, Zhou Xing finally found the source of that aroma, turned out to be their own teacher Lu sleeping pillows, pillow that big, the dough, savory.Zhou Xing does not help with nasal patency greedily sniffing on the pillow, then let the aroma Zhou Xing intoxicated, he thought it was the world’s best smelling aroma.But, Lu teacher has put himself nosebleed nice pillow and pillowcase dirty, foul blood that has been dry up.This allows Zhou Xing whole body uneasy, secretly left the dormitory teacher Lu, quietly sitting in the classroom in front of the Stone.Lu is the class teacher inadvertently saw him, and out of the classroom, squat body and asked him, better yet?Zhou Xing nodded apologetically.At the moment the teacher Lu squat body, and Zhou Xing faint smell the faint scent of dough Lu teacher made between drift out, with the smell of the pillow is the same teacher.  Lu teacher said: stone cold, right into the classroom.Zhou Xing walked in quietly watching all the students in the classroom, because there is Lu teacher a hand in his back gently forward, Zhou Xing heart never felt the warmth.  Secret Lu teacher pillow aroma, has been deep in the hearts of Zhou Xing, and apologize for dirty pillow Lu teacher has been entangled with Zhou Xing.Zhou Xing did not tell anyone, in fact, he does not know how to tell others.Once, he went along with Mother supply and marketing cooperatives to buy soy sauce, he suddenly found the soap on the shelves, and excitedly told Niangshui: Mom, you buy a piece of soap bars, shampoo very fragrant.In impression Zhou Xing’s, mother’s hair had never incense, sweat is not sour taste pan.Mother listened, puzzled Q: I beg your pardon?Zhou Xing said cheerfully: Our hair is very fragrant Lu teacher.Mother angry, and rebuked Zhou Xing: You young age, do not make good reading, teacher tube of hair it delicious.Mother is very serious, said Zhou Xing knew he should not say, my heart even more tangled.  To this was a tangled, Zhou Xing Lu ready to pay teachers a pillow towel.Zhou Xing seen, there are supply and marketing cooperatives, two eighth of a hair.Zhou Xing only grandfather to a dollar gift money, which makes Zhou Xing painstaking.He put a small bottle grandfather hide her grandmother’s turtle shell, chicken yellow hide, save the money to sell.He also went to the grove was picking cicada pupa shell make money.Finally saved up enough money to buy a pillow towel, Zhou Xing cure, and a sick sick for several days, high fever every day.  When Zhou Xing retired high fever return to school, the teacher Lu end of the internship gone.Listening to students say, Zhou Xing eyes had.That day after school, gave birth to a baby come back to do the class teacher in Europe, I stopped him, put him a little red packet of peanuts.European teacher said: This is a special trustee Lu teacher who happens to come, let your mother attached Peanut boiled water to drink together.Can cure a nosebleed.Holding a peanut, Zhou Xing Leng Leng, and my heart is not the taste.  After a number of years, the star of the week was his wish, like Lu teacher as admitted Normal University, learn math, also stayed on after graduation as a teacher.Just have not been able Zhou Xing Lu met the teacher always concerned about, the piece would like to lose to Lu teacher pillow towel, one can only treasure.