“Braid handsome” karma

Shuai Zhang Xun is braided.After this person to enter the Republic of China, still keep the back of the head braids.Zhang Xun Liu Bianzi not only themselves, but also under the command of thirty thousand soldiers, all have braids.Braid handsome Liu Bianzi, in order to show his loyalty to the Qing Dynasty.Zhang Xun’s Republic of China can be general, his men are soldiers of the Republic of China, Republic of China explicitly cut braided, they do not insist on compliance, strictly speaking, this is illegal.Yuan to be president of the Republic, himself cut the braids, but can find no way to get Zhang Xun is, without the slightest punishment, even saying the words are not hard.Zhang Xun resident, first Yanzhou, Xuzhou after, the men are soldiers and farmers in northern Jiangsu Lunan, tall, are bigger.Local poor, soldiers eat well, it is a good place.However, such soldiers redneck.I heard that when Zhang Xun soldiers can not cut queue, all of them are happy.Braid handsome in history, a bad reputation, because he trouble restoration times, pull out the little emperor, Pu Yi, the emperor to re-do the whole country, the result of mixing twelve days, finished mixed.He put his official position, site, and soldiers did not mix, fame stink.In fact, Zhang Xun bad reputation is history’s sake.China’s historical accounts, has been in progress under the direction of view of history, the imperial restoration is absolutely politically incorrect.Even if you just want to constitutional monarchy, is outrageous, defiance.So, Zhang Xun in the history books of course smelly.However, in that year, the restoration does not seem to how unpopular.In the hearts of many people, I feel that the Republican is not suitable for China’s national conditions, way to go to return constitutional monarchy, and possibly viable.There have been accustomed to the emperor’s nationals sudden disappearance of the emperor, it really is not used.Restoration Day, Beijing residents cheers, every household hangs dragon flag.From the time the memories of view, Zhang Xun mind this man is a little old, but it is limited to Liu Bianzi, loyal to the Qing emperor.Other aspects, it would not be so arouses hate.His little territory compared with other warlords, local poor, but he’ll investment, good management.Landmark other warlords to buy a house, but he put money into emerging industries, resulting in extra cash.He is good at financial management, generous people, especially good people of his hometown: the village of his birth, to make each one a large tile-roofed house; all Fengxin County, Jiangxi hometown people out on Beijing to study, should be funded; Jiangxi Hall, but also his construction.Every New Year, on the train to Xuzhou, the net is his hometown, just come, certainly be an advantage, whatever the outcome, they have to get some money back.Nice home for his people, but his troops home people basically do not.His troops are in northern Jiangsu, Shandong and the people, he was not willing to back a reputation for cronyism.Braided pigtails arm of handsome soldiers, outsiders are like a monster, but all of them are very loyal to Zhang Xun.Restoration time, Zhang Xun with five thousand people into Beijing, Tao Ni army called, pay big bucks to buy, do not buy basically move.A statement that the move to buy a half, the other half did not buy move.In warlord Zhang Xun, the popularity is also good.Interaction with people, honest and straightforward, no villain, the key is generous, willing to spend money.Zhang Xun did not have the name of the former chief of the restoration, warlords like to have a meeting to go to Xuzhou.Xuzhou scenery is not good, nor is Xuzhou beautiful prostitute, but because Zhang Xun willing to pay good Chihaohehao entertain, even if it cost a fortune to find a chef from Shanghai, please theatrical troupe from Beijing, and let everyone eat good fun.Although the warlords do not short of money, but cheap and a lot of people, run into such a big head, we were happy to flattery, Zhang Xun also eat this flattery.Xun Zhang Hao of intellectuals, of course, the older the better of intellectuals.Zhang Xun three generations of poor peasants, no culture, their own mixed society of the time, know a few words, it is said to be “Confucian Analects”, written in large letters the level of the.For literate person, he had a great respect.The late Qing Dynasty famous scholar year, such as Shen Zengzhi, Zheng Xiaoxu, Liuting Chen, Zhao Xun generation, all courtesy of his predecessors.Zhang Xun particularly like to ask for advice to these people, they have difficulties to find him, also helped solve one accurate.Shijiu paid to sing alone, but meat and wine to entertain absolutely no problem.These people often get angry with Zhang Xun, Zhang Xun did not temper.Of course, these people are nostalgic remnant of the Qing court.The reason why Zhang Xun restoration, has a relationship with these people absolutely.Zhang Xun like most people, you want to belong to the artist.Like most redneck identity and status, Zhang Xun particularly like to listen to opera.Peking Opera performers that year, the top one to have a friendship with him.Republic of China four famous, four to be born, even the older generation Xinpei, Sun Juxian buy his account.As long as he opened the church, to please anyone who.It is said that his friendship with the best, undoubtedly Mei Lanfang.Restoration of the day, he was in Jiangxi Hall please performers singing, suddenly moved out of the mountains at night to the palace Please Pu Yi restoration, so the Mei Lanfang moved to the front of the grand finale.Artists like him, because he was very generous, not Najia Zi, but also understand the play.Often with the person actors who, fooling around, mingle, play it real love, loves actors, he was also a famous Kun Ling is satisfied concubine.He is good for artists, artists also reciprocated, for him, though.After restoration, Tao Ni army since, on the occasion of his dead end, everyone is a bugger, original collaborators Face defection, the only artist, he also went to see him at the Beijing South Riverside home.Restoration failed, he hid in the Dutch embassy for a while, and then returned home in Tianjin concession, the powerless, the big bad reputation.But to my house, the actors still flock to Beijing.Sun Juxian old, has been on stage for years, but Zhang Xun church he volunteered to non-Marshal can not sing one, stopped all no stopping.Zhang Xun Restoration of failure, in fact, unlike our previous sense of history books, because restoration is unpopular, deeply rooted democratic republicanism.The people of the year, for a top emperor, in fact, nothing upset.Because the two thousand years of imperial tradition, all used to.Because of this, people like Zhang Xun, because he will not trouble restoration, not like him.Restoration of all the past number of years, celebrities Mr. Zhang Boju still in a hutong in Beijing, found a small temple, the temple for the statue of Zhang Xun and his memorial tablet.So, his popularity is not as bad we say the history books.