Brahman and Lotus

Once upon a time, there was a Brahmin, his wife’s name Lotus, looks very beautiful, is among the best in local beauty.Lotus not only looks beautiful, but also very gentle character, kind-hearted, Yin Hui Youli.However, I do not know how it happened, the Brahman just do not like his wife, but with one of the maids home hooked up.Two people love each other dearly, vows, it too obtrusive Lotus, Lotus wants to do everything possible out of the house.  One day, the Brahmin rhetoric to deceive Lotus, said to the mountains to play together.Lotus believed, will be followed to the mountains.They see a tree gifted Tan bowl, top knot excellent tan, large and small fruit bowl, exudes a seductive aroma.  Brahman will climb, picked ripe fruit, eating, breathing up the side of a few grains of half-baked sour fruit, throw Lotus.  Lotus said: how do you eat cooked themselves, throw it to me Sentimental?  Brahman said: You do not own long hand, not long-legged?Eat cooked, you pick the tree Well!  Lotus hear her husband say, he said: Since you are not willing to give me pick ripe fruit, I had to follow your orders, pick your own tree.He spoke to climb up the tree.  Brahmin see Lotus climb the tree, that opportunity came, and quickly slipped down the tree, and got a lot of wild thorns stabbed and dumped in a bowl excellent tan tree roots.  Lotus anxiously asked: are you doing here?So how can I go on it?  Brahman was silent, seeing wild thorn thorns Yiba tightly around the tree, and then sped away Brahmin, heart secretly proud: Now, can put her dying in a tree, and finally put this thorn in the side pulled the!  Lotus trapped in a tree, watched her husband far away.She did not think her husband would of not being heard by anyone so vicious shouting to himself, then shouted, could not help but burst into tears, when suddenly heard people shouting distance, getting closer.Turned out to be the king took Minister, warriors out hunting through here.  The king saw a woman crying loudly in the trees, the trees around the many thorns, find it very strange, then let thorns men to move away, to help women under tree.The king asked: Who are you?Where did it come from?Why climb cry?Who put thorns heap under a tree, will not let you down?  Lotus cried to her husband how the maids hooked, and thus abandon their own thing, lay it to say it again.  See Lotus King looks glamorous as a man, she is very poor, I thought: the world can there be such a cruel man, even the angel of beauty in general, throw in the wilderness, want to kill her!So he put the Lotus back to the palace.  After returning to the palace, the king found that Lotus is very clever, eloquent, knowledge and high, failing to analysis sounds reasonable.Not only that, she also proficient in a variety of gambling games, women inside and outside the palace came to her gambling, no one does not lose her.The king lotus love by the pity of Health, gave her queen will.  Lotus’s growing reputation, the Quartet hotshots are looking for her gambling competitiveness.  After Brahman triumphantly returned home, they mess around with the maid to debauchery.  His family hosted this lotus, well-organized home, and now both of them lazy day, day by day to make ends meet, gradually deprivation up.At this time, I heard that Wang Houshan Brahman in gambling, often struggle with gambling color, can not help but overjoyed, because of his gambling technology is also very brilliant.  He thought: Now I can Qulao a sum of money.So around the house in the land, the houses are sold, gather bookie, rushed to the palace, the queen requirements and gambling.Wait until the Queen came out, he could not help but surprise, he was the original queen is abandoned Lotus.He knows Lotus gambling technology, but also clever than their own, how to do it?Want to have to go back to die, I had to bite the bullet and sit down.  Brahman squinting his eyes, count on the heart, I thought: whatever the outcome, we have a couple, as long as the day she was remembering the kindness, mercy will let me win.He says: Long time no see, you really more beautiful!Your hair soft and shiny, like the beauty of your eyebrows on the picture, like, really can not compare your angel.You must also remember those happy days when we were together it!  Lotus said: Yes ah!I will never forget how the song you intended to flatter the family maid, and throw me in the wilderness.  Brahman quickly said: teeth and tongue and a time to touch knock, the last thing I really regret, hope you do not think about those things, and to think about the happy times when we’re together.  Lotus said: I will never forget the tree fruit trees, and you throw me a sour fruit.  Needless to say, begin!  Brahmins had no option but to start gambling, but what he is Lotus rival?Soon lose clean, had empty hands, shaking his head away.  People know this, say this is what goes around, comes around, bad luck that deserve Brahmans.