Brahma Pure Land homesickness Yang Wei

Brahma Pure Land Ace —— micro-Yang Zheng Shoushi author in the spring, in countless Looking back, all written Daqian swing of life bloom, quiet time, left the endless fine pieces, is still home fanjingshanensis.    Brahma is so vast, the Pure Land is so pure, it looks into the distance across the sea of clouds, 10-1400000000 years.Stone mushrooms, traveled edge isolation, leading independent flair.Shine, clouds rolled, wrapped around the body, mind to grasp, nothing to lose.    Vaguely remember: Wuling Vatican net, the sea turned into mountains, sleeping distant clearly see the Buddha, forever serene.Stone Buddha in slow song again and again by the book, swaying feelings, good luck green mountains context, the shy mountain azalea pink, nine Bin Wong Fei calling insignificant, Prince Edward Stone, still year after not long, Tianshan drops broken Pours in Hunan Sichuan, has a long history, my mother sucking juice, mesmerizing, and I turn Buddha Qing Long arms, guiding, loving harmony.    With bonds of escape, such as Wanzai float, needle-like leaves in those fleeting, and the eternal shortage in Hong never-ending.Only the usual golden monkey, floating understand, Pure Land Brahma had to survive, not just a beautiful landscape, after years vigorously precipitation, stubborn tenacity of trauma, stand tall.    I was blown Wan tough breeze in the trees, looking at the rain moisture moss in the interpretation: To protect ah, everything here.The wind whistling also: otherwise it will destroy.But, I can not stay too long?I want to go, really want to go.I stay out in the rain Xuan’s law, frequently look back, just to see you again, just a uh!That imprint in the memory of the scene, with eternal life Qiannian, from lingering.    Cliffs fall gently touch of sadness, all with monsters live here, Leila fingertips.Suddenly, opening up into numerous melancholy heart flowers.I try to make, hard to persuade, they still prevails, everything is firmly cling to their deep down, survival Nirvana.    Finally, I decided to take a persistent, never lose their fetters.Well, so be it!From now on, I will stick to distressed fanjingshanensis Rye, to the white clouds alone, without words, without a word, with silence instead of waiting.I would expect a person dedicated to sneak into the cycle time of the cliff, carved fate signpost in the opposite direction.    Encounter life, life is a deadly poison, and the shackles of the soul never forget.Today, let me suffer music with a smile, put aside thoughts wander to conceal the lovestruck shallow.Learn to humble attitude, soaked in cold years; learn to forget the wide, bumpy course survive.    Lift eye, disdain the sky, Kate teachings of our forefathers abruptly trance, once in the past, in the midst of crying in Huifei embers dance.The scales hurt over and over, with the person’s life, at the end of the text line by line breaks passed away in happiness War.