Braggings circle Daniel

Home father and son, father would boast black dark places, blowing bad ending when the son came out for his Yuan Huang.Over time, people called them a father and son blowing big cow, a cow is a big circle.  One day a friend invited them to dinner father and son.When drinking, I talk to friends, talk about happy, I blew open it: an old friend Yeah, I tell you a strange thing.Two days ago, I went to the lake to buy fish, see individual fishing.A fishing reel in the three duck eggs, you say strange rare?Friends do not believe.The son said: It’s true, I have also seen the.The original duck egg in a nest ① Po shoes, the hook just hook the catch of the Po shoes.  I see his son lying on his behalf, the round well, very proudly and friends say: I’ll tell you a strange thing.A slim my family and relatives, the original outside the yard, you can wind the night, the next morning went to the hospital but was blown.Friends do not believe that he boast.The old man looked toward his son.The son said: This is going on here!That night the wind blows, it did not blow away, but his family did Lubrajel walls, and being blown back into the well, the well will go outside the walls.  I see his son and lied on his behalf to round up my heart happier, more exciting it will speak: I’ll tell you more surprising things happen.The day before yesterday, I went to the set to buy things, half on the road, he saw a calf under an ox.A son, got up and ran.I do not see his son on his behalf round panicked, quickly tail stay behind to chase, catch home and saw his son wearing a towel around his head, covered with blankets to sleep.He asked his son: What’ve you?The son said: I’m doing it month!I heard, gas incredible, shouted: animals, men who had children!?Son asked: men can not have children, how can the next bull calf?I face has been red to the ears.Yes ah, this time I blew too big cow.