Weibo blocked vibrato, but vibrato is almost the microblogging killed

Weibo blocked vibrato。 March 10 evening, more than vibrato users reflect: link vibrato of forwards to microblogging, will not appear in the profile and information flow, visible only themselves。
The early vibrato exactly getting traffic from Weibo。
March 2017, "vibrato" the name first entered the public view, by the comedian Yue Yunpeng exposure on a personal microblogging。 The ensuing months, vibrato joint Luhan and other stars to promote, and upload them on the vibrato video made in micro-Bo, also received a good amount of play。 Another popular short video tool – deft first seeds of users from the microblogging early deft had also been deliberately foster microblogging。 Until two or three years, microblogging is realized deft their competitors。 This time, microblogging with a shorter time to realize that not give the amount of vibrato guide。
Because in the process of rapid sniper deft vibrato, the first micro-blog has been hit accidentally get on the ground。 Go vibrato gold food bloggers "beauty private kitchens" A month ago settled in a shaking voice, released a video production of more than 60 dishes, in the vibrato harvest of 52 million fans, there are some ads take the initiative to come up。
She made a full-time food short video more than two years, content development across all video platforms。 Before vibrato occurs, the United States beat her main positions, account for two years has accumulated 80 million fans。 In her view, the most difficult to do is micro-blog: "microblogging mechanism is not the same, do not vote do not give money flow, a lot of numbers are throwing money to drop out, individuals can not afford to drop。 "Core model Guo Rong play vibrato four or five months, and the harvest of 48 million fans。 She did not brokerage firm, at his own trial and error, gradually found that only elaborate video in order to obtain a greater spread on the vibrato。 Shoot video need to find a good light, angle and background, a 15-second video is sometimes necessary to take more than an hour, take a ten to twenty times。 One of the video player to get the amount of tens of millions a day, up 10 million fans。
Some skin care brands to find her vibrato ad serving, she also found that after vibrato minor celebrity in his own fans on the microblogging rose to 20,000 from 70,000。 More say is the founder of "Speak MCN" Liu Chang。 His company from 2011 started 3?5 minutes short video, and later to microblogging, second shot and beauty shot as the main positions。 By the end of 2017, he was ready to continue in the form of a short video to promote artists signed to dance, but found that the environment has changed。
"Short video platform growth has stalled, a new account is difficult to increase powder。
Microblogging development is not backed by capital, it is difficult to make large。 But the spontaneous growth of a strong vibrato。 " 'Speak their minds' 95's after five members of the 'missing dance', in January 2018 settled a vibrato, registered the 'missing Dance' portfolio account and each member of each account, which" missing dance "and captain Cain fans have reached 1.33 million。 Vibrato official help "missing Dance" received an advertising instant noodles, also open to the screen exposure – vibrato hope and "missing Dance" signed an exclusive cooperation, commitment to guarantee minimum income, and in traffic some resources to tilt on the exposure and advertising。
Currently, vibrato and has a large number of red net signed an exclusive cooperation, its role is more like MCN (Multi channelnetwork, multi-channel network, companies and individuals that is using various channels and content production platform)。
Roots of people – especially students and vibrato are willing to sign an exclusive partnership, they have limited resources, and vibrato after the signing, at least a month to get income of 10 million。
"Vibrato is a good platform for the display, it is easy in the new vibrato to fame fighting。 "Vibrato support of people invited to the video content producers settled from the beginning of 2017 began, but this time most people are denied。 In September 2016, today's headlines spawned internal vibrato, but until the beginning of March 2017, vibrato downloads in a single day of it on Android and iOS exceeded 10,000。 And other short video platform compared vibrato magnitude is still small。
March 13, Yue Yunpeng in their own microblogging tens of millions of fans in forwarding the video with a logo of vibrato, vibrato downloaded into the period of rapid growth。
Subsequently, vibrato operations team also intends to pull the user through the stars, advertising growth。
Downloads Android downloads iOS, vibrato vibrato vibrato of the most successful advertising is phenomenal variety "China has a hip-hop"。 Program PG_ONE, white and other Sania Sania have been settled, let vibrato downloads surge。
Meanwhile, vibrato also launched a "China has a hip-hop war game" activities, driven by enthusiastic users to participate。
Over the same period, vibrato is also demonstrated by the support network Red manner to the outside world growth capabilities of the platform: in July, "Pharaoh Obama" fans exceeded 100 million; the end of August, "Pharaoh Obama" fans 2 million。 In October, a fee Kai-ming, "Are you willing to let me be your boyfriend," the video became popular, the harvest of 245.50000 Chan, 15.50,000 comments, fee Kai Ming's influence has been comparable to stars。
Influence vibrato is recognized by industry。
October 2017, a large number of video creators and the company settled vibrato, vibrato is part of the invitation, there is a lot of spontaneous settled。 Rich content to bring more downloads, vibrato user's rapid growth as well as content delivery mechanisms, to have the ability to create sophisticated content better account of exposure, a good amount of exposure and attract more people settled up。
Many vibrato user suffering from a "vibrato poisoning", once pick up the phone to see vibrato, twelve hours pass quickly。
In fact, micro-blog also noted the rise of vibrato。
In mid-September 2017, on-line micro-micro-Bo "Bo Story" – in recent months, continue to optimize the micro-blog Twitter Stories, supports adding music, creative shooting, the flow of information to share, microblogging stories and video from the second shot, on the microblogging platform with parallel entrance。
However, a large number of grass-roots people still can not get traffic microblogging。 Why microblogging not be considered as early vibrato and second shot Brother – little show like coffee, some industry insiders worry vibrato will show the same short-lived as a small coffee。 The reality is: vibrato to maintain rapid growth in the past year, before and after the Spring Festival in 2018, activity vibrato of a new high。
After completing the small coffee show stars to drive traffic growth rely, could not do a better job on the richness of content, users play for some time fatigued。
The vibrato is more reasonable to rely on content distribution mechanism, it attracted a large number of grass-roots people, of which a large part from it, and these people are the backbone of vibrato, provides a rich and diverse content as a platform to attract a large number of these content users looking for entertainment on the phone to kill time。 The roots of people also want to develop micro-blog。
Microblogging in mid-2015 after the "second rise", on the one hand thanks to the user to sink into the following four-tier cities, on the other hand is reshaping the information flow, so that more high-quality content to get exposure, but also to the user the focus is no longer focused like social commentary published a few "big V"。
Some adjustments to comment microblogging called "decentralized", but the reality is that "multi-center" – A microblogging become the main entertainment content, as well as comedy, animation, real estate, cars and tourism dozens SUMMARY vertical field。 But microblogging is still the center of the。
Entertainment news, celebrity gossip dominant on the microblogging content concentrated in these stars who, in wave after wave of star gossip and gossip in the derailment, microblogging and continue to create new high flow。
Even in the field of vertical flow microblogging are concentrated in a small number of accounts, rather than having a large share of traffic。
Long-term studies of the social networking community products practitioner Pan chaos that: microblogging head protruding forward in favor of manufacturing effects on opinion leaders to quickly build very efficient circle。 But its weakness is the limited content provider, the user is not easy to develop new content。
In addition to celebrity gossip to microblogging to see, I do not know what else to look at, usually do not want to get up on Weibo。
Vibrato solve the "not content to see" the problem。
Vibrato using artificial selection algorithm recommended + recommended mechanism。
It is understood that a person vibrato revealed: after the user's machine learning interest, will push similar video at a certain frequency, but not too much to push some sort of video lead to user fatigue。 Vibrato artificial selection will be some quality content, pushed to the fans, as well as users interested in associating tags。
More importantly, operations。
After shaking sound of human creative video release, vibrato will guide the operator through an ordinary user to imitate。 In some sort of creative video hot, the machine will do more recommendations for this type of video to attract users to participate in common。 Meanwhile, vibrato and users can publish official topic challenge, guide the user through the creation under the same topic。 The machine will recommend their topics of interest to the user。 Guo Rong told PingWest model core products play: Participation topic vibrato challenge very helpful video distribution。
She participated in a "tease the hair," the topic of challenges, the harvest of more than 40,000 praise and thousands of comments。 Vibrato in micro-Bo grew up under the eyes and robbed microblogging content creators and users, microblogging can not stress how。
The micro-Bo classes vibrato function – Twitter Stories and vibrato compared, or too weak。 Weibo page story shows, can only show 100 short videos, update drop-down, without new content can occur more frequently。
Moreover, the current microblogging story mainly from stars。
After microblogging Why so quickly get on the ground Spring Festival, an article entitled "Wildness, deft crisis vibrato" Let's shake tone and deft become the focus of public opinion war。 Vibrato bring deft sense of crisis is not necessarily how strong, but to bring microblogging crisis is real。 Pan chaotic social networking practitioners define the content deft presented as "whatareyoudoing?"The vibrato is defined as" whatareyouplaying?"。
When equality deft value of the product, care users explore more。
Vibrato is efficiency, focus on the efficiency of content users consume good。
"In accordance with aesthetic points, vibrato might be fun twist, deft Northeast Troupe。 "Like these two products are completely different people。
There is no modification of video content deft hair on the vibrato are not necessarily recommended, deft red for hope, hope to make money little brother little sister who is not necessarily a good choice。
Focus on the red network of brokers, director of career red "red center of the cosmic web," Tao told PingWest network products play: the current electricity providers and Internet brands are more willing to do a short video ad serving。 These customers are more willing to put vibrato, vibrato is more biased because younger users of the city, higher consumption will。
These brands rarely served deft。 However, over the past year vibrato growth does not pose a threat to deft From the data – the data QuestMobile, the 2017 Chinese New Year in mid-2018, deft average daily active users increased by 40 million over 7000 on the basis of the million, or vibrato is from 0 to 60 million。
Today's headlines watermelon video, video and vibrato small volcanic average daily active users add up to quite deft and。
Another overlooked is the localization of operations deft – deft cities have been the equivalent forty-five user's circle of friends。
Forty-five tier cities, many users are not good words to express, their circle of friends almost all forwards, no record of the original personal life, no social value。 After sinking the user, the method adopted is to strengthen the micro-Bo forwarding, content can account for about 80% of the user's post count。 But these short video let users find a way to record low threshold of life。 Moreover, with the first-tier cities such as Beijing different four or five cities are social acquaintances, deft channel of the city is easy to find an acquaintance。 During the Spring Festival, I found in my hometown (a northern county) two interesting phenomenon deft play of relatives and friends: – have students sing live on the deft, who forwarded the letter to the micro-group students, deft group of friends went to the onlookers, brush comments。
– A relative found the home of relatives in another deft dancing uploaded video, which became the topic of the Chinese New Year family dinner。
But these things can not happen on the microblogging。 Although microblogging also stressed social relationships chain, but the microblogging difficult to have a small circle of acquaintances of mutual concern。 Racer is "whatareyoudoing", vibrato is "whatareyouplaying", but microblogging is "What'shappening?"- the pursuit of real-time news。
Therefore, many users microblogging as a news client with。
But news client does not have reason to believe that micro "must-use"。
No matter how large V or ordinary users, will not say no, no loss。
Moreover, the vibrato of Brother – Watch Today's headlines on the microblogging lair。
Earlier on the line "micro headlines", allows users to post short headlines (passage), pictures and videos, is aimed at microblogging。 ZhouDongYu, Chen He, Liu Qiang East and other stars and celebrities have begun settled headlines。
Traffic spate of entertainment events to bring microblogging is also not strong enough – pressure from the regulatory level。
Last year, the State Council Informatization Office network and other six ministries jointly remediation star speculation scandal privacy and entertainment gossip, and other large Zhuo Wei was asked to permanently shut down。
This year, the hot microblogging search and encounter rectification, the contents of the convergence of entertainment gossip obvious。
Today's headlines microblogging and competitive short track is another video, this is an irresistible trend of content consumption。 Microblogging in 2013 has invested seconds beat second shot short introduction video content。
But seconds short video shot in the field, "got up early, catch the one night set"。 Aurora big data show that second shot of daily active users and today's headlines three short video products daily active users, an order of magnitude longer。 Moreover, he criticized the short video creators are: second shot play serious amount of water。 In the user-generated content gradually fire up the field, second shot also unhelpful, microblogging also had to do it yourself。
Sina Weibo was the headline and early investors today, and now the relationship between the two companies but more and more subtle。 Realizing the two are competing, in April 2017, Sina Weibo and emptied the shares of Today's headlines。 August 2017, headlines today closed beta of "micro-blog content source" feature to help users microblogging platform release automatically grab content published on the "micro headline"。
This ushered in the microblogging strong response aspects of the closure of the third party interface。 After this dispute, microblogging blocked Today's headlines microblog accounts。 Now, microblogging blocked vibrato。 But vibrato kill micro-blog it, has almost finished the job。
The next opponents, people say is deft。 This is just the beginning of a bigger war will break out in the field of short video。