Boys and Girls

Three years ago a pair of boys and girls, boys three years older than the girl, they fall in love hard, both of them are not in a school, but in a city, but only through text messages every day to understand each other doing at night also did not forget to make a phone call concern, although not too far away, but little hard to meet because the two people are not a school holiday so inconsistent, but together they can cherish are ruthless, and later the boy went to another city to go to school so that they meet less , but a phone every night is unavoidable, the girls sometimes go to see him.A year later the girl went to a bustling city to go to school, the boy’s friends say: “Do not worry her alone in a strange city it?She tempted you are not afraid of it?”He always smiled and said:” Oh, we are really in love, I believe each other’s heart.”They are ruthless envy also ruthless skeptical, but she believe my boys.  Boys sometimes a little forgetful, but he always remembers the beginning of their acquaintance she said: “She is a baby at home, are not allowed to bully me oh?”At that time the boy became determined to make her parents loved her more than their baton, pet her, hurt her.  ’Every time they go shopping together he always holding her hand to let the girl go to his right, often a car after his habit of always the girl into the arms closer to the point, she was afraid the car puffing, They sleep together, the boy will use his left hand when her pillow, holding her right hand as she slept ruthless military, there are times she was gone when turning roll off the bed, he woke up, he saw her curled mouth cry.Ruthless distressed boy, then quickly get out of bed put her to bed in her mouth kissed under: “Honey, I’m sorry, I sleep too heavy.”The girl was spoiled for a while asleep in his arms, and since then the boy has been left as a pillow so right but Hulan, always put the brain collapse tightly, a girl what happened he conditions reflected awakened, at the beginning, the girl up in the morning and asked him: “I sleep on your arm you tired yet?”The boy always smiled and said:” Oh, not tired!”But the girl never know, every morning, his arm must have been a moment of perception, he just did not want to let the girl worried.  Boy and girl time together every day ruthless happy, never willing to let the girl sad, every time there is a little misunderstanding what he would first turn, because he would rather own sad sad girl did not want, so they have been in love the.  Three years after the day the girl and he said: “That he asked me to marry him..”After hearing this boy suddenly Mongolia!After the girl saw the boy’s face smiled and said: “jealous friends?Rest assured, my friends and he can not, he has a girlfriend!”Despite this boy or a little worried, because they are in a city, and his ruthless away from her, he was afraid that the girl could not stand his sweet talk, because after all, that he was the girl’s first love!  After a few weeks, suddenly one night the girl sent a text message saying: “I may have to give up our feelings, and the baby was not hurt your heart ah?”When the boy saw the piece of text messages is how much he does not believe my eyes ah!How could this be.She said that they are not impossible to do?He thought she was joking with him, the girl said she now Ye Hao chaos, in question, after a few days the girls really made a decision, she chose her first love abandoned their feelings of three years, the boy has repeatedly retain, her friends advised her, because they do not believe that will really changed, but the girl has never intended, to retain her boy how not listen to, just say sorry about that boy a few days lost 8 pounds, the boy already thin, the boy has not been understood in the end that he and she said something like this for her, love her so hard the boy does not want her to say no remorse so forcing her to love me, to give up our feelings!Because he loved her so she did not want to tie him down, as long as she wants to be happy happy, then the boy got a ruthless tired of work, he wanted to let him learn to be strong with a tired, so he said not in love with her himself, but he or from time to time in her understanding of those sisters that she had a good or bad, that he did not bully her, they say ruthless good, after more than a month, the boy returned and the Internet, see written on her QQ number of baffling mood then, the boy did not understand, ask her sister they say they do not know how she was, and they worry ruthless, should understand what the boy, and after a while the boy came back to see her write the log, that she now not happy, boy that’s really cruel pain, relentless regret, remorse Why did not adhere to the point, why let her go this way, thought she would be happy, why would a child like this.  The boy still has not let go of her, boys want the girl back to him, because he would know better than ever cherish her, I did not want to let her come from his side, the boys know the girls will not accept one o’clock, she must there will be concerns, for fear they will not return to that happy time before, but the girl did not know the boy really do not care, it will not mention the unhappy things, because the boy is never let the girl sad.  Now the boys will be like a new beginning, like chasing her, he knew she would not accept the moment, so he will not promise what promises to her, because he does not believe in promises, he will use his heart and actions let the girl that closed heart he opened the back door to let her know he was before that love her boy.Please believe boys and girls will come together again.