Boys and girls touching story

Boys and girls are a pair of male and female friends, the boy is helping them, but the girl is very special affection for the boy.Girls love the rain, like rain.When the girl ran out of the umbrella in the rain outside, boys often like to accompany her rain together, but have been prevented girls to.The boy always asked: Why do not I accompany you with it always rain girl replied: because I’m afraid you will get sick!The boy would ask her: Why do girls always going to rain but it XiaoErBuDa.Finally, often they fail to beat the girl and the boy agreed to her request as long as the boy saw the girl very happy happy, always happy time but will not last long.The boy likes another girl like her even more than her degree.One day when the boy and the girl to eat, he made a break of requirements, and the girl silently accepted.Because she knew the boy like the wind, but not for any person to stay.That night, the last boy to send the girl home.In the girls downstairs, the boy kissed the girl the last time.The boy said: I’m sorry, you live up to!But I accompany you with the rain is the happiest time!Susie will be up sobbing, holding her boy.After a long time, the boy and the girl said: There is a question I want to ask you a long time ago, why every time when you will not let me accompany it rain after a long time the girl said slowly: Because I do not want to let you find me cry!That night, it began to rain