Boyfriend is doing the

Koji is a beautiful girl, the original intent to find a rich boyfriend, but when she handed two wealthy boyfriend, feeling cheated twice after Koji cold heart.She wanted this world rich man is not a good thing!Seeing himself was 28 years old, no longer looking for what money Koji boyfriend, as long as good to her boyfriend, that money does not matter.With that thought, Koji went to try their luck dating agency.  After dating agency reports, Koji met a young man named Julien.Julien wearing a simple, general appearance, is a company salesman.They met again are able to talk to each other have found, with the deepening of the two exchanges, the feelings grew deeper.But every time when Koji asked Julien workplace, Julien always hum and haw.  That day, a person at home Koji.The doorbell rang, Koji opened the door to even holding flowers smiling at the door, so this day is the birthday Koji.Julien gave Koji an exquisite packaging cartons, Koji opened it, all full box of her favorite chocolates Le Conte.Koji was very happy, grabbed Julien gave him a kiss, they was going further affectionate, Julien phone rang.He finished answer the phone, sorry to say Koji pen business to talk about, and hurried away.  Julien was gone, Koji bored at home, I wanted to go around.So, Koji was eating chocolate, he stuffed a piece of his pocket and went, they went out.  When Koji go far from her home Trust-Mart supermarket to buy some daily necessities to turn into.When Koji paid, she went to the supermarket door, but the door to the top of the sirens rang toot.Koji subconsciously return from the front door to buy their own things are paid, which it loud siren Zehui?While she was in a daze, a high-security guard ran to stop her, mocking tone, said: Miss, is not what’s the thing forgot to pay the bill?  Koji face on the red Proton.She carefully examined again plastic bag of stuff, really have to pay any money.Koji did not ignore the security, once again go to the door, the alarm can still barking.A kung fu, Koji will be full of people around, everyone looked at her with strange eyes.  Security gazed at the tall Koji, his face wearing a sarcastic laugh: want to go?Not so easy!Then, Koji reaches into a coat pocket, pulled out a piece of chocolate: This is probably not pay for it?  Koji anxious, stomped said: piece of chocolate is my boyfriend sent me for my birthday, I brought in from the outside!  The tall security Zuiyi Pie: you this number of people I see more, you are the sight of coffins were moved to tears!Said Miss chocolate and handed the cash register, cash register lady with a pistol on top of the same thing took photos.Security tall chocolate and then handed Koji: This time, you then go out and see!  Koji when the alarm did not ring out.Koji catch a security arm, he snapped: I see how you explain?I went with the Security Department!Wow people around all laughter together, Koji anxious to find a seam drilling this case, Koji finally know her boyfriend was doing the!  Koji pay fines wrote a guarantee from the supermarket, a man coming towards.Koji look, it is not even in it?Julien also followed behind a middle-aged man wearing glasses.Julien saw Koji, smiled and was about to say hello, I did not expect, Koji walked past raised arm, even in severely slapped a slap in the face.Julien was beaten stunned look.Just then, standing in the doorway of a high-security that were rushing about, grabbed the hand of Koji angrily shouted: you, you Nvzei, how can we fight the boss?  what?He, he is your boss?!Koji shocked.  Julien quickly wrist security, so he let go and asked him what happened.Security just put things to say.Julien laughed, again and again sorry to say: Koji, this thing I’m to blame, I gave you is what I picked up the chocolate from the shelves, there is no demagnetization, why they produce such a misunderstanding.I apologize to you on behalf of the supermarket!  Julien paused and added: Koji, please forgive me, the reason I pulled you to lie, because when dating agency staff told me about you, said you do not want to find a boss.And I do not want to be identified, because I had several girlfriends are talking about fancy my money, I wanted to find a woman does not love money.Koji, by this time together, I know you’re a good girl, I really love you!  Julien behind after the middle-aged man wearing glasses to understand the situation also laughs, he said Koji: girl, I was Deputy Director Liu Hongshan Street office, I assure you, Mr. Julien is anything but a heartless the rich, he’s a caring good boss.Just now, he also told us the street donated a car nursing home items, you are the boyfriend Yeah, be looking for a!  Koji hear, looking at Julien sincere eyes, I can not help but bow smiled shyly