Boxing experts

A tall stranger came up to me when I was about to shut the door of the gym.  Carrying a bag in his hand, wearing a black hat, wearing a black suit, black jacket and black shoes.  He even eye is black.You arrange a boxing match it man?he asks.  I only worked a few outstanding boxer brokers.  I worked as a broker a few players, but those who are not first-class masters.Best of Stone, ranked lightweight tenth, had attended boxing magazines, but only once on it.He later met Nano four straight sets.So, I can only let him laid off.  The stranger said: I’m going to go into boxing, I would like you to be my agent.  I stared at him, tall, probably six feet one inch tall, weighing about one hundred ninety lbs.But he has not seen the sun as it seems, very pale.His age is hard to guess, but it should not be very young.  How old are you?I ask.  Best age is the number of boxers?  Mr. Honshu any more than four-year-old man, to participate in a boxing match, are considered illegal.  I’m thirty, I can give you a birth certificate.He hastened to say.  Friends, this line of boxing, some people just over thirty peak period, you want to start thirty?I smiled.  But I’m strong, incredibly strong.His eyes flashing.  As the poet said, because you are pure in heart, so you get ten divine?My jokes.  I was ten when indeed there is this power, not because hearted.I know that this tremendous power they own, I realized that I must use this power legally.  He left the bag, went to the bar there, playing a barbell, like playing, like children’s toys.  Barbell that have multiple, I do not know, I was an outsider for weightlifting.But I remember, when Vinny two hours before, sweat Yang sly lift the barbell, his mouth kept complaining.Vinny has won state weightlifting champion, now a heavyweight boxer.  My interest is still small, although the stranger left me impressed.Maybe I can introduce you to local children bit of weightlifting people, they have their own club, because you have a lot of effort, certainly not difficult to go.  He was very angry: Weightlifting make little money, I need lots of money.He sighed and then said that before, I never worried about the money, but one night I woke up, suddenly found penniless, so now I need most is money, but why no money.  I think he’s very expensive clothes, but his clothes were dirty and wrinkled, should wear a long time, it may also sleep wear.  He said: I have read a lot of newspapers, of course, read sports news.I know, just a little effort to look in the boxing community, we can make big money.He pointed to the bag, I spent the money on shoes and shorts with boxing, then I am almost penniless, did not buy gloves, it seems you have to borrow a glove.  You mean, you take the field and test of something people?  Yes.  Now the stadium was deserted except for a young man named Bobby, he was still playing sandbag.  Bobby is an obedient child, very motivated but also very promising, he was a good punch.Until now, he won six games, the referee sentenced him to three victories, three stun each other.But I think he has little possibility to become top players.  I thought to myself: let Bobby and the black gentleman to try good, which we have done, I can go to bed.My bed is a bed then, in the office.  My name is Bobby came to him and said: Sir, you want to play and test of what.  After Bobby agreed, a stranger into the locker room, came out, wearing black shorts.  After I tried on gloves, he and Bobby play for him, each with one side.  I sounded the gong, out of a new cigar, ready to point.  Bobby and the presence of strangers in three-quarters of the local meet, Bobby proactive as usual, he was a left hook followed by a right fist in mind, deftly flashed a stranger.Then, a stranger with fast you could not see the speed, hit a left hook.A punch on the chin Bobby, Bobby fainted and fell backwards after.  I found my fingers a little pain, turned out to be a match to burn, and quickly blew it.I climbed into the field, to see Bobby still breathing, but he woke up will take some time.  In the boxing community mix a little longer time, as long noticed that the note left hook, and I will be the same as rapid heart beat.  I turned around and looked, and he wanted to find a personal test of what, but now no one in the gym.My paper paper lips and said: Good for you, your right fist and left hook is not as good?  My right fist is better than left fist.  After hearing this I’m scared to shed sweat.I admit, you played great.But in boxing, not only punched the other side, you have to be able to take a beating, you can not be beaten?  Of course, you can try.He smiled.  I’m sure beat try’d better figure it out, he can not endure boxing.  I took off my glove on his right hand Bobby, give yourself put.  I was in peak condition Thirty years ago, very powerful right fist, it is now okay.I tried my best to hit his chin.  My hand hit on his jaw, pain like breaking the same, then I jump while tears of pain.The stranger smiled and stood there, blinking an eye.  Bobby when I check whether injured right hand woke up, I was very happy, his finger is not broken.  Bobby groaned, and then he stood up to fight.This is his good luck.Bobby says Bobby was brave but brainless.  Bobby, do not fight tonight, free to say it.I said, I let Bobby go shower.  What’s your name?After I took office to ask a stranger.  My name is Gary.  He seems to come from other countries, listen to his accent can hear.I said: Well, then, I call you Gary, you call me Warren.I lit a cigar, Gary, in all legal premise, perhaps I can make you succeed.Tomorrow morning we went to a lawyer there, we have to sign a contract, it allows us to better work together.  Look uneasy Gary said: will not work tomorrow morning or afternoon, morning or afternoon may not work any day.  I frowned, did not understand what he meant, asked: Why?  I have people call photophobia disease.  That is what disease?  I can not stand the sun.  Will heat stroke?  Not just heat stroke, there are other.  Photophobia disease can affect your boxing it?I bit her cigar.  I attended no matter what race, must be in the evening.In fact, photophobia disease may be related to my strength.  It’s easy, and now boxing tournament were held in the evening.I thought for a moment, Gary, photophobia disease do not mention this matter to the Health Bureau.We best not to risk, because I do not know what view will Health Bureau.This photophobia disease, not contagious it?  Generally not.This time, he spoke mouth was wide open, I could see why he was previously the old Minzui.On his upper gum, there are two eye teeth as big as the teeth are long at two corners of the mouth.It looks ugly, if long in my mouth, I will pluck them.  He cleared his throat and said: Warren, I can not advance a little money first?  Sure, Gary, is not the money to eat?If any person usually just met, opening to borrow money from me, I will never borrow.But Gary is a promising, I decided to break one example, lend him money.  No.But my landlord said that if we do not pay the rent he would not let me live.  The next morning, about eleven o’clock I got a call from Steve Nash, he said Saturday night, Mai Jialuo and Burke scheduled game.  Mai Jialuo heavyweight boxer, fast, and very young, he is the pride of Nash, it can be said, is a source of enjoyment Nash.Mai Jialuo may not be the top figures, but Nash in his carefully cultivated, because the former Mai Jialuo retirement can make a lot of money.  Warren, our Saturday’s game, some accident.Burke found sick in the weight checking, and therefore can not participate in the game.It was your hand?I need to find someone to fill his place.Nash says.  Burke lost ten games, won on eighteen, on this record he is still optimistic about the newspaper.But the newspaper did not mention in ten games, he was knocked unconscious in six games he lost, but also for eighteen wins six games after losing streak.Therefore, Nash needs to be used instead of Burke boxer, I know what kind of.  I thought for a moment.There are children retired boxer, who in the gym to make money, you can play the game.Suddenly, I thought of Gary.  After you get a new, generally need to slowly develop his.But I think you can take a shortcut for Gary.  I was on the phone and said: Nash, now I really can not find here what staff.It touches on the last night of a new Mingjiaojiali.  How about his win-loss record?I heard of him.  He is coming from abroad, I do not know his record.  Then you’ve seen him do boxing?Nash asked carefully.  I’ve seen him with his left hand quickly, however, have not seen him with his right hand, and therefore do not know the circumstances of his right hand.  Nash asked with interest: there are other do?  He told me he had no money, he was dressed in a suit came here to break.If he is successful, thirty-five, he will become the master class, I believe there will be that day.  Okay, but you can give me to find at least two rounds suffer, do not vulnerable to time.Nash laughed.  I will do my best, but I can not promise you anything.  Gary appeared that evening in the gym, I quickly took him to see a lawyer.Then, before they do the physical examination.Every game, we have drawn ten percent of tickets.  I give a back Gary did not write anything robes, but his favorite color is black.Subsequently, we entered the stadium.  Particularly large number of people to see the game, because Mai Jialuo locals.His neighbors, most of them have come.  We track everything is ready, Mai Jialuo after the bell rings, drew a cross on the chest, jumped out of his corner.  Gary horror turned his head and asked me motionless: Mai Jialuo should do it right?  doing what?Tell you, Gary, played quickly hit it!Now is no time to fear.  Gary took a deep breath and looked at the referee standing in the ring center and Mai Jialuo, they ran to.  He suddenly hit the left, hit on the chin Maijia Luo, only a bit, the game is over.  Crisp punch, it’s that simple, Mai Jialuo lying on the ground, and last night, as Bobby.  Referee breath for a second child, after the countdown began to wake up.  Number and not a few little to do, the game includes a number of time the referee counted only nineteen seconds.  Issued dissatisfaction site boos, boxing fans believe money Debu value.Mai Jialuo not because of the failure, but because, let this stranger intense exciting race ended prematurely.  Nash flushed with anger, rushed into the dressing room with me breathless.He took me aside and stared at Gary.On me: Warren, you play me?  I swear, Nash, this is the chance.I pretend to look innocent.  We race again!  There’s a?May be.I was rubbing his chin, but in ten percent of our tickets, I feel a little less, in this case, in order to protect the interests of Gary, we should divide sixty percent of tickets.  Nash is very angry, this is a blot on his record boxers, the sooner the better wash this stain.Arguing for a long time, we finally decided on a half minutes.  Two days later a night, I returned to the office from the Coliseum, Gary found sitting in front the TV, looking at the vampire film.I went to see, he changed the channel.  I nodded and said: This vampire movie that I can not stand.I also like the logical movies, vampire movies illogical.  Illogical?  Ok.For example, there is the beginning of a vampire, he slipped out suck someone’s blood, that person becoming a vampire, is not it?So now there are two vampires, a week later, the two of them went out foraging, they suck the blood of two people, it becomes a vampire four.A week later, four out of food again, and then become Twenty-eight in a week should have 1,048,576 vampire, is not it?  It is such that all the people on the Earth’s surface, after thirty weeks have become a vampire.In another two weeks, because there is no food vampires will all starve to death.  Gary grinned, showing a pair of big eye teeth.You can count it very, Warren.But these vampires can not understand, people suck the blood of the victim will also become a vampire, and became his competitor.If they restrict blood-sucking, for example, when they just suck a little blood-sucking.In this case, the victim has a child day just a slight anemia and fatigue, as can be so, no problem.  I nodded in agreement to his words, and lowered the sound of the TV, I am going to talk to him about something game.Gary, I know that within seconds you children, you can knock down Mai Jialuo.But we need to know, boxing is also a show.If the game is only twenty seconds, then viewers who are willing to spend money to watch the game?In order to let the audience have fun, we have to show for a while.Thus, if the next encounter Maijia Luo, you want to play more with him for a while.Do not start playing too heavy, so the game looks, the poor little one fell swoop down with him to the fifth round.I lit a cigarette, if you too much, after which the opponent would be willing to fight with you?So, for the sake of the future, you can stun each other, but you also seem to use a lot of effort.  There weeks, we are waiting with Mai Jialuo re-match, and I also find ways to make Gary formal training, but he did not want to train.  I finally just let him, and not to interfere.He would not tell me where he lived, I think he probably is too proud, I do not want to see, run-down of his residence.Although he did not call, but he every day or two, it will come to the stadium to see if there is anything not.  The second game began, playing very lively, Gary and Mai Jialuo you come to me, playing four rounds.To the fifth round, Gary punched down to the Mai Jialuo.  Days later, we turn them away, we signed a lot of games.  Gary and I talk to him every knocked down two or three times.After using this strategy, the audience thought that play Gary, but Gary can not be beaten.Slowly, every boxing promoter believe he can knock down the boxer Gary.  We participate in the race a year in seven games, every game, can knockouts.Slowly, people began to pay attention to other states that we.We now earn a lot of money, Gary also excited for six months.But later, I found him preoccupied.I asked him, in the end how it is, he shook his head and refused to say.  His famous also attracted the attention of the girls, the girls adore him, admired him.But he has always been treated with courtesy, even those who did not ask the girl’s address.Of course, not to mention went to see them the.  We just won the tenth game, after a morning of that day, I was looking forward to the future office of a better life, someone knocked on the door.  Came a woman.Her mid-single, black hair, looks normal, nose slightly larger, well-dressed, she looks nothing special.She looks somewhat nervously standing there.  She swallowed, Mr. Gary is not here?  He comes to it, but I do not know when he will come.  You do not have his address?  No, he likes secrecy.  She froze for a moment, then he decided to tell the reasons I came here.  I was two weeks ago, driving to see my aunt out of state, in the back when it was already dark.It was raining, I was very poor sense of direction.I turn to go, see if you can find a familiar road.When the car to a mud road, slid into a ditch.I tried to come up with the car, the car was moving, and had to give up.I sat there, waiting to see if there passing car, but that way, no passing vehicles, surrounded no signs of human habitation, I finally fell asleep exhausted.I do like a weird dream, but now want to come, do not know is not a dream.Wake up, there is a big man in my car door, he gazed down at me.I began to be really spooked him, to restore calm after I asked him to give me a ride, take me to have a phone where I make a phone call to his father, let him send someone to pick me up.His car, parked on the right side of the road; so he sent me to a crossroads, where there is a gas station.I noticed her throat, there are two mosquito bites, such as red scar.  She continued: he drove away when I called, I do not know his name, he did not accept my thanks.However, I have been thinking about him she blushed when I watch the evening news last night, Mr. Gary’s photo appears on the screen.I learned that night that he helped me a stranger.I ask around, came here.You’re his agent, I came to the gym, just want to visit your personally thank.  I will tell him to see Gary’s.  She still stood there, thinking, she suddenly brightened.On me: I have a wallet to be returned to him, was out next to my car, tow truck driver discovered when I drag car, there are one thousand yuan.  I thought to myself: that tow truck driver really great, really honest man, but who also picked up one thousand yuan will go back?Although my heart think so, but I nodded and said: Well, I for you to turn to him one thousand yuan.  Very unfortunately, I forgot to bring my wallet.She took out a pen and piece of paper from the purse, my name is Daifen, please write down my address forwarded to Mr. Gary, he must personally come to claim.  Gary came the next day, I gave the note to him and told him to find his business Daifen.  I never use the wallet, how will lose one thousand yuan.Gary said, frowning.  I grinned: I know, but people know you are willing to spend one thousand yuan, she said is a lie it?  Ah me I found her sleeping in the car, send her to the gas station.  I do not know what time you have a car?  Last week, I bought some places, no car is not convenient.  What brand?  1974 mid-motor, good Volkswagen, but the body in need of repair, she opened a luxury Lincoln.His eyes showing color meditation, sitting at my desk edge.  Gary, do not worry, you will soon be opened that car.  We did not ask other people as in the past, and our thriving boxing career.  After we won two television stations also broadcast live the two games.Gary can be depressed, not happy.  One night he came into my office, I announced to say: Warren, I want to get married.  I was taken aback, but then thought, this does nothing to make a fuss.Many boxers are married.I asked: Who ah?  Daifen.  I thought for a moment just remember, you are the last to say that Daifen?  He nodded..  I stared at him, said: Gary, I hope you did wrong.Lady, but not very pretty ah.  Gary Yang neck and said: But her great personality.  I doubt it.I said: Do not lie to myself, Gary, she does not go with your.  Later on with the.  My brains a turn, surprised and asked: You’re not for the money and marry her right, Gary?  He blushed and said: This thing has been done before.Why can not I do?  Gary, but you do not have to marry other people’s money.You will soon have enormous sums of money, millions.  He turned away and said: I have received many letters from friends and relatives, especially concerned about my relatives, they seem to have heard of me for standing in the boxing community thing.They say that for the money to go to the game, should not appear in the background of people like me who.On this matter, I have considered for a long time.I think they are right, when professional boxer is not for me.All my relatives and friends, are strongly opposed to me doing it.Warren, a person must have his self-esteem in this world, in order happier to be endorsed aristocratic peers.  noble?Are you saying that the royal family do?Are you still a duke?Your veins, as well as the nobility of blood?  He sighed and said: so to speak, my relatives to save me from poverty, I have begun to contribute, but relatives of relief, I can not accept.  But you do not care for the money, and the woman and get married?  Marry for money and there is nothing bad.In addition, I will stop boxing after marriage.  I asked him to reconsider, we fight for a long time.I told him that boxing will give us enormous wealth.  He finally seemed to soften a little, promised when he left, think again.  I was anxious about a nervous breakdown, because for a week without his little news.  One night about half past ten Bobby with a letter, came to my office.I saw that letter immediately felt bad, his hands trembling demolition of faith.Sure enough, Gary letter.  Dear Warren: I am deeply sorry to change what happened, but I have decided to quit boxing.I know you are high hopes for my future, I also believe that I can really make you say millions of dollars.But still good-bye, and good luck!Of course, I will not let you lose both men.  Gary does not make my thanks to the people and wealth?Did I leave anything to check it?I shook the envelope, the envelope nothing fall out ah.He did not make me RenCaiLiangKong What does it mean?I’m angry!  I saw Bobby was still standing there.  He grinned: hit me!  I saw Bobby grow big mouth never seen two eye teeth, and two on his throat like a mosquito bite in the red dot.  Hit me!He repeated.  I probably should not have hit him, but to me a week or futile, etc..I want to vent on him, so I tried my best to beat him punch.  The punch hit my wrist fractures.  I smiled as I looked at the doctor on plaster.  Because a person can replace Gary appeared.