Box filled with love

For me, after losing his mother at 5 years old, my father wear two hats.When he was 75 years old, died from liver cancer, I completely collapsed.I wish he could have been alive, but now I have to be forced to confront his wardrobe and chest of drawers drawer, or lose points given away his things, because one never knows what they will pass something for those in need people.When I was young and needed money, my father often invisible to his room, then appear with the money.I never knew where the money is coming, just weird to think that this might be room for me to grow some of the money to fruit.Then one day, I suddenly heard my father tell her sister, she went to his room, took some money out from the black box.Why I’ve never been allowed to go to the black box, or look inside put what things?Because I was too young, or because I did not have the privilege of sister?I remember the black box, after so many years, it’s still lingering in my mind as exactly what is inside the box, and now where?Treasure hidden inside something, when I can go and look at its amazing content?Year after year, I grew up, my father is getting old.Funny, no matter if you want to be forever young parents, his hair was more white, more and more wrinkled face, the more stooped stature.But whenever I see him, even in his last breath, his eyes still with a smile.That day I packed classified stuff in his room, more than once I thought of that black box.I have tears in my eyes, begin the process again and again reminds me of those things of the past, I’ve got to get this over with it, this is the last chapter of my father’s life, memories and everything had to be compressed to the trash and boxes in.After emptying the wardrobe and chest of drawers, the room becomes empty, the father really gone, even the things he did not, I life in another new era is about to begin.How can you continue along this road, but did not you love that person needs most at the side?Now when I called to say I love you, Dad, who can answer me?Finally a drawer, is the father in his later years the most important part is to put the phone, his medicine and glasses where I saw the black box, and I hope not the same as, or I do not know what to expect in their own?Is it possible there cushioned satin, adorned with a bunch of jewelry?I stretch it with trembling hands, shut the door, put something down on the bed inside.I found in the box, turned out to be recording everything in my life: my mother, my childhood, tragedy, love and happiness.Box stood father lifelong collection of things: the marriage certificate with his mother, because it takes too long to become wrinkled and fragile; death certificate mom; to him a certain number of very important money; a long time, in the face other people’s hardships, he will surely help of a close friend sent a letter of thanks; mother wore his father’s favorite, favorite pictures also brought yellow dress; I was 6 years old photo, above childish handwriting: Dad, love you, Debbie; there are some cards, I sent the father of many, many years of Christmas cards, birthday, father’s Day card every one above all I wrote to him from the heart discourse.I was in the box!My mother also in the box, there is no money, no insurance documents, legal documents not only some insignificant for others, for his father, it represents something of everything.I guess he repeatedly reread everything inside, for yourself or cry or laugh; I guess he must do it often, because it’s files are well preserved.I never knew his father that he is the most prized possession, this box will not only tell me, I also demonstrated in the past, and just a few days ago I lost a father’s soul as well as her daughter’s love never dies.Now this black box is mine, and when I went to the last day of life, I have things thrown into green garbage bags, my children will find this box, where they found themselves, as well as my soul and love and we learned that the most important thing in life is the love we have for others.