Box bodies

1 of busy work, I sometimes look at the provincial capital city forum gossip.  This day early in the morning, I opened the forum saw a high popularity of posts.A missing person, post, put two photos are of the same girl, the first picture looks not very clear lines, you can see a tiny little woman wearing a short skirt leans on a toilet, back start, head down.Next photo is a girl of emoticons.Post says, the girl was twenty-two, had just graduated from college, inexplicably disappeared hope that users can provide some clues to find her, one million remuneration.  As the strange girl’s photo, as well as higher remuneration, under the users did not respond to a decent, I am looking at the bottom of the comment, the phone suddenly rang, the master, so I immediately went to his office to go.  Master sitting at a desk, staring at a computer thoughtfully, I glanced master on a computer screen, I just look at the picture turned out to be a beautiful piece of toilet map?  I was surprised and said: Master, you can not see this?  Master said: This is one case.  case?I was surprised.Master did not take me surprised, pointing to the computer screen said: you take a closer look at this picture, this is the morning I make audio-visual laboratory conducted after the blurred image processing, more clearly than the original, can now be seen she’s dead.  died?I cried out in surprise.Master is how to look out for?  I have a few basis, Master said, first of all, I can determine the body has had rigor mortis.You see, on the right scapula girl leaning on the toilet, this posture, if it is normal, then bowed head, chin should naturally skewed to the right, but the girl’s chin is left biased.So I suspect that when the girl’s neck in a death left a partial position, so after the formation of rigor mortis, the emergence of such a situation.The key is toe.Most people outside leg spin when the toe is definitely out means.But what this girl, her two toes is relatively inward and downward Bengzhi.So I think when she died, it should be face down, the toe is held back ground, forming inwardly oriented downward.  Let’s look at Shiban, since it is prone position, Shiban should form part of the bodies at the bottom, which is the front surface of the chest and abdomen, neck, cheeks and legs.You look carefully, you have Shiban?Master finished, adjusted his photo color contrast.Sure enough, the details not seen before, became clear after the contrast is increased up such a large area flush, can be viewed from different angles to, it is impossible to lighting problems or damage caused, should be the Shiban.  Shiban and rigor mortis is based on two confirmed deaths, since infer girl along with the bodies of these two phenomena, then this girl really Yizao a murderous scheme.  In addition, the master magnified picture, I said, look after her crooked chin exposed side of the neck, what?Neck What else?Cable ditch.She is being strangled.I shook my head lamented.  Follow clues online, we quickly found people posting.  2 post is the boss of the company surnamed Zhao’s wife.The girl is the daughter of Zhao, Zhao Yu Mo.  It is said that the reason for her post instead of alarm is afraid of the kidnappers threatened to kill.Before that, her daughter’s cell phone with the kidnappers contacted them, asking them to take money to change.Sam was afraid her daughter hurt, obediently give money to a designated location murderer, but the back has not come back until their daughter.Desperation can only help the Internet.  We are silent.The grieving father, so obviously loves his daughter, but because of his moment of weakness missed the chance to catch the murderer.Trading ransom when he was captured best time, now the kidnappers got the money from the transaction time and had passed more than ten hours, caught him think, will be very difficult.  Master thought for a moment, Sam said in a choked: Sam, you grief it.Qin small, we go immediately to initiate the establishment of a task force, this case must be broken!  A whole morning I have been anxiously waiting for the appearance of corpses.At noon, the task force received a report, the bodies may have found!  In fact, the bodies less than two kilometers from us.Near the Public Security Bureau, is the power industry University.Body was found in woods next to the university, packed in a suitcase.Because these two days freshmen report, many people and cars more baggage, a lot of people go through that place, so check this surveillance camera does not make sense, we focus on corpses.  The box has been opened, a girl with long hair curled up inside.Face Recognition school learned I saw immediately that this is Zhao Yu Mo.At this point the bodies of rigor mortis has eased, we carry the bodies out of the suitcase.Time of lifting the body, with white stuff from the capsules of a corpse clattered down.I probe a look, it turned out to be rice.Is this box was originally used to install meters?But who do use the trunk to install meters, the confused, a colleague said: This thing seems a bit familiar, like funeral and related impression.Whether or not, since little in this direction, we must find out.  The body was transported to a funeral parlor, dissecting room, Zhao Yu Mo carrying his hands, lying on the table.  Dressed, and clean.This shows that one is unlikely to be sexually assaulted, and second scene of the crime should be indoors.When Sam received the photo is about at 3:00 on the 22nd, according to this inference, Zhao Yu Mo should be the death of ten at night till eleven on the 21st of.  We check signs of internal organs bleeding, petrous bone bleeding, confirmed she died of mechanical asphyxia, still in her waist discovered a hemorrhage, which is also among our expectations, because she was back under pressure, may be someone sitting in the body, it could be someone with a knee on her waist.In addition, we have not found any new clues.  When we go to suture body when the lights flash, I thought I saw something.  3 Zhao Yu Mo looming right side of the chest and abdomen a red mark, after repeated cleaning, finally showing a red mark, this red mark on road about thirty centimeters long, precisely, this is a cross-shaped indentation it should be when pressed on the floor dying body formed.  In addition, we are still Zhao Yu Mo denim skirt right rear side of a dark pocket and found some black marks.Three finger fingerprint ah!  Then we took the autopsy results are submitted to the task force.People talk about the purpose of the kidnappers, then host the investigators brought new news: After an investigation, Zhao Yu Mo’s boyfriend yellow bell sound a major crime suspects.It was seen that day five in the afternoon, Zhao Yu Mo in yellow bell sound downstairs and he pulled, quarrel.  He summoned.Captains Qi said, on the one hand arrangement of the external investigation, on the one hand formalities, searched his home.  We went to search the home of Huang Zhong sound, but did not find him at home inside and out cruciform floor, the living room is a wooden floor bedroom, cross joints are?Shape, and even the bathroom kitchen floor tiles are diamond-shaped.Toilets are not the same.Whether the killer is not he, at least not live here, you can only receive team.  We sadly back to the task force, task force investigators found that the same is slouching.  Community Monitoring display, yellow bell sound does a day at home.Investigators said he suspects ruled out.According to him, in the afternoon he and Zhao Yu Mo because of some trivial quarrel took place, he began to think to pull Zhao Yu Mo, but Zhao Yu Mo temper up, he just walked.  Case once again reached an impasse.  At this point, there are meters before the bodies of little impression on colleagues who finally found a clue.Originally, the East Lake County, there is a superstition, after death, the Mitha around the body, the soul can not let OBE, so that the ghost will not revenge murderer.  Without further ado, we immediately rushed to the East Lake County.  Also after an investigation, Zhao Yu Mo can not drive, she wants to East Lake, will certainly be chartered bus station.After an investigation of the long-distance taxi drivers, conclusive evidence about Zhao Yu Mo at 18:30 on the 21st, own one pack a car bound for here.Taxi unified management of the company, the car has a monitoring device, the taxi driver did not suspect.Zhao Yu Mo finally stopped in front of a restaurant in the town center, it was under a lot of rain.  Captains Qi said: Zhao Yu Mo phone is quarter past seven in the evening off from vehicle monitoring point of view, it should be out of power.Time in the car, only GPRS traffic loss, did not call.It appears to be chatting on the Internet.Now it seems most likely to see someone ah.Sure enough, and this man, in the East Lake.  This 4 users called Li Wei.He was brought into the East Lake County Public Security Bureau, when still a look of confusion.  What do you arrest me?Li Wei at a loss to say what I have not done a bad thing.where are you from?Investigators asked.Ocean County Palace.Would you like to East Lake?half year ago.  Li Wei a northern dialect, I sit with a child feel more and more wrong.If the people of the north county, east to Lake County only six months, that he should not trapped soul of Sami customs know so much about.  Do you know Zhao Yu Mo?Investigators not know.Honest account, we have no reason not to call you to ask some people you do not know the circumstances.I really do not know ah.Li Wei spooked.  I reminded beside investigators should ask the network name.Investigators nodded, then asked: What do you know now lidocaine?Lidocaine is an anesthetic, it seems that Zhao Yu Mo thinks he is the kind of charmed everyone can drugged.Oh, she ah, know, but we’re just friends.Contact your nearest and when did she?Three days ago it.Li Wei thought, said.  Jiang Zhenyu microreactor theory with teachers to analyze, Li Wei think this expression is very natural, it should not disguise.  Levy went on to say: that day she did not know what nerve, I suddenly wanted to see.I have not seen friends, but that night it was still raining, Anjiu say too far, but rain is not convenient, another day goodbye.But she said she has been in the car, at home and asked where Anan.  Did you tell her?Where no, I rented a house, even the latrine are common, too shy to let her come, just thinking of going to see her.But this time, she suddenly off the assembly line, I thought she might be in a bad mood, talking about it, no longer care about the.  She points off the assembly line?Seven more of it, I remember like.  I walked out of the interrogation room, while the trial continues, but I believe he is definitely not a murderer.Public toilets, the toilet where it will be?  Back to the hotel, I learned the bad news: Zhao Yu Mo’s restaurant is no place to get off the monitoring, the restaurant business is very fire, so the waiter could not remember her appearance.In short, another clue broken.Even suitcase clues have been broken, the suitcase has sold more than a dozen ten thousand, and how to check?  That’s when I suddenly thought of the dead hands tied knot.  Zhao Yu Mo knot on the wrist, looks very simple, but also very strong, it should be a more professional knot.Open the Baidu search the knot, the knot finally found the hands of Zhao Yu Mo is a typical clove hitch, usually people would like a skilled master of outdoor sports play this knot.  I picked up the phone and let investigators investigating Li Wei played knots, and whether he used outdoors.As a result, Li Wei was ruled out, he does not know what outdoor sports, is also not on the knot.Other aspects also ruled out.  But after a search the day before the afternoon, we found some clues, search for groups in the periphery of a corner of the campus, found a phone and suspected dead strangled rope dead.  To display photos on a rope covered in ink, this should be a rope tied to ink stone, ink stone why the judge is tied?Because the lake is producing Yan East county.Another photo is an Apple phone, blisters before, showing that there is no power on state.I can now explain why there is a fingerprint ink.Because the killer took the murder rope covered with ink, and then take a dip ink hand dig pocket.Now this is a judgment of kidnapping cases against property of the possibility of very large.  With these few clues, solve the case much easier.However, when the Captains say: we have a more efficient way.After the phone by the technology sector recovery, he found dead at nine at night and more time to open up the phone and dialed a number: 180 ×××××× 86.But this is not a correct phone number, do not dial out.  Now the question came.Captains Qi said, why should dial the wrong phone number?  I laughed and said: This is perhaps simply not the phone number, but QQ No..She is likely to be too lazy to open mobile phone QQ and others recorded in this way QQ number.Quick Survey!Also half an hour, it cracked the case.  The QQ number belongs to a man named Cheng Xi.He was twenty-one, he is a student Radio and TV, also known ALICE.Cheng Xi’s father was a loyal fan of Yan.Not him, who else?  Cheng Xi did not deny, Cheng Xi’s mother died, his father is not around often.Feel empty inside, he contracted a bad habit: Gambling.He surf the Internet gambling organization abroad, do not care to lose two hundred thousand.Two hundred thousand?Even if his family was well off, do not dare open his father.I can not think of a way, only kidnapped.  That night, under a great deal of rain.He met Zhao Yu Mo just get off at the restaurant door, the body of Zhao Yu Mo Chanel to his heart.He hastened to greet the past, for the girls hold up their umbrellas.After dinner, as Zhao Yu Mo Xi Cheng went to his home.In fact, Cheng Xi Le initially wanted to send her dizzy, but unfortunately he finished concern after two matches, accidentally discovered Zhao Yu Mo actually dead.  Cheng hope that transport the body to their school would not attract police attention to himself, but the police investigation only in the provincial capital, attention will not be moved to Zhao Yu Mo death was he in East Lake.But that one meter or betrayed him.