Bowl of fruit

William Acton stood up.Clock on the fireplace at midnight ticking.  He looked at his fingers, look around the huge room, looking at the man lying on the ground.William Acton’s fingers touched the typewriter keyboard, had sex, fried breakfast of ham and eggs, but now because of this same ten fingers, he became a murderer.  He never considered himself a sculptor, but now, take a look at the cross on the polished hardwood floor of that corpse, he realized that he used some kind of sculptural techniques to reshape the man who called the Donald Hekesili, He changed his shell and appearance.  This is to use a few fingers, he wiped the last line Hekesili eyes bright, cold and numbness will put into his eye socket.Pink sensitive lips parted, exposing the inside of the canine teeth, yellow teeth and gold-plated dentures.Once the nose is pink, now scarred, ear-like pale.Hekesili hands spread on the ground, as if saying to God.  Yes, ah, very beautiful sight, Hekesili completely changed appearance.Death made him more handsome.You can tell him what to say, he will listen guarantee.  William Acton looked at his fingers.  Do things the point that he has been unable to restore.Some people hear me?His ear listening.Outside, the streets late at night as usual ringing sound of a car.No knock on the door, no breaking sound, not who wants to come in.Murder, or that the person by the thermal cooling artistic process, in the case mysteriously quietly completed.  What should we do now?Clock ticking at midnight.Instinct cried to him toward the door walking, running, running, run, and never return, climb the train, stopped the car, or on foot, far away from hell!  He raised his hand in front of turn over, to turn over.  He mused slowly flip them over; they feel as light as a feather.Why do you stare at them?He asked.Is it because they successfully strangle a person, it is worth it to see over and over again.  This is a pair of ordinary hand.Not fat, not thin, not long, not short; few hairs, no less; nails had not been revised, but not dirty; not soft, not hard, not rough, not smooth; not kill the hand, but it is not innocent.He seems to be getting more and more interesting.  He is not interested in these hands, not a finger.After a scuffle, his only interest is their own fingers fingertip.  Clock ticking on the fireplace walked.  He knelt beside the corpse Hekesili, took a handkerchief from his pocket Hekesili’s, carefully wipe the throat Hekesili.He gently rubbing the throat, but also exert oneself rubbing his face and neck, then standing up.  He looked at each other’s throat, looking shiny floor.He slowly bent down, then massage a few times with a handkerchief floor, then frowned, fine wipe up.Begin with the head near the bodies, which in turn is around the arm, then simply wipe all around the corpse again.First wipe the bodies of four weeks where a yard, then a two yards, then followed by three yards, then he stopped again.  At that moment he looked around the whole house: the living room of a large mirror, carved doors, as well as fine furniture.An hour ago he was talking with Hekesili Pictures come alive.  With fingers ringing the doorbell home Hekesili.Hekesili opened the door.  what!Hekesili shocked, are you, Acton?  Where is my wife, Hekesili?  Do you think I would tell you it really?Do not stand there, you idiot.If you want to talk about serious things, come on.From that door, there, to Daoshufangli.  Acton touched the door of the study.  Drink it?  To the point of it.I can not believe Lily is gone, she Burgundy wines, Acton, take it to the bar there.  Yes, he took the end, and touched.  This is the first edition, Acton, look at this binding, you Feel.  I do not look at the book, he touched my books and the library table, but also touched the Burgundy wine bottles and glasses.  At this point he grabbed a handkerchief, squatting beside Hekesili cold corpse, motionless and looked at the house, beside the walls and furniture, for all her suddenly realized that while stunned.He closed his eyes and dropped his head, his hands wringing a handkerchief, biting his lip with his teeth.  Fingerprints everywhere!  Reached for the wine, Acton, ah?Wine bottles, ah?Holding hands, ah?I’m tired, okay?  A pair of gloves.  Before doing more things, before wiping elsewhere, he must wear gloves, otherwise he rubbed the left side of the new signs will.  He reached into his pocket, front living room umbrella stand and hat rack went to find a coat of Hekesili.He reached to pick a coat pocket.  No gloves.  He also hand into his pocket, up the stairs, trying to keep yourself calm.He was not wearing gloves and has since made a big mistake (of course, he did not think to kill, there may be a premonition that this subconscious behavior also reminded that he should not wear gloves), and now he had to pay the price for this mistake.Maybe he should hurry fishes, any time someone came Hekesili, and even then may.Often the rich and out, drink, talk and laugh, say hello can come in collision.To 6 o’clock in the morning, Hekesili buddies will come knock on the door, to take him to the airport as well as Mexico City Acton Huanglihuangzhang ran down the stairs turned drawer, handkerchief as a blotter.He plucking a seven or ten drawer 6 rooms, leaving them no matter hung his tongue, and look through another.Unless the gloves found, or else he felt he did not do.He searched the whole house to be holding a handkerchief, wipe every place possible to leave fingerprints, but may run into a wall here or there, he is survived by a matter of subtle traces of their own destiny.Even leaving a fingerprint, he’ll be killed.  Zaifan drawer!To be calm, be careful, be tolerant, he told himself.  In the bottom drawer of the 85th, he found the glove.  Oh, my God, my God!He shouted suddenly toward the drawer.  He finally sets them to the hands, proudly curved knuckles, fingers Bouncing.Gloves are gray, thick, soft, very knot sell.Now he can touch whim East West touch, but do not worry about leaving any traces.In front of his bedroom mirror large nose with the thumb by the press, but also exposed his teeth.  Do not!Hekesili shouted.  How evil this plan.  Hekesili the floor, intentional!Oh, what a cunning person!Hekesili down on the hardwood floor, Acton then also threw himself to the ground.They roll scuffle on the floor, leaving a fingerprint and a countless crazy!Hekesili escape a few steps away, but Acton quickly rushed past, grabbed at each other’s neck, until he wildly piece of life like squeezing toothpaste squeeze out so far.  After wearing gloves, William Acton again back previously that room, kneeling on the floor, began to complete the arduous task of wiping inch by inch.Inch by inch, inch by inch, he rub ah, ah rub until it goes on because the ground almost mirrored his own intense and sweaty face.Then he walked over to a table, the legs began to rub on, then the body of the table, drawers and desktops.He walked in front of a bowl full of silver bowl of wax fruit, polished Wanbian pounce and gently wipe out the wax fruit, and then put back into the fruit bowl is not grazed.  I’m sure not touched inside.He says.  After wiped the table, he saw hanging over the table in a frame.  I’m sure not touched it.He says.  He looked up, looked a long time.  He looked around the house all the doors.Which door this evening touched it?He could not remember.Then all the doors are rubbed again.He started rubbing door handles, polished sharp, then wipe the door from top to bottom again, has never missed a place.After he came before wiping furniture, began to rub seat armrest.  You sit in that chair, Acton, Louis XIV era antiques.Feel.Hekesili say.  I do not talk about furniture, Hekesili!I came to Lily.  Well, do not wait till, you do not like her.She does not love you, you know.She said to come with me tomorrow in Mexico City.  You still have your money your furniture is fucking asshole!  Very good furniture, Acton.Good guest, touch it.  The fabric can retain fingerprints.  Hekesili!William Acton stare at the corpse, you thought I would kill you right?Your subconscious thought about it, like I subconsciously thought of as?Your subconscious thought let me in the door, books, dishes, tables and chairs have left traces of it?You have so cunning so smart it?  He used a handkerchief to wipe the child seat.Suddenly he thought of the bodies have not yet grazed it.He walked in front of it, flip through here, there, flip through, wipe the surface over and over, even the shoes did not let go.What did not let go.  When shoeshine, his face suddenly appeared a little uneasy, then immediately he stood up and went to the desk before.  He was taken out and wiping the wax fruit bowl bird.  This is good.He said to himself, went back beside the bodies.  But he just knelt on the edge of the corpse, her chin nervous twitch up, he stood up and walked in front of that table again.  He wiped the frame.  Rub frame, he suddenly found the wall.  Silly.He Anjiao.  Ouch!Hekesili shouted escape his fist.The fight he pushed a Acton, Acton fell to the ground, get up against the wall, and rushed past toward Hekesili.He grabbed Hekesili until he breathe.  Acton turned.Quarrel and fight scenes gradually blurred.He thought no more about them, but looking around all sides of the wall.  Ridiculous!He says.  He glanced from the corner of a wall to something.  I did not see, he consoled himself, went to the next room and see!I’ve got to hurry the job.I think he and I stayed there and study this room, as well as the dining room and kitchen in the living room.  But the wall behind him does have a block mark.  There is a really.  He angrily turned.Okay, okay, then check it again.  He went over, he found nothing.Oh, here, a little piece right here.He erased it, even though it is not a fingerprint.After done that, he touched the wall with a gloved hand, began to look up and down inch by inch.No, he said to himself, moving his head up and down.This is too much.He says.How many square meters?I do not want to be so serious.That being said, his gloved fingers rhythmically on the wall still groping.  He stared at his hands and wallpaper, and turned to see another room.I get that room to go to places that are important to wipe.He said to himself, but Panasonic did not dare to hand, as if the whole human children are affixed to the wall.His face became gloomy.  He silently began to rub the walls, up and down, side to side, on tiptoe, leaned over,.  Ridiculous, oh, my God, ridiculous!  But you have to be sure ah, he secretly to himself.  Yes, you have to be sure.He repeated.  He Cawan a wall, and then came another wall in front.  At the time!?  Look at the clock on his fireplace.An hour later, it is now 1:05.  Suddenly the sound of the doorbell Dinglinger.  Acton body stiff, take a look at the door, and looked at the clock; look at the door, then looked at the clock.  It was hard knock on the door.  After a long period of time, not out of the atmosphere Acton.He cramped, covered with floating, head rumbling, as if cold waves hit the reef in rushing.  Hey, you there!Cried a drunkard, I see you there, Hekesili!Open the door, damn!I’m Billy, old man, drunk as owls, like Hekesili, old man, a drunk drunk together, how about owls to two drunk?  roll!Acton teeth in the heart roared, but did not dare say anything, firmly stick to the wall.  Hekesili, you are there, I hear you breathe it!Alcoholic shout.  Yes ah, I’m here.Acton whispered, lying on the floor, felt very stupid.Yes.  Asshole!That sounds Mamalielie, trailed down.Footsteps gone.Asshole Acton stood for a long time, feel his heart beating wildly in vivo.Wait until opened his eyes and saw the face of a new piece of the wall, just say the words.Silly, he said, no fingerprints this wall, I never touched.Faster, faster, no time, a few hours those stupid guys who will break into the!He turned.  And from his eyes Piaojian strands of spider web.He turned his back, the small spider on drilling out from the crevices of the wood, knot a few fluttering Huhu filaments, not on his left side that has been wiped off the wall, but the other three have not yet face and touched wall.Whenever he stare at those little spiders, they retracted wood crevices, and his back was turned, they came out netting.These walls all right, he almost shouted out loud, I did not touched!  He came Hekesili previously sat in the front next to the desk, open the drawer, take out the thing he was looking for.It was a magnifying glass to read it Hekesili sometimes help.He looked at the magnifying glass, leaned very awkward wall.  fingerprint.  But this is not my fingerprints!He laughed, and I did not come across there!I’m sure not touched!A maid, cook, or which chick!  Walls covered with fingerprints.  Look at this here, he said the slender tapered, is a woman, and I bet.  You dare?  dare.  sure?  Correct!  Wrong?  Ah will not.  absolute?  Yes, damn it, absolutely!  Wipe it, anyway, why not.?  Well, gosh!  Wipe that damn mark, ah, Acton?  This, here, this, like Acton self-deprecating laugh, is a fat man’s fingerprints.  sure?  Come out of the!He hummed it to wipe the.  He took off one glove, raised a trembling hand, facing the bright lights.  Behold, you idiot!You look at the vortex lines is how revolutions?look?  Look at this useless!  okay then!He put on his gloves and angrily up and down, side to side, wiping away the wall, knelt down, get up, foul-mouthed, sweat, face more red.  He took off his jacket and threw it on a chair.  Two.He muttered a Cawan glanced at a wall clock.  He walked in front of the bird bowl, remove the wax fruit, wipe the bowl, then put back in place of wax fruit, and rub the frame.  He looked at the chandelier.  Activities fingers up on both sides of the body could not help.  He opened his mouth, his tongue licking lips.He looked at the chandelier, look elsewhere; and look chandelier, take a look at the corpse Hekesili; then look back to a long seven colors trimmed with glass beads crystal chandeliers up.  He dragged a chair, resting beneath the chandelier, stepping on one foot, take down the chandelier, then laughed viciously kicked the chair kicked the corner of the room.Then he ignored there has not been grazed a wall, ran out of the room.  In the dining room, he walked in front of a table.  I’ll give you a look at Gerry Goli cutlery, Acton, said Hekesili.Oh, that lazy voice!  I have no time, Acton said, I want to see Lily nonsense, look at the unusual sight of how exquisite workmanship.  Acton close to the table, set of dishes still in there, he again heard the voice of Hekesili, remember all the scenes.  Acton rubbing his knife and fork and a silver spoon, remove the wall and metal ornaments, as well as dishes that are Gertrude and Otto Nazli making beautiful porcelain, Acton.Are you familiar with the work they do?  It is very beautiful.  Take a look.flip over.Look how thin ah bowl, on a turntable made by hand, like egg shells as thin, really incredible.Multi wonderful glaze, touch, hold, I do not mind.  Touch.Took.pick up!  Acton could not help sobbing.He will smash it against the wall past porcelain, porcelain splash, scattered, strewn in one place.  But he immediately knelt down.Each piece, each piece must be found.stupid stupid stupid!He shook his head scolding himself, eyes open, closed, and opened and closed, under the table slouch with the body.Each one must be found, idiot!One can not leave.Stupid!He hurried to pack.Receipt of all yet?He looked at the table surface debris, but also to the next table, chairs and cupboards below to find the next, relying on the light to find a match, then began to wipe the piece, as if they were full of diamonds.He will put the pieces neatly polished shiny on the desktop.  What a beautiful porcelain, Acton.Get up and touch.  He picked up the linen cloth, wipe clean, and rub chairs, tables, doorknobs, windows, bay windows, curtains and floor, and then breathlessly into the kitchen, took off his T-shirt, full gloves, went to wipe those silver shiny aluminum products I lead you to look at my house, Acton, Hekesili said, he walked grazed all the utensils, silverware and dishes, this time he had touched not know their own in the end What did or what touched.Hekesili and he spent time in the kitchen, Hekesili deliberately praise your own kitchen furnishings, I would like to hide his fear of the potential murderer, or an attempt at the time when they need the knife from recent.They are free after chatting, touch here, touch there has touched something or can not remember how much he touched finished wiping task in the kitchen, across the hall into the local Hekesili of lying.  He cried.  How himself to forget that fourth wall of the room to wipe it.He went out in the moment, small spiders have never in time to scrub the fourth wall and bounced addition several of the walls has been grazed and took it to a few dirty wall!He screamed and saw the ceiling, the chandelier, the corner, on the floor, hundreds of thousands of filaments fluttering in the wind!Very fine, very fine silk, finer than fingerprints!  He was looking at, silk floating on the frame, floating on the Sheng wax fruit bowl, floating on the body, floating on the floor paper knife drawer, desktops have left traces everywhere left its mark.  He shoved frantically wiping the floor.He put the corpse rolled over while rubbing screaming, went through rub the bowl of wax fruit rocket.He put the chair into the crystal chandeliers of the following, just to rub each crystal lamps on the station, until it rattled to the sound emitted ding.He jumped down from his chair, grabbed the door handle, and stand on another chair, rub a higher wall, then ran into the kitchen, grab a broom, to sweep the cobwebs on the ceiling, then rub the fruit bowl, rub the body, door handles, silver and lobby escalator railing along the railings have been upstairs to rub.  3:00 friends!Every place sounded clock ticking.There are 12 room downstairs, upstairs there are eight.He calculated the need to wipe the area and the time required.100 chairs, six sofas, 27 tables and 6 radio.Back and forth up and down.He will move away from the wall furniture, while crying while rub that decades of dust, and wipe down the railing up, ah, ah wipe, brush, ah, ah grinding, because even just leave a mark, it will become hundreds, even thousands, all they have to start from scratch, and now nearly 4:00 he was sore arm, his eyes red and swollen, his legs felt weak, his head heavy, just rub ah, ah rub, from the bedroom to the bedroom, from toilet to toilet people found him on the day 6:30.  In the attic.  The whole house brightest.Vases shine like stars, like.Chair sparkling shiny.All the bronzes are a dazzling brilliance.Bright floor, escalators Ming Chan.  Everything shimmered, brilliant!  When people find him in the attic, he is to wipe those who break the boxes, broken picture frame, broken chairs, broken car, broken toys, broken musical instruments, as well as the civil war vase, tableware, rocking horse and caked dust coins.When the police officer carrying a gun came up behind him, he was just all Cawan.  Well!  When out of the house, Acton with his handkerchief and wiped his child pulled the front door, then slammed the door camel Triumph hurdle!