Bowen wisdom and unwise

Positive element in twenty years (1360), one of the audience with the emperor about fifty scholars, it was said that the emperor was eating, then he asked: “Sir can do poetry?”The scholars said:” This is a Confucian Moji, how can!”Zhu Yuanzhang, pointing down the chopsticks, said:” Please take this as the title.”That scholars casually out without hesitation:” One Xiangjiang River jade and look at two spots Princess had shed tears.”It turned out that the emperor holds in his hand, like a pair of chopsticks jasper general Xiangfei.The ancient legend, Shun southern tour, died Cangwu wild, now the Hunan Xiangjiang River region.Two of his concubine Ehuang British came for the funeral, along the way, surging tears sprinkled on bamboo along the way, making this bamboo are tear-stained, and their descendants will this bamboo called “Xiangfei”.This poem says is this story.    The emperor frowned and said: “scholar odor.”The scholars said:” Not necessarily.Listen to!”Then we chant a few words:” Han four hundred years in the world, all in a borrowed room Liuhou.”Here is one story.Liu Bang and Xiang Yu at loggerheads year, a man named Li Shi Qi Liu Bang to the scholars had an idea, let him Warring States period of feudal six offspring.Liu indecisive, while taking advantage of meal, Zhang asked how this idea, Zhang immediately expressed strong opposition, grabbed a chopstick from the dining Liu said: “Let me put it to chopsticks to plan for the King.”Then Tiaofenlvxi, refuting this claim harm from eight aspects force, each put forward a reason, we have put a chopstick.This is the origin of “borrowing chopsticks (ie chopsticks) on behalf of the chip” of this allusion.Liu Zhang accepted the advice, to withdraw its proposal, to avoid the emergence of the phenomenon of separatism, the achievements of the great cause of reunification of the Han four hundred years.The scholars will no doubt be compared to the emperor Liu Bang, and to Zhang self than the.    The ratio of people to Zhang self, is the famous Liu Ji.    Liu Ji (13l1- 1375), the Zibo temperature, is a deified figure folk, like Zhang, he is an outstanding Wise.His great strategic vision.In historical juncture faced with unity and division, Zhang clearly recognize that unity has been a big trend of historical development, although South Korea’s offspring, but he opposed the re-feudal six, his “borrow chopsticks on behalf of the chip”, Liu Bang set right the history of the bow.    The emperor is no longer a problem in this regard, Liu Ji met him when he was faced with the situation of things attack, I do not know what to do, Liu Ji to his long-stated Deliberate Eighteen Tactics Affairs, pointed out Zhang Shicheng east According to have Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, a small site, the weak force, but the region affluent downtown, Zhang Shicheng its people, ambition, lust seek security; Youliang West (south) side, accounting for Jiangxi, Hunan area, large sites, but Youliang its people, Desperado, ambitious, Ling down on bullying, unpopular.    At that time, the emperor’s men’s generals seek affluent south of downtown, many advocates to attack Zhang Shicheng, Liu Ji against all the odds, pointed out: if hit Zhang Shicheng, Youliang inevitable stepped in, we got hit; if offensive Youliang, Zhang Shicheng dare to act rashly, Therefore, he suggested that trappers to catch Meng, Defeat the enemy to capture strong, as long as the won Youliang, Zhang Shicheng not win a battle.Liu Ji’s remarks, as Zhuge Liang’s “Long Zhong”, from the overall situation in mind, clarifies the emperor in front of the fog, and understand the main direction, to get the emperor’s appreciative, he said: “Sir what the future strategy, please feel free to Comments.”From this strategic thoughts and actions in accordance with the emperor Liu Ji, the cause of rapid development.Zhu Yuanzhang Liu Ji also attaches great importance, “Christine had to listen to every emperor, often called for the old man does not name, said: ‘my son room (ie Zhang) also!”” Compared to Zhang, Liu Ji come from behind, he not only good ‘in strategizing’, but also ‘winning thousands of miles away’.Yuan positive twenty-three years (1363), the emperor to 200,000 troops, with 600,000 troops Youliang, the decisive battle of Poyang Lake, the two sides of the balance of power disparity, the emperor can not help but numerous doubts and fears, and blow Liu Ji said: “The minister yesterday astrologers, our military victory, but trying to blow.”And with the emperor ride with a white warships, personally directed.That was a fierce battle, over one thousand ares lake, such as the City warships, sails such as forests, Arrows, such as weaving, the rumble of gunfire, setting off a towering waves.Suddenly, Liu Ji shouted: “Get out of my lord!”The emperor has just transferred to another vessel, the original white ships that ship will be hit by artillery, blown to pieces, Liu Ji has great merit for the rescue of the emperor.As this monarch and his two brave calm, commanding TEKFUN, after four days of fierce battle, the last emperor to win with fewer, David and Goliath, reversing the war situation, Chen Youliang while leading his men to break, was a shot in the head, instantly killed.After the battle, the emperor’s cause can be said that basically rolled together.”Ming”, said: “After that, take Shicheng Dynasty, the Northern Expedition Central Plains, then emperor industry, such as groups seek slightly.”Zhang ‘devised strategies’ cause, when to Liu Bang became the emperor, it basically was terminated after the founding of the Han Dynasty things, not into a plan, build a word, and Liu Ji still continues, as long as he is not the emperor seized political power, their lives, but also to take the country to continue the effectiveness of the emperor.It was at this time, Liu Ji expose his unwise.    Three months after the war of Poyang Lake, that is the first month in 1364, the emperor should be days (now Nanjing) That the king bit, and after four years, to 1368, the first month, finally officially ascended the throne.In this period of time, Liu Ji for the establishment of a new dynasty, has really great care, showing his “Peace and Prosperity can minister” of outstanding talent, there are at least a few things, that’s gone down in history.    First, the new capital of Nanjing by the dynasty he presided over the construction of; the second is the new dynasty of the country, “Ming” by his proposed; the third is the first dynasty of the new law was proposed by him and in the development of this law for later “Ming Code” provides a good basis; Fourth, developed under the auspices of the military regime — Ming Wei system, Liu fundamental to the ancient military system to have a very in-depth research, which he developed military system, learn the ancient military system, especially the Han, Tang, Song few strengths towards military system, there are two characteristics, first army agriculture and war combined, that “no army without Tuen” so that the army can be self-sufficient, reducing huge military spending, reducing the burden on the state.Followed by “not exclusively military, private army will not” general right firmly in control in the hands of the emperor; Fifth, the design of a new examination system — take stereotyped system with disabilities, such a system, prevalent in Ming and Qing dynasties, to the consolidation of authoritarian rule, played a huge role.    With these exploits, he can boast Zhang, can be in dealing with interpersonal relationships, Liu Ji Zhang then there is no Road.    Zhang Liang Liu Bang never interfere in the decision-making, then capital Luoyang Liu, Zhang knowing inappropriate, but he said nothing until Lou King made, he echoed.An emperor had wanted the capital in his hometown Fengyang, Liu Ji can be clearly expressed opposition, said: “Although Dixiang Fengyang, the non-capital.”Actually said where the emperor is not the capital of the home, the emperor may not be happy.    Minister of Zhang Liu’s henchmen has always been at arm’s length, not provoke them; and to Genggeng Zhong Liu Ji heart of the emperor, strict law enforcement, regardless of the affair, has repeatedly conflict with the “Huaixi Gang” members of the emperor’s inner circle of power.Li Shan Long is the first emperor’s minions, his cronies Li Bin break the law, Liu Ji intercede for him out, so he spared Liu Ji ignored, according to kill is not wrong, then he offended Shan-long.    Once, the emperor on the choice of prime minister, seek to Liu Ji opinion, first falsely said to be to Liu Ji succeed Shan-long served as prime minister, Liu Ji politely decline, saying that the prime minister should be a pillar of, while he is just as tied into a beam wooden bar, coupled with another avenging this staunch personality, can not play such a heavy responsibility; then, the emperor also proposed several candidates.All things related to the appointment of officials, has always been a very sensitive issue.Throughout the ages, has been true.Therefore, the position of this kind of thing, we must be very careful, Liu Ji may not understand the bureaucracy not acted this way, however, in view of Liu Ji, as the emperor had consulted him on such an important issue, he should all you know, he objected that several of the candidates, but then, the emperor was appointed Shan-long recommended Hu Weiyong.Visible, do not attach importance to the views of the emperor Liu Ji, which, but for Liu Ji later calamity, he planted the seeds.    Hongwu three years (1370), the emperor imitated Liu Bang, big letters hero.People often Shan-long, Da, Liu group, compared with Han Xiao, Han, Zhang, Ming called “three prominent”, Shan-long equivalent Xiao, Xu Da equivalent Han, Liu group equivalent Zhang However, these three heroes of the emperor thickness is very poor.    For Shan-long, the emperor special care to be, said: “Although there is no good at a lot, then I do long to military food, great power, great power should Jin Feng.”So, the official grant left Zhu Guo, Taishi, in the book left prime minister, sealing Jazz Korean Public four thousand stone, descendants hereditary, given iron coupons, this coupon, you can avoid the death penalty twice, his son free time, name hero of the first column.    Xu Da ranked second, the emperor said: “I Xu Da and fellow inside, that is when I revolted from the levy, destroy strong Fushun, mostly feats.”Official grant Tutor, left Zhu Guo, the book right prime minister to join the army affairs, Wei Guo Feng Jue, Paul five thousand years old stone than Shan-long down more than a thousand stone, but also iron enjoys from death coupons.Two people basically settle.        Liu Ji it?This time the total closure 36, wherein Duke 6, 30 Marquis, no parts of Liu group.At the time, some people think that Liu Ji credit is much higher than many of them, that far even when compared with the Shan-long, but he was excluded.Until after 20 days, they make up the two letters, of which only Liu Ji, but only the official capital good doctor, on Hujun, only sincerity Bo Jue, only two hundred and forty-year-old Paul Stone, both official title than Shan-long, Da low levels, salary is only equivalent to one-twentieth Li, Xu two dozen, neither iron coupon, not hereditary, ranked last in 38 people.    Alas, Liu Ji, this outstanding wise Yeah, maybe from this kind of reward in thickness, discern something, taste something out, so he imitated Zhang, he has to Hermitage.The following year, he returned home Qingtian, but not Truman, never dealings with local officials, he thought, so that you can avoid misfortune of body.However, the so-called “hidden”, not only in the body hidden, more important is the “hidden heart”, to make a clean break with the politics, not lingering.Liu Ji has failed to achieve this, others in Qingtian, yearned Wei Que.In Qingtian County south about L70, there is talk about a place called Ocean, is located at the junction of two states, remote location, steep terrain, it is less than the official forces, and here is the emperor’s rival Fang Zhen year fortune place, and now it is still Some who commit crimes lair.For reasons of national security, to the emperor Liu Ji suggested that the patrol set up here, in order to strengthen control.The emperor agreed, and guarded by troops.    This time as prime minister, it is then objected to Liu Ji Hu Weiyong.For the opposition to Liu Ji, Hu Weiyong has been brooding, now in power, was going remediation Liu Ji, then head to the grounds of the matter, instigator letter, said Liu Ji Yang’s fancy talk, “Wang Qi”, to account for the own cemetery, the people oppose, so he proposed the establishment of the patrol, to ward off people.This touched the hearts of suspicion of the emperor’s ministers already exist, he indiscriminate white, the next book of Liu Ji pain Gache responsibility, and took away his salary.Liu Jiming white, the emperor suspected him, Qingtian can not stay any longer, he must remain in the Emperor’s eyes, to prove that he did not Janus-faced.So, Liu Ji regardless of the body of the old and sick, and from Qingtian home, all the way back to Nanjing.    Today, Liu Ji in surrounded by political opponents, he worried, he says in a group of poems: “The blessing lucky break by non-Greek, a refuge dare accidentally.Real disaster pivot wealth, desires from fresh stingy.Sparse food can eat, fat Gannai Feng edge.”He yearning from the garden of the home,” Rong were not my wish, dare remainder Shoufen.CASTLE Vision outer suburbs, the Stanford project hope Tianqu.Moon out of the clouds, according to my sparse white hair.Also owned by masking off lying, dream rural home.”” Closing doors also sitting alone, awe-old pregnant.Only dream home, you can comfort stillness.”But, this outstanding sage, now a self-help without surgery.He was sick in bed, Huwei Yong visiting borrow the name gave him the next dose of medicine, he soon after dose, the belly with a huge lump of a fist, he said to the emperor: “the host, Chen is now deemed as an induration , Tam understanding the bad.”The emperor has not been ignored, three months later, that Hongwu eight years (1375) in March, Liu Ji that has no hope of rescue, this sent him to return home.April 16, passed away at home.    Huwei Yong Liu Ji not unaware of the man, nor understand pharmacology, more than non-drug agents can not take that, why even the wise unsuspecting heart, the dose of the drug that agents do?He understood that this dose of medicine, great background, not the emperor’s behest, Hu Weiyong may not see him, but not arbitrarily give him the drug, the drug, not satisfied, clothes, and their inevitable death, but refused to accept the will there will be bereaved of disaster.This is a bitter pill of life, is formulated from his wisdom and unwise made when he drinks medicine, the heart must suffer to a greater bitter medicine.    Why not as Liu Ji, early withdraw backwards like Zhang, but deeper and deeper, and finally to the point where it is unable to extricate themselves?Liu Ji unwise not because of, but because of two people of different educational backgrounds, as well as the pursuit of life of the resulting difference.    Zhang Liang, who is a first-class Taoism, Lao Tzu’s “great disaster to know enough, great for enriching blame.It is contentment enough, often enough, ” ‘off the ground Erfu home’, ‘Gongchengmingsui body back’ these ideas will undoubtedly have a profound impact on him that he had been into politics, not the pursuit of personal fame and fortune, and just for revenge, this objective was achieved, he will no longer need to go to that muddy water of politics.    Liu base is different, he is growing under the influence of Confucian education, “self, family, country and the world”, is his pursuit of life.To this end, he was very young, he participated in the Yuan Dynasty imperial examination held him to a highly discriminatory “Southern Man” status, all the way to actually be able to cut off narrow wins, well into the successful candidates, and to high school he is undoubtedly harbor a deep sense of yuan Zhiyu Mongolian ruler.His intention, is to make contributions under the rule of the Yuan Mongolian ruler, he is doing so, he served as local officials, dedication, he has won widespread praise.When the fire ignited anti yuan uprising, he join the army, participated in the military operations to quell the uprising of the peasants, for the Yuan Dynasty strategist, often meritorious deeds, his loyalty, his intellect, has been appreciated by the leader of the Yuan.Only because the ruling clique in the Yuan too corrupt, too dark, making him powerless.He defected to the emperor, not agree with their political views, but only in order to make their talents to play and changed, but.He completed in [Qinyuanchun] Cipai had such a word: Miles Monkey, eight Ding food, how about home?Chennai Fox night howl, Xingfeng Montreal, mosquito dragon dance day, Jiang Ping threat of a.Nakazawa Ai Hong, Jing bud Falcon Bustard, to make his life hard-soft bowel.Lean on a railing to see, but the winking of clouds, vast tobacco.    Not cool to be traveled, unrivaled fame one hundred battlefield.Yang Xiong laugh lonely, indulge Liu Ling, Ji born longitudinal birth, He Qing mad old.Esa Yi Wu, Zhuge Long, weak economic distress meter Very Long.Sang Yu, but there is light shade at first glance, is not squinting.    His disdain for his study of Yang Xiong, bamboo Liu Ling, Ji Kang, not willing to be like since “four out Kuangke” Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Zhi as poetry and wine linger.To make contributions like he did during the Eastern Jin Dynasty Zhuge Liang Xie, three.Just think, with that as the purpose of life, how could he stop it in a career in?He is bound to use one way politically this road, because this is the only way he achieved his purpose in life.    Difference Liu Ji and Zhang Liang, then this is it.