"New Extraordinaire" story Tucao veered Director: Adapted filing Jin Yong Zeng

  "The new Swordsman" in Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying。 Dingguan Sen played Linghu been criticized many of the audience, because the audience feel that classic look or color values are misinterpreted?  The East is Red SM Blue Phoenix, Jin Yijian "Chuanchang" ……Plot was arbitrary change Tucao, director accepted an exclusive interview with Beijing News Responses to "New Extraordinaire" adaptation was filing Jin Yong novel of the same name adapted from Jin Yong's martial arts drama "new Swordsman" has become a hot topic recently。
From pre-launch is not seductive Tucao role "like a fortress", today launched four weeks to score always, the show set a new low reputation martial arts remake of the drama that the audience smile, "Let's all look good before the remake of"。
  Throughout the play Tucao friends, most of them are concentrated in the adaptation of the story: "The East is Red and Blue Phoenix Love", "" Swordsman "into chaos Jin Yijian," martial arts aim to "establish a no bloodshed and sacrifice harmony rivers and lakes "and other。 Controversial adaptation of the play for what exactly considerations?It is a misreading of the original, or tracked innovation?Beijing News interview with "new Swordsman" director Jin Chen, 10 in response to audience questions, saying sorry to leave the drama of martial arts and music。   1 Beijing News: Why Dingguan Sen appeared Linghu?  Jin Chen: Flow star we talked to a few, but for various reasons did not talk to。
And if all the stars, how could there be a new generation of actors out of it?The image of the new man is not a particularly good actor did not, but I think the real heroes do not rely on face value meal, and beautiful, there was, there are martial arts, but also the most noble, too perfect。 The acting is solid Dingguan Sen, approachable, and it is a trusted face, you can see men play with the mind, this is my opinion there should be a great master image。
  In addition, I want to make this role close to all the spectators, who want to run around in the subway, became Beijing's struggle to see this crowd of characters: as long as our hearts are strong enough, we are Linghu。 My vision is fine, but did not expect such a good response。   2 Beijing News: original, is unassailable did not emerge until the second half, but the first episode appeared in the play The East is Red, why?  Jin Chen: The East is Red on a few pages in the novel, the characters created by Tsui Hark is more。
We want to be unassailable Linghu opposite, "Swordsman" talk is precisely the positive and evil is evil Well, unassailable played rhythm fast enough hope as soon as possible。   3 Beijing News: Why Design East is Red and Blue Phoenix have emotional drama?  Jin Chen: I hope to find an emotional support for Swordsman。 Because of the growth of a character, not the emotional part is meaningless。 So we let the Blue Phoenix became a pair with unassailable。
Some drama let unassailable love with Linghu, I think that would be really uncomfortable adaptation。
At least we do not want this。   4 Beijing News: Yu Canghai drama played by Japanese actor ryu kohata, why invite Japanese actor starred?  Jin Chen: because he is the light of the actor, this is one。
Second, he played very well, is a very high degree of investment cast。   5 Beijing News: Yu Canghai play as long as the fight scenes, will come out, why this figure to enlarge?  Jin Chen: We enlarge this figure not because of the actors, because you want to win this Yu Canghai Jianpu evil spirits, then we let him all the way with evil spirits Jianpu, just let him string together the story。   6 Beijing News: "The new Swordsman" We joined the "Sword" in the Jin Yijian, "Dragon" in gold silk, etc., why should mix and match elements of other novels of Jin Yong?  Jin Chen: Because there are top five teaching drama, Jin Yijian was originally top five teaching, we took over。
Writers and we have discussed, but after all the contents of Jin Yong's novels, learn about each other, it is a good thing。
  7 Beijing News: After cutting the vision, the play of the martial arts scenes seem designed to be relatively simple, several actions on the enemy fell。
And almost no special effects, this is a new martial arts aesthetics do?  Jin Chen: First of all martial arts movie I do not want to fly over the walls, you want real martial arts, rather than the false swords, bloody and ruthless。
Many people may feel that our group play as if swatting, design or not enough, but the real that when we play against much better than this。 The whole "Swordsman" talk is martial arts sword, the sword and the faction of the faction of the sword, in fact, difficult to distinguish between the different forms and manifestations,。 But it does due to lack of time, martial arts drama left some regrets。   8 Beijing News: Why do electronic music in the background music in costume?  Jin Chen: We ask that the soundtrack mental state, the godfather of modern Japanese music, spy war drama "Sparrow" is what they do, is to more modern music。 But now the modern, not particularly fit the Chinese martial arts culture, some understanding may not be particularly accurate, so there is no imagination so well done。 However, due to time constraints, after the music is done, we have no way to overthrow all over again。 This regard, I feel a little sorry。 But it's still good to hear the melody。
  9 Beijing News: Why is progress so fast in front of the story?It seems to back different chapter apart, restructuring。 How much can account for part of the original novel?  Jin Chen: six episodes before I want to push forward with an approach of American TV-style, so the 10 episodes into a set of 6, cut off four set。
The most important thing is to adapt to respect the original character of the novel, as well as its spiritual significance, these two points we did not out。
Original things also 20% to 30%, the rest are all fiction content。 Linghu novel context as Modiu, or even write a little people, we also retrieve some。 We also filing to the Jin Yong。 Script creation because time is very tight, he did not see, but still, he has seen the creation of purpose, we also got the consent of the copyright side。
  10 Beijing News: "Building a harmonious rivers and lakes without bloodshed and sacrifice" is a misreading of the original spirit of the kernel?  Jin Chen: No, we pay more attention to how to re-understand "Swordsman" in 2018。
Killing everywhere, meaning there is no dispute, earn money every day, take care of children in the family, about the meaning of life is the life of an ordinary person。 You reach the highest level, also still have to return to ordinary life。
  Written / Beijing News reporter Jang Hyuk。