Bowen upright training

Bao old age, infirm, they would send in his resignation CLASSICS Zhao Zhen, the requirements retire.The emperor could not stay, only quasi-outs.Bao Xun’s grandson just pack is the new division into the soil, the emperor had intended to exceptional promotion him, then his grandfather’s squad, served as prefect of Kaifeng.Bao heard the news, hurried Shangdian face monarch, refused and said: “Long live, Johnson Germany grandson package is not enough to convince the public, was unbearable to reuse, or only the amount of use, the veteran can only peace of mind.”Zhao Zhen was very sorry, and said:” You see lower-ranking civil and military, which is not resign before, the family was comfortably arranged, officials fear not high, not thick Lu!Aiqing worked hard life for the country, remarkable achievements, reputation, as officials refused to let grandson.Worth mentioning, it will appoint Jackson as Junyi magistrate package, you would not have turned down.”At that time belong to Junyi Gyeonggi Province and Kaifeng counties, two county magistrate are considered lucrative posts.Bao back to the government, the packet Johnson asked thousands exhorted million, to his impartiality and integrity, loyalty court.The next day, and then return home with an old wife went to Hefei comfortable old age.A year later, there have been a major Hefei, involving Mrs. packages brother, he was escorted to the town hall of Luzhou trial yet to be settled.Bag lady parents died, and his brother had each other since childhood, brotherhood, they kept it from Bao went to visit him, Luzhou is prefect Bao protege, knowing this relationship, it intends to cover, will pack his wife’s brother lenient.Bao baseless rumor reached the ears of the matter, he immediately questioned his wife: “Prince break the law and yet people with the crime, why do you go to intercede brother, resulting in favoritism prefect.”Bag lady argue” I just went to visit him, and did not see prefect, how side-tracked by the intercession of the word?”” Hello confused!The case has not yet sentenced, a dignified Patent lady life you go to visit him, is not intercede intercede.Let others look, you are deliberately Shua Weifeng, intends to put pressure on the prefect!”Bag lady rude awakening, you know the big mistake cast.She shed tears of remorse: “I was ruining the reputation of your home clean, I can not do your wife a, Hugh me a break!”Bao and wife to each other, Song of Benedict, Zenren repudiation?Bag lady knows her husband’s heart pain, he insisted to move out of home, living alone.This Bao write a bill, also sent a servant to look after her life.Luzhou prefect heard mentor divorces his wife hurried to reopen the case, so that criminals receive due punishment.One after another.News came from Tokyo, said the magistrate Junyi package Wei Xun the government officials, people sulked.Bao good reason, day and night rushed to Tokyo.He did not enter the house, was the first private visit.What happened was this: Zhang Royal nephew is a dude, he bucked the house in the downtown, the city’s old man selling vegetables trampled to death.Junyi reported to the county government, Johnson was sentenced to pack the dead horse collision, only themselves to blame, just a few pieces of silver trouble compensation.Bao furious, he broke into a drum-ming county government for redress of grievances.Johnson Shengtang package, see my grandfather was actually under the station hall, hurriedly approached kowtow greeting.Bao said coldly: “county magistrate, you apprehend the murderer killed the old man selling vegetables brought to justice, justice for the people!”Package Johnson sighed:” Grandpa, grandson indeed hiding something.Zhang is the emperor’s favorite concubine of beauty, after the incident, she sent word eunuch faction, the case can only be major issues to minor ones, and otherwise.”” You officer did not people call the shots, it is better to go home selling sweet potatoes.I would like to ask you long live off his post!”Bao walked away from the palace Jianjia.Zhao Zhen seriously ill in bed, dying, day and night to serve his concubine Chang will take the opportunity to give orders.She stopped at the Bao Dianwai, said: “Long live the Dragon were not feeling well, we can not see Qing.What you have is the same chapter to the Palace.”Bao explained what he wanted, please Zhang Royal severing and disposal bag Johnson.Bao did not wait to finish, Zhang Royal sneered: “I heard you get older even break the old wife, and grandson of trouble to come, I think you are old and confused!”Then we put him out of the palace eunuchs mission to.Bao anger off his head, cold hands and feet.Back Fuchu, packet Johnson shouted: “You can not rule the country, I have to treat you with family law.Come Yeah, this unworthy descendants wham forty bamboo, expelled from the package at home, you no longer Bao Zheng descendants of!”Package Johnson knees knees, begging and said:” Grandpa, my father died early, leaving only your grandmother and two relatives.Grandma does something wrong, you and she will live with each other, but also now the grandchildren out of the house, in case you later have happened, Toutengnaore, elderly people who serve you in bed Oh!”Bao Zheng tears:” I did not harden, do so only our family in tears, and if left to corrupt officials run amok, and it will make ten million people in tears Oh!”” Wise grandfather had the backing of the emperor, in order to achieve Untouchables, now female chicken Secretary morning, Asatsuna appetite, grandchildren grandfather’s footsteps and would not have wanted to step Oh.”Package Johnson fight it, messenger runners said:” haste brought to justice Zhang Yanei!”Sure enough, the package Johnson expected, Zhang Yanei did not catch, but came the command of his dismissal, the case will be nothing.Bao Zheng After this a toss, and soon died, he left a will before his death, ordered the front is engraved on the wall: descendants have stolen is guilty of abuse, not released into capitalists; after death dead, not buried in a large grave among the.Not from Wu Zhi, Fei-wu descendants.This is the place in history of the Bao family motto, still preserved in a memorial temple in Kaifeng.From: Kela Network X.C