Bowen election story of the empress

Hung-wu emperor to emperor has not been the empress, Bowen took a group of people around to pick.Go to a lot of places are not satisfied with the election of girl.  That day, to a village, to hear the farmers while litter, sang folk songs.Bowen listening attentively, casually singing a few words: Today mattress, mattress only clear, this mound of rice seedlings have a few Wan?The farmers listened to did not have a catchy just have to have a look at the mother duck girl saw Bowen riding a donkey, on a duet: this donkey, donkey Ming, donkey body a few hair?Bowen heard, just know that word of her own Bu sing, you think this girl will go before, immediately ass, the girl walked around, looking at her mouth Q: gnaw your mouth so wide it?She answered: I can eat 18 provinces mouth wide land tax.Bowen and looked at her chest and asked; how your milk is so big it?She answered; I can raise the world’s big baby milk.Bowen and looked at her feet again between: your feet so how long it?She answered: feet long can be tread rivers and mountains.Bowen said: hello big tone.Although the lips to say, my mind was thinking: It seems to be homing Goddess is here.Bowen immediately said to her: If you do choose the empress, will make it?She answered: If there empress to do, what it useless?The presence of the farmer laughed and thick-skinned her face, said: We have to rough country life, how will do the empress?In our view, still miss Guanke fertilizer goes in vain.Bowen mind can chlorhexidine, farmers simply ignore arguments, the moment called Bu hand carried to the one red car, willy-nilly, it will be the girl carried away.  Bowen took the girl to a village stayed one night, strange to say, the next day the girl became very beautiful.Later, people put this village called the village becomes Mother.  Good things do not go out, bad news in the dry.Bowen group of people horse has not been to the capital, Hung-wu know it was the election of life does not look good, and so when they came to the capital, asked to see Hung-wu, Hung-wu very angry, they say: as rude ugly girl to bring what to do?Gonge even do not deserve, quickly returned to her} At this time, there is a Asari officer said: Your Majesty, seeing is believing.Moreover, work has always been cautious strategist Liu Bowen, how could things get?Not passed on and so saw no later than.Hung-wu I thought, too, it declared a loss for the girl with Shangdian.Shangdian saw that it be born very beautiful.Hung-wu great joy, the moment to seal her empress.  Later, Hung-wu meaning a thought: such a beautiful girl, how people in the village say she duffle?People will think that she was reluctant to let her village to do Guaren empress, so to speak deliberately deceive Guaren girl born too rough, really almost fooled.Hung-wu thought of this very angry, I say: This village is too hateful, dare misled his majesty.It is decreed, copied cut troops in this village people.  Goddess heard shocked, and said: Hooray!Such copy cut, would not my parents, brothers, uncles and relatives are all cut up?Hung-wu listened Q: Do you have any family can sign?Goddess replied: close to a ‘blessing’ word on the door of my house, but my uncles and relatives unmarked.Hung-wu said; that Guaren first sent a secret letter to send letters to your house, on all your uncles and relatives of the house are labeled ‘blessing’ word, and then how to send troops to copy chopped?Ken up the empress.Sent messengers to the emperor on the first, then cut again to send troops to copy.  Goddess family know that afterwards, you immediately notice the pro Qishu Bo, uncles, relatives, uncles and inform their relatives, so that a mass ten, hundred, we all know.We catch up on the word blessing attached to the door, because in a hurry, write the word crooked, oblique, as well as quick and dirty, and paste down, but all the various labeled.After the Guards to see the village every household door labeled a good word, not ‘F hand, the results are not copied cut.Goddess Blessed House originally word is not cut, then as long as the results become blessed word is also not dead.Later he said that survived after the blessing must come from here ,,.