Bow-day month vast positive

Yang Di owned riverbank a few songs, outside the mountain cloud level to send Yan Cheung.  Shen Xing invited to call the water leaves the bow-day month vast positive.    Pieces: sunset calm down, trees cover the mountains, cloud level geese go, Shen Xing cold water.  The last one leaves blowing in the wind, doing the final farewell to autumn.  Bathed in moonlight night, I heard a lament from the moon, and I know it is lonely Chang E bottomed carriage in the world.  You water, the boat trip down the riverbank Song Yang Di, floating a few lights shine fire smoke, solitude and quiet in heart filled, they expand away thoughts, memories of childhood, as well as away from the watched the ripples that whisper the softly with moonlight that tells your heart, can not stop.Yun Yan is not necessarily able to travel, as well as thought.