A paddle can also surf the sea

Kilauea in Hawaii, a little girl is very fond of surfing.Her childhood kept in the sunny coast of Hawaii wave of fighting with the Pentium, but a sudden disaster but almost took away her life.  October 31, 2003 morning, she went to the Gulf surfing with friends.After about half an hour rushed, she began lying on surfboard rest, moving their arms out into a water play.I did not expect this happy and relaxed moments, a huge tiger shark suddenly leap up from the sea, she immediately felt pain in his arm while tearing When she looked down, beside the turquoise waters had been dyed a blood-red.Instant watching sharks biting the arm, she did not panic and despair, and even excessive struggle are not, because she turned around would fall into the sea.She calmly with his right hand trying to draw the rest of the shore, and saw all these friends quickly with a rope tied to her stump for her to stop bleeding.When the ambulance to the nearest hospital, she had blood loss of 70%, lives are at stake.  After an emergency blood transfusion to rescue the little girl finally struggled back from the dead line, which is tantamount to the rebirth after the nightmare.  But just a nightmare to wake up she asked the doctor the first time: When can I go surfing?The doctor was shocked by her courage, comforted her and other arm wound healing can go.  A few weeks later, when she wrapped a bandage on his arm is slowly open, long wounds presented.Her brother suddenly pale, her mother almost fainted, her old grandmother out of the ward alone Yanmianerqi.No one is willing to accept this harsh reality, because this year, she was 13 years old!Except the girls themselves extremely calm.  When we are puzzled by her calm substandard age, she said something to shock everyone if: no turn back the time machine in the world, I can not change reality.This is the God I arranged fate, I want to confront it.I look forward to one day return to the sea.  After more than a month, people were surprised to see the beautiful coast and in her presence.She told people she would also continue to surf, although it responded with a smile blessing, but most people think that this is impossible.Surfing is a sport requires skill and balance, the arm of a man, how to find a balance point in the big waves rolled in it!  But it turns out she can do!She began assiduously to resume training, when she boarded the surfboard again, soon fell into the salty waters, but she immediately stood up again ascend up people kindly advised her to stop unnecessary effort, but she insisted to continue, she told people: my soul belongs to the surf, my surfboard is the ship of my life, and my arms is a pair of oars.I used to travel by sea sculls, now I accidentally broke one, but fortunately I still have one, as long as there is a paddle, I can surf the sea.  In this way, again and again she fell from a surfboard, again and again boarded the go.  Finally, after a long and hard training, she not only restored the original level of surfing, but also continue to improve, but still amazing to become a series of tournament.  A year later, she won the 15th American Surfing Championship.Soon, she joined the national surfing team, ready to attack the world surfing champion throne.  Her positive attitude towards life and indomitable fighting spirit by the people’s admiration and appreciation, we all called her little hero.  The only 16-year-old girl to tell you again and again with a firm tone: When you ship the fate of a broken oar, unfortunately, do not lose heart and despair, because you have a paddle, you can still use another branch paddle sea travel to reach the other side of success!