A nose 300 million hits

In my world, only a small 14 inch since I was born, facing disease and were abandoned to their fate.  1985 lunar round-July, has experienced three days and nights, doctors use forceps to me from my mother’s womb clip to come out.Lack of oxygen for too long, my whole body purple after birth, could not shed tears.Two years old when my mom would not even call.Mom put me to the county People’s Hospital, Xu action cerebral palsy was diagnosed as intrauterine hypoxia-induced, can not stand, but doctors predicted I live 3 years old!  In the mother’s meticulous care, I actually lived for a good 3 years old!So much for my treatment, my mother sister and brother to stay in the rural home, and my father came to the Yueyang city, while living, while with me on the road Xunyiwenyao hopeless loss of disappointment too many times, but my mother still did not give up.Mom taught me to ask a qigong master.Qigong practice for four years, I can finally help the aid of a chair and a rope, sit for half an hour.  12 years old to school age, my mother traveled all the primary schools in Yueyang City, you can not receive a child with cerebral palsy.She looked sadly go home every day.See mom like this, I cried and said: Mom, I do not go to school!You bought me a TV set, right.The next day, a second-hand 14-inch color TV moved into my room.My world is about to open, and I learn about the world, but also learn cultural knowledge.Many television programs have subtitles, I hear the characters speak, and subtitles eleven pairs on the number, and thus learn literacy.When the annual winter and summer, coming to stay younger brother and sister also took turns to teach me to read phonetic nose to find a way: I proved my world via television and the Xinhua Dictionary, plus two teachers brother and sister, I learned a commonly used Chinese characters and vocabulary.Around 20 years old, I have a strong urge to write.Looking at the sky, I want to write.Looking at the moon in the night sky, I want to write.Dad looks at life under the weight of premature aging, I want to write down.I take care of my mother, bit by bit, I also want to write down.  One day, a TV reading section reading a series of articles Shi Tiesheng, the illness is the main industry, writing only amateur writers on a wheelchair, is my most admired person.His way of life when all have been blocked, to hit a pen Declaration path through life, it is again my shock.On this day, I swear: I want to write, to write its own way, but I in the end how to write?  One day in July 2010, I accidentally fell out of bed, pain Wawataijiao.I fell to the ground when the tip of the nose, just touching the floor of the remote control button, even to change the TV station!My nose can change the channel!I was extremely surprised to find that my.At that moment, I germination of a bold idea: If you have a cell phone, I can play with the tip of the nose with a corresponding word alphabet keys on the phone, so I can not write a book yet?  I am excited to put this idea to tell his mother!She did not do even the rice, it is a whirlwind rushed to the mobile phone market, I bought a second-hand flip phone!Then, we carried out a major for the first time to explore the meaning: my mother tied to a chair, a hand grabbed my arm, a hand on my back, so I leaned hard to the tip of the nose phone keypad.  Once, twice, many times, after ten minutes in the past, and finally, at her mother’s help, I found the nose in the letter No..Next, I desperately look for A, after finding, I chose mom in his words, the screen and move it to the phone.On this day, after I failed numerous times, and finally in the evening, with the tip of the nose hit the five words on the phone: Mom I love you..Mother pigs come back and see me play five words, eyes filled with tears, she hugged me: kids, I hardy children Since then, I continue to look for practicing with letters nose.Soon, my nose up flexible.Later, I basically do not see the phone keypad, my nose is sensitive as a dog can accurately smell the letters I need a.  With this foundation, I think, my time to.  In this July 24, my 25th birthday that day, I typed out a novel idea long career on the phone “conspiracy” of the first word.Fear of hard to write fiction because of improper preservation lost, I let my mother launched mobile Internet access, writing more than 100 words each, to send literature to 17K Online.  At first writing, I can not do without the help of mom.I need my mother hand held onto my shoulder, hand and hold my head with the tip of the nose to type.However, my mother busy, got the time to do with me?I said to my mother: you will me tied to a chair, went to the busy bar!I take it, also lacks the problem.Mom agreed skeptical.  But this day, less than one hour, my feet and hands began to tingle.It turned out that my mother was afraid I fall to the ground, I will be tied too tightly, causing my blood circulation is blocked.Gradually, my hands and feet red bayberry, stars, dizziness!That moment, on the verge of annihilation fear of death I will, I struggled, however, my mother went to a busy, short-lived fad simply never come back.I fell to the ground with both man and chair, muffled bang later, I woke up the unconscious is already midnight.Mom red and swollen eyes, over and over again with warm water to wipe my hands and feet, then sit back and complain about my father: you are like this for so many years, should also accept their fate.Never went to school, you expect yourself nose to arch out of a writer?Mom vindication for me: Yuanyuan live up to expectations, wants to be a useful person, what’s wrong?We parents should support fishes it!  In support of her mother, I started writing.  I usually 5:00 in the morning, you get up to start writing, sometimes good condition, to be written in the morning.Because I rely on her mother hold to go to bed, my mother did not dare to sleep.  The spring of 2011, along with the pink and leaves out the window, I finished the first half of the novel, more than 150,000 word count.I looked at the crowded word on the phone screen, recalled that six months to days and nights, I could not help crying.  Cries attracted in our house aunt.Aunt in the cultural sector, that every day I write at home nose, she was shocked, and quickly the Internet to see my book.Aunt looked a long time, tears in his eyes, seriously said to me: Yuanyuan, I really did not expect, you can write so well, your imagination, your ability to build the story, are quite strong.After listening aunt’s encouragement, at this moment, I saw my world let out a way to.