A non-fried sorghum seed

There was once two brothers, death of a parent, sister-in-law has not been afraid to drag the couple married husband’s brother, he encouraged the separation of husband.Food, housing, land, they are all good all left, only to a few acres Susukida, a tumbledown given to her second child.Second child does not care, anyway, some thinking of his strength, not afraid of starving to death, so he was in that room broke the house their home.  To the planting season, the second no sorghum seed, only to get his brother to borrow his wife at home, and promised to settle double your money back.Brother agreed, and his wife reconciled, the sorghum seeds into the pan and fry the only lent her second child, she wanted to look at it to see what you settle also use!Unknown to her second child, holding fried sorghum seed was pleased to go.He carefully spread the seeds into the ground, daily watering, weeding, carefully nurtured piece of sorghum.A few days later, on the ground and drilled a seedling, and he did harder, and hope that other seeds also germinate quickly, grow up, so he had to fall sorghum can also brother sister, myself something to eat.But a day later, a month later, the ground never grow sorghum seedlings to other.Originally, his wife fried sorghum seed, there is a seed fell beside the stove, not fired, it is that seed sprouted.  Second child altogether moved sorghum, sorghum wholeheartedly guarded tree.Instant autumn, sorghum will mature.One day, I do not know where to fly a hawk, and mixed particles do not put the tree left to eat sorghum.A second child only to see their sorghum is also an eat, could not help but burst into tears.Eagle is very strange, and asked how it was the second child, the second child to tell what has happened, lay the eagle.Eagle then said, so be it, you hide beneath my wings, I’ll show you a place where there is gold everywhere, how much you like to take took much, but had to leave before the sun rises, or you will be of the sun, the second promised.  Eagles with her second child Fly Fly, fly to a far away place, there is gold everywhere.Eagles put down her second child, so he was there to pick up the gold, flew away, and said he would come to pick him up in the rising sun.Pick up her second child pick ah, ah, clothes pockets are filled with.The sun soon rose, eagle to pick him up and asked him to pick up enough yet, he said enough, they immediately go along with the Eagles.Eagles sent him back to the original place left.  Autumn, her second child also took the gold to his wife.His wife took the gold is very strange, I asked how it was the second child.Second child lay it to tell his wife.His wife has such a good thing, go home immediately come up with a bag of sorghum seeds into the pan fry it, and deliberately drop everything like a second child next to the stove, the following occurs once experienced the same.Eagles one day finally came, and ate tree sorghum, brother burst into tears, the Eagles stopped to ask, brother to brother once said, then repeated, and to pay his eagle sorghum, that have brought him to gold local.Hawks had promised him, and told him that he must leave before the sun rises.Brother repeatedly promised, and then the eagle flew away with him.To where my brother buried gold to pick it up, but his wife sew several pockets too great, how could not fill the.The sun is risen, he Laicui eagle, he could not bear gold, picking up for a while and then said,.Eagles urge him several times, he did not go, seeing the sun will rise up, do not go about to be of the sun, the Eagles no choice but to fly away.  Picking picking up, my brother found the air around it becomes hot, the sun had risen, and then call the eagle had disappeared.So my brother carrying a bag full of gold ran up toward the opposite direction of the sun, but more run hotter, and finally with his brother and gold are the sun of the.